Commented 6 years ago2015-07-27 04:56:08 UTC in journal: #8580 Comment #61243
My favorite button.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-28 00:33:01 UTC in journal: #8564 Comment #52893
Ooohh. Yeah, like I said, I agree with sentiment, I just thought he was saying legalizing same-sex marriage was a waste of time.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-27 19:06:47 UTC in journal: #8564 Comment #52892
@Striker That's clearly getting better over time, but I'd say in the meantime, it's easier to ensure they have the same rights as everyone else.

@Bruce I get what you're saying, but I largely disagree that it was a waste of time/effort.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-27 11:36:30 UTC in journal: #8564 Comment #52891
Commented 7 years ago2015-04-02 07:53:28 UTC in journal: #8530 Comment #52870
I believe I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
Commented 7 years ago2015-03-04 05:20:20 UTC in journal: #8515 Comment #60136
I more or less agree w/ the rest.

I think Valve's intentions were clear w/ TF2. It's whacky. You could argue it was fine when it was released, but now it's got personality, style, humor. It's totally casual and fun, and I don't find anything unbalanced about it, either.

I've also gotta agree, it's totally up to the mod designer to maintain compatibility down the line. I've seen some crybaby stuff about Valve breaking Half-Life (2, Ep2, etc.) mods, and how they OBVIOUSLY don't care about their modding community, but I hardly see that as worth getting upset at Valve over. Their game is the priority, I don't really think they're obligated to make sure they don't break fan-made content (unless that's the whole point, like SDK stuff). Steampipe update is a good example, in my opinion. Lots of mods got broken or bugged, but as far as I can tell, totally fixable by the mod developer in most cases. If they don't wanna fix it, blame the modder.

I don't even know what GoldSrc issues you're talking about, or how they changed the look and feel of the game in any meaningful way. But in the opposite direction, that complaint seems super odd to me. Developers shouldn't step in to their old games to help the "community handled" stuff work? I don't think I follow.

On Workshop, again, agree with the others, though I do have the point to add, that of all the things that I like the experience of doing things the hard way, installing mods is not one of them. "Only compatible with version To find your version, install this tool. If you have problem, install this patch tool. Use this tool to open this file, and this other tool to edit it. Don't forget to back everything up."

I'll take a directly integrated "Add to game" button over anything else any day.

I just think the overall idea of a company attempting to make money being a bad thing is stupid. Especially when met with complaints such as "Your free game needs more servers, go throw money at it until the problem goes away." Sure, Valve's HQ is held together by Benjamin-based papier-mache, but is that even relevant? It's wrong to want to replace money you may or may not spend? I think I've played pretty much every single Valve multiplayer game, and not once did I ever feel like their monetizing was in the way of anything. I feel like if the markets were just a catalogue of free things, nothing about the game itself would feel any different.
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Commented 7 years ago2014-09-27 17:18:47 UTC in journal: #8439 Comment #49591
I'll join the late party too.
Happy birthday, Tet!
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-20 18:10:27 UTC in vault item: atomsminicompobase_plat Comment #20678
Very nice!
Fancy effects (something other entries lacked a bit), and nice texture usage. <3

My one complaint is that you can't reach the bridge from the pipes! D: It seemed like a natural path, but can't actually be taken. Other than that, though, nice work!
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-20 06:27:23 UTC in vault item: Atom's Mini Compo Lajron Comment #20674
Oh yeah, this is definitely taking home gold. This is freaking awesome, I have nothing but praise for this map!

The texture usage in combination with the phenomenal lighting is incredible, it feels like it's got a lot of assets. And there is just so much detail. Amazing!
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-19 19:10:37 UTC in vault item: Atom's MiniComp, Crypt Comment #20663
Grr. Seems map1_textures (a file that I have no idea why I have, nor why Zeeba didn't have issues) has textures named exactly the same as some in halflife.wad, and I guess Sledge was a bit confused during compile.

Anyway, removed the problem wad from my folder and recompiled, updated the file, should be without issue, now.
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-19 16:42:38 UTC in vault item: AtomsMiniCompo Tetsu0 Comment #20659
Ah, great stuff!

While at first I found the lighting a bit dark, I noticed that pretty much everything that should be lit is. The darkness in the more unimportant areas actually helps sell the nighttime feeling, in my opinion. Really nice, eerie atmosphere.

I liked the enemy placement, and the scripting was nice and fun as well. Good gameplay for the map.

Great work, and good luck in the comp. :D
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-19 16:37:40 UTC in vault item: atomsminicompobase_zeeba_G Comment #20658
Whoaaa. You managed to tell an interesting story in such a simple and concise manner. One that unravels as you think about it, too!
The atmosphere, and creative texture usage are very impressive.

Excellent job. Good luck in the comp!
Commented 7 years ago2014-07-19 15:27:56 UTC in vault item: Atom's MiniComp, Crypt Comment #20655
Thanks, Zeeba! Maybe if I get some extra time before the deadline (doubtful) I'll work on those low points. :D

@Lajron: Hm, can anyone else confirm this? I made sure to only use halflife.wad and zhlt.wad textures (Sledge's filtering is great), and the map loads fine for me without the supposed problem wad.
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Commented 9 years ago2013-04-02 16:23:08 UTC in journal: #8149 Comment #61056
Over half of the commenters knew it was a joke and were good sports about it. No harm was done. In fact, we promoted Freeman Chronicles! That how good jokes work. In the beginning everyone is raging, but at the end of the day everyone has a good laugh.
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