REBELVODKA1 year ago2018-08-20 10:44:12 UTC 3 comments
Finally 8/20/2018 I finished mod hl1 Cthulhu, I must say the mod brushwork is very confusing and looks little noobish.
The guns looks little buged and two barrel shotgun is disproportionated about size

*Sorry my bad Engish
REBELVODKA2 years ago2018-02-05 10:18:20 UTC 1 comment
Everything have got solution in life, less two things:

The death and download cs_canbunk ;(
REBELVODKA2 years ago2017-07-11 16:17:04 UTC 18 comments
What is your biggest proud?

The mine are my mods (^:
REBELVODKA3 years ago2017-01-18 19:57:11 UTC 16 comments
lol, is in this site any banned user?
REBELVODKA3 years ago2016-10-02 09:22:18 UTC 1 comment
This is counter culture, from the underground, eternal evolution this is our sound, KMFDM better than the best!
REBELVODKA3 years ago2016-06-30 17:45:43 UTC 6 comments
How hell his glasses can stay in his face?
REBELVODKA4 years ago2016-01-05 10:19:31 UTC 9 comments
For you,which is the worst map of some game you played?
REBELVODKA4 years ago2016-01-03 13:49:40 UTC 1 comment
This is my reaction when there isnt Internet in my house :^)