Commented 16 years ago2008-03-08 10:23:36 UTC in journal: #4925 Comment #54685
in screen 5 change the stairs so they don't look like they are hanging on a thread. the flat part at the top if the sloped brushes on either side of the stairs should be underneath the platform.
that said, you don't often see staircases in the middle of a room. they look better next to a wall.
Commented 16 years ago2008-03-08 08:46:26 UTC in journal: #4925 Comment #54684
You're improving. Good stuff :)

Just as a tip, don't make the fences (like in screen #3) end with nothing on the end. I see ending fence poles in screens 1 and 4, add one to screen 3 too.

Also make sure the walls of the cargo containers aren't too thick. they are only an inch or so think in real life. And those hand rails are very thin :o
Commented 16 years ago2008-03-06 18:22:48 UTC in journal: #4921 Comment #44197
really not necessary, but yeah, looks more like scripting.
Commented 16 years ago2008-03-06 17:48:45 UTC in journal: #4921 Comment #44196
hate programming? blasphemy! besides, Director MX (whatever it is) is hardly programming.
Commented 16 years ago2008-03-06 05:11:30 UTC in journal: #4919 Comment #35911
Commented 16 years ago2008-03-06 04:27:25 UTC in journal: #4919 Comment #35910
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Commented 16 years ago2008-02-25 02:15:38 UTC in vault item: Parent Attachments Comment #16206
Did you get a PM Madcow?
Commented 16 years ago2007-10-28 00:37:36 UTC in vault item: Tetrisitis (for Flat-Life) Comment #15878
zomg! downloading!
edit: lol, that was hard. nice glows on the blocks :)
Commented 16 years ago2007-10-21 04:23:27 UTC in vault item: Ren_Test2 Comment #15836
This puzzle is too hard. No matter how innovative the ideas in it are, it isn't fun if you have to try 150,000 times to complete it. The mapping is creative, and the use of sounds is good. But it isn't fun.
Commented 16 years ago2007-10-18 15:44:40 UTC in vault item: Ren_Test1 Comment #15823
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Commented 17 years ago2007-05-22 04:30:16 UTC in vault item: aim_oldzone Comment #14961
it doesnt.
Commented 17 years ago2006-10-17 07:39:14 UTC in vault item: Map crashes server (dm_l33tbox_ltp) Comment #13191
Seconded all the way! 6 stars rounded up to 9!!11!!~
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-17 02:29:58 UTC in vault item: Compo 20 - Penguinboy Comment #11912
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-15 02:40:31 UTC in vault item: Compo 20 - Penguinboy Comment #11856
the joke is that its lame :D
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-14 08:02:27 UTC in vault item: Compo 20 - Penguinboy Comment #11835
and about 2 hours of IRC-induced work :D
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-08 19:58:32 UTC in vault item: Snps Challenge Comment #11729
indeed you should.
Commented 18 years ago2006-04-16 20:21:30 UTC in vault item: Snps Challenge Comment #11523
nice map!
+good, imaginative, puzzles
+mysterious poems
i cant comment on archetechure, because im no expert, but i liked it :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-02-19 08:43:35 UTC in vault item: Alternative Origin Comment #10881
really awsomely funny.....when i saw that text come up i LOLed.
and it actually looks like that place in hl1!
i would say 4 1/2 stars but... what the hell 5 stars