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I just wanted to say hi to you guys. Its been a while since I've poked around with Hammer, even longer since I've poked around TWHL. Life caught up to me a bit, and employment has been and continues to be my biggest focus. It makes me happy to know TWHL is still around. Best wishes for continued success! :)
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Yeah, a silly journal post, but oh well. Anyway, this guy, completely and utterly looks like our very own Archie

Anyway, in an attempt to add something substantial to this journal, consider this my official "I'm back" notice. Haven't been around here very much due to my graduation from high school, and all the shenanigans that come with that. So that being said, nice to be able to have time to come around here again!
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User posted image
Everyone, assist me in making fun of above user, just post here and I'll send her the link.

But I do wish I was rich enough to "have microsoft"
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If you put a butterfly in a cage, it does not belong to you.

If you let the butterfly out of the cage, and it flies away, then you never truly owned it.

If you let the butterfly out of the cage, and it flies back to you, only then, does it truly belong to you.
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Wow, what is this?

I saw this yesterday.

And now I get a new entry in my RSS feed, and find this.

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A friend messages me, ecstatic about some new L4D campaign he downloaded. Instantly, I had flashbacks to "Death Aboard", with its horrible levels and retarded hot air balloon rescue vehicle (how does switching on a lighthouse call an empty air balloon to your location?)

I reluctantly downloaded this campaign, called "Heaven can Wait" After a playthrough of it I can say that this must be the best custom L4D campaign I've played.

It looks great, and plays great. Its a huge step up difficulty wise from Valve's stock campaigns. It posed as much of a challenge on advanced as Valve's did on expert. Most of the panic events are surprise events, not triggered by you, which was a refreshing change.

There was a portion where you must fight through a parking garage filled with alarm-rigged cars, and if you trigger too many, the horde becomes infinite, pretty much sentencing you to death.

The finale is not a vehicle, but is still a satisfying ending, especially after a 3 (possibly 4 if you linger around)tank finale ;O

If any of you still play L4D out there, download this and give it a try!
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New avatar, and I revamped my user page.

also, im starting a gallery of my
Freezecam shots that i think are good.

Let me know what you think

Edit! I just realized! its my one year anniversary of joining TWHL.
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User posted image

Players of CnC 3 should recognize what that picture is of.

I'm starting a small cinematic minimod based off my favorite RTS game.
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i cant believe no one had this user name :cool:

HLMapper :nuke: :nuke:

Edit: Aug 14, 2008

Did i actually say that? what a noob i was :/