Commented 8 months ago2021-10-01 22:14:48 UTC in wiki page: Entity Flag: Gag Comment #103732
Too short Did read
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-01 22:14:13 UTC in wiki page: Weapons Programming - Standard Weapons Comment #103731
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-30 01:13:53 UTC in wiki page: RUST: Creating an Overview Comment #103729
Man, this is very usefull
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-27 22:19:48 UTC in vault item: Retro Hammer Icon Sprites Comment #103726
Great Icon, 5 out 5
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-25 00:14:29 UTC in wiki page: weapon_hornetgun Comment #103724
HD image, now this is getting serious
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-24 14:48:02 UTC in wiki page: monster_human_grunt_ally (Half-Life: Opposing Force) Comment #103723
The MP5 damage is probably wrong, if anyone could check it, would be good
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-10 20:09:53 UTC in vault item: awp_india_minecraft [Texture Change] Comment #103715
Your map is very faithful to the original awp_india map, however it has some small changes like the position of the boxes and I also think the sizes of the boxes are different. Textures are good and map lighting is very good better (Better than the awp_india). Something that surprised me is that your map doesn't look like a CS 1.6 map to me, but it looks more like a CS GO or CS Source map to me (Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating) and since nothing is perfect, these are the bugs I found on your map:
Valve pls fix
User posted image
User posted image
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-04 23:05:18 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Dimensions Comment #103704
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-02 14:02:52 UTC in wiki page: monster_rosenberg (Half-Life: Blue-Shift) Comment #103701
Anyone know where the monster_rosenberg models is? I tried everything! And I still can't find his model
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-01 23:41:41 UTC in wiki page: trigger_playerfreeze (Half-Life: Blue-Shift) Comment #103699
trigger_playerfreeze isn't a Point Entity, right?
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-01 23:09:02 UTC in wiki page: Vlatitude: Easy Spiral Staircases Using the Arch Tool Comment #103697
Yeah, this page needs an update
Commented 9 months ago2021-09-01 18:04:21 UTC in wiki page: weapon_grapple (Half-Life: Opposing Force) Comment #103696
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-30 16:28:35 UTC in wiki page: VERC: Mapping Humor Comment #103693
Half Life 2
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-30 13:13:32 UTC in wiki page: category:Entity Guides Comment #103691
Where is the Monsters and weapons of opposing force? :|
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-28 23:41:40 UTC in wiki page: monster_cockroach Comment #103685
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-28 23:40:05 UTC in wiki page: monster_bigmomma Comment #103684
Big momma also know as Gonarch:
User posted image
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-28 23:36:23 UTC in wiki page: monster_barney Comment #103683
Here is your BEER
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-28 22:35:26 UTC in wiki page: monster_barney_dead Comment #103682
OH NO! barney is ded
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-28 22:31:48 UTC in wiki page: monster_hevsuit_dead Comment #103681
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-22 15:34:30 UTC in vault item: Janitor Simulator Comment #103675
Architecture — 4
Texturing — 5
Ambience — 4
Lighting — 4
Gameplay — 5

The map doesn't have much to show, there's no story, no shooting, no puzzle, also the purpose of the map is to put the player in the point of view of a janitor that I guess is in black mesa because of the textures, the map lighting is poor, the map is too bright and too white. The texture of the computer screen could be different and the same applies to the texture of the scientist's desk. The map architecture is simple and not very interesting, it's not a good map, but it's a good joke map. (Also if I made any writing errors, I'm sorry I'm still learning American English)
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-16 13:47:38 UTC in vault item: Vehicle Prefabs Comment #103673
Your prefabs are great! and they helped me a lot, and they are very realistic. Amazing work with the prefabs!!!
Commented 10 months ago2021-08-13 16:29:20 UTC in poll: Tis the Season Comment #103671
summer, in Brazil it's called "VerĂ£o"