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Posted 6 years ago2013-09-22 17:23:41 UTC
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What I've learned from going to Archie's 22nd "bash"
1) Don't talk about TWHL
2) Do not trust anybody with a lambda tattoo
3) Stay away from vodka / bring change of clothes / never go to glasgow


Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 18:15:33 UTC Comment #50938
So Archie got drunk, started to talk about TWHL and got an lambda tattoo, which is also an international sigh for gay people, but had to puke and accidentally ruined his favorite shirt?
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 18:20:46 UTC Comment #50929
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As funny as the gifreaction from above is, I can't help but notice that something rude happened. I hope all is OK and you two are well and this won't be an obstacle to future TWHL meetings.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 18:30:23 UTC Comment #50939
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I am pretty sure something like this GIF happens on TWHL meetings, only they lie to us so we don't come and see how awesome it is.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 18:52:19 UTC Comment #50919
Obviously it was a social gathering and not "TWHL nerdout 2013" - mapping and all that shit was not on the plate.

Number 2 is about some "gamer" girl that turned up with Archie's crew with a lambda tattoo on her wrist which initially had me going "are you being serious" but then it turns out she's a bit of a player / seeker. Nothing happened.

Number 3 is regarding my inability to realise when I've had one too many vodka / double vodka cokes. Felt ill within about 5 minutes and had to rush to the bathroom. Somehow, I throw up all over my trousers, rather than the toilet. And I had to get back to Edinburgh the day after, with no change of clothes at all. The sheer definiton of "walk of shame"
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 19:05:04 UTC Comment #50914
When is the next one I want to go
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 19:21:08 UTC Comment #50930
You had to walk on the streets covered in puke? Damn, I would have worn black glasses.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 20:48:15 UTC Comment #50920
It's a city, I've been brought up in a small town where everything you do is whispered around the town in a matter of hours. Being able to walk in a city with the confidence that "nobody gives a fuck" is the best thing ever. I wore my vom trousers with pride.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 20:48:44 UTC Comment #50924
Glasgow: Good-time city.

The meet would have been a lot more interesting had you not booted, because then after getting completely hammered, who knows what s*** you would have gotten into =)
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 21:21:48 UTC Comment #50940
Moral of the story: Instant mix drinks like a girl.

At least you guys had a fun time!
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-22 23:14:54 UTC Comment #50912
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On the street at, what, like 3am? So fucking fucked.

It started out so classily, as well!
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Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 00:04:05 UTC Comment #50915
I feel like something similar to this happened already...
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 09:09:12 UTC Comment #50934
Dapper Archie gets all the chicks.

...wait, I'm not sure about the 3rd from the left's gender.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 10:51:00 UTC Comment #50923
From the description, sounds like you had a fun time :)
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 14:07:15 UTC Comment #50921
Oh it was certainly a fun time. And stojke, I had plenty to drink before I even got onto the vodka.
God I am not photogenic in the slightest
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Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 18:48:13 UTC Comment #50910
Sounds like a good night. Damn, why do you guys live so far up north? Archie, move.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 18:54:54 UTC Comment #50913
I live in a nice apartment with central heating, double glazing, a power shower, a bath, 2 double bedrooms, a kitchen w/ dishwasher, a massive living room and a utility room with a washing machine.
I am 15 minutes walk away from my job, which I love and I have access to one of the UK's most vibrant cities at my doorstep.

You live on a farm road in a cottage with no insulation, no shower - barely electricity - and you're an hours' drive from your job which you hate and an hours' drive from the nearest city which is basically just an uppity town.

We pay an almost identical amount in rent.

How about you move.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 20:05:47 UTC Comment #50925
Thant sounds like a win-win-win Instant Mix =)

btw, what is a "power shower" i'm intrigued :)
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-23 20:50:39 UTC Comment #50931
I never liked too much asphalt. Archie, you're looking with a different perspective.

What is a power shower?

Urby you don't have a shower? :
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 01:12:48 UTC Comment #50926
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 02:25:05 UTC Comment #50911
@CT: Have you considered Googling it?

@CStriker: I do not.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 03:01:56 UTC Comment #50935
I can imagine Urby bathing in a wooden tub.

Also I too want to know what a power shower is.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 03:15:32 UTC Comment #50916
It's a shower that's connected to the power. Duh. It shocks you while you're showering, great way to wake up in the morning.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 05:26:06 UTC Comment #50936
Note to self: Do not buy bathroom fixtures from Penguinboy.

[edit] I also remind Penguinboy of his promise to ban Striker if he ever used that gif again. :P
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 07:23:01 UTC Comment #50932
What's your problem DiscoStu? It is a great reaction gif. Upgrade your internet speed.

It's odd not having a shower. I think you're the first person I hear that doesn't have this basic utility at his home.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 07:26:39 UTC Comment #50922
"If Striker posts his gif image in here again, I'm going to ban him!"

This would depend on how Penguinboy defines "here". Here might have meant the specific journal, but "again" dictates that he meant in journals as a whole.

So yeah. Bye Striker! =D
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 09:00:50 UTC Comment #50933
You show so much love.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 09:56:09 UTC Comment #50917
If I see it more than once per three journals, you're in for a spanking!
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-24 10:08:08 UTC Comment #50918
D'aws, shame I missed it. Looks like you guys had a blast!
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-25 01:37:55 UTC Comment #50927
you're in for a spanking!
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Commented 6 years ago2013-09-25 02:36:31 UTC Comment #50937
Captain wants a spanking. He totally seems to be the fetish type.
Commented 6 years ago2013-09-25 04:47:52 UTC Comment #50928
Lawl, another perfectly normal lad ruined by wikifeet ;)

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