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Posted 7 years ago2012-05-08 09:31:34 UTC
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
I had a very vivid dream last night. Well 2 actually. In my first dream I was having to go away on business for a month, to the other end of the country. The thing is, I had to leave my house in the early hours of the morning so my wife was fast asleep. I kissed her on the forehead and left my house, knowing I wouldn't see it again for some time. I felt genuinely emotional and was so relieved when I woke myself up at 4am. :P

The second dream happened between then and when my alarm went off at 6:30am. I was in my house again, during a torrential downpour and there was a leak in the ceiling. I went upstairs to check it and the entire upper floor was sodden, the carpet cold and full of water. Same with the bed. The place was a mess.

I looked up both of these things online this morning. The first dream apparently symbolises that my life is changing, moving forwards. Not reluctance to do so, just an awareness that change is coming.

The second one tickled me a little:

"To see a leak in your dream symbolizes loss, disappointments, frustrations and distress. You are wasting your energy on fruitless endeavors."

Then I went to work.


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Where did you find these informations? A link? :P :)
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Dreams are usually information processing by the brain. You dream of what you've seen and what has left a certain emotional impact on you, subliminally or Consciously.

I used to have dreams i remember, but rarely now. Probably because when i go to sleep all i care about is waking up rested and think of it as nothing but a resting process.

@ Striker

Where i live that type of book is called: Sanovnik (or dreamer log on English). Try searching for: Dream meaning
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Googled "dream meanings" and came to I rarely buy into this kinda stuff, but the one regarding leaks really hit home.

Hmmm... I wonder if there is a meaning behind seeing a leek in your dream.

Yup. "To see a leek in your dream symbolizes victory and protection"

Before anyone else thinks of it, I also looked up "spinning" which represents confusion or a sense of loosing control. So dreaming of leek spinning means you're out of control, victorious, you feel protected, but are confused by this.

Makes sense...
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You have too much time, but even I had some weird drams like, no nothing like that, but still…

Anyway I'm sure you don't have to sweat on it much, its probably dictating your life changing moments.

I'm sure it will turn out for the best :)

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Pretty sure seeing a leak in your dream means that you're spending too much time working with the Goldsource engine :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 12:39:06 UTC Comment #43526

Last night, I fired up the CS:GO SDK and start mapping with Source. I always said that as soon as the tools were available for CS:GO I would sit down and learn Source mapping.

My life IS moving on! It's moving AWAY from GoldSource mapping!!

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You must do something about it soon D:
I know a guy who stopped mapping for GS, never seen him again, they said he had an accident...
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Seeing a leek in a dream only means you're hungry :3

I don't believe in dreams meaning anything. Look up one dream on the internet, and different sites will say completely different, sometimes even conflicting things.

I sometimes dream of my teeth either falling off or disintegrating. Sometimes even instantly regrowing, only to fall off again. Got nothing worth anything from the internet. It's probably just some subconscious fear of losing them.
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...or your desire to be a shark.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-09 01:38:41 UTC Comment #43528
""Pretty sure seeing a leak in your dream means that you're spending too much time working with the Goldsource engine :)""
sheer brilliance
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It seems interesting that when a lot of people tell me about their dreams, they all seem to be centered in the real world somewhat. The details tend to be somewhat surreal, but they generally have a real world setting, and feature people they know. As well as this events tend to follow each other in a relatively sensible manner. However, I notice some people, myself included, have much less realistic dreams, and these people tend to be those who have an interest in 'unrealistic' things, such as aliens or government conspiracies. In other cases they tend to have more creatively focused hobbies.

For example, I've heard a few people mention they dreamed something along the lines of 'I went to the shop to buy a loaf of bread, and on the way I met Mr Richardson who told me my mother had died', and these peoples' dreams are always along these lines.
An example of the other type would be a dream I had the other night, most of which I remember vividly. I started out on the end of an aircraft carrier. There was a hangar (of the type normally seen at airports) sitting there, facing out to sea. I opened it and inside was a jet seemingly made out of lego. I had a sense of a female presence, but there was nobody there. I had trouble getting into the jet at first, as if it were a videogame and I didn't know the controls. After I got in, I took off, and turned around to fly towards the mainland. I radioed the female, mentioning I was going to see the base and the bridge the other people had built. As I went over the coastline I pulled up to pass over a small mountain. As I went over it, I was momentarily aware of a large lake or an ocean on the other side, with a bridge leading away from the shore, before the sun blinded me, and my plane went down into the water. The next thing I knew I was back on the aircraft carrier adding covers to the plane canopy so there would only be small holes to look out of, before the dream changed, and I was crawling under a bus belonging to Simon and Lewis from the Yogscast. It had become grounded in the earth, and I was crawling under it to retrieve my shoes. As I looked up I noticed the underside of the bus was see-through, as if it were textured with null. The person inside the bus (I don't know who, but apparently a friend of mine) told me it looked normal from his side.

A bit of a lengthy description but it shows what I mean by 'not grounded in reality'

Also, that made me laugh PB.

[Edit] Seeing the actual post made me realise just how lengthy a description it was. Sorry about that.
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I like your dream better.

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