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Posted 1 year ago2017-06-15 20:58:14 UTC
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
I was very curious about this, so I decided to dig into my old pictures.
It's a part of my personal history. I've talked about it a lot of times. But I wasn't really sure if that's how it really happened.

Let's see what happened to my old PC (R.I.P., my old friend), and how on Earth did my brother "steal" the laptop from me?
User posted image
22nd of July, 2014.
A few days after my old PC's death.

A month before that, my parents bought me a laptop. I wanted to build a "gaming rig" (hehehehe, there was an AMD Radeon HD 6450 on that part list, once), but they bought me a laptop instead. It's actually a good decision, considering what I'll probably get this summer.

And as you can see, that PC in the picture is the dead corpse of my old PC. :(
It had 2GB of DDR2 RAM, an Ati Radeon HD 4650 (which served me well, by the way), and a dual-core Pentium processor @ 2.4GHz.

It also had a Hitachi 300GB HDD:
User posted image
For some reason, there's duct tape lying on the Ati graphics card:
User posted image

Its life came to an end during the time I was staying at my other grandparents'. Basically, I brought my recently-bought laptop and my brother used the PC I left him at home.
It was inevitable. He was playing Roblox one night and there was a thunderstorm outside. That's at least my assumption. He then continued playing and then there was a strike, and the components got fried.

Sad, isn't it? :(
When I returned, I was shocked and angry at my brother.

We took the computer to a local PC fixer in Stolac (my nearby town), and we traded. He got whatever was left of the PC (actually, only the graphics card got fried), and we got this 2007 Fujitsu Computers Siemens Lifebook S Series S7120. Fujitsu S7120 for short. That's the one I use now.

So, my brother used that one, probably as a punishment for not taking any care about my PC, and I still used the newer laptop.
User posted image
(taken in 2015)
Oh, what a cutie. He played DooM when he was 5. :]

This is us playing Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas in my room:
User posted image
21st of September, 2014.
Oh, the good, old days when he listened to me and wasn't so stubborn. :]
Now I realised that he was so young back then... :o

But in those pictures, he's using the older laptop! How come he's now using the newer one!?

Well... it all came down to this:
User posted image
9th of July 2015.

As you can see, I'm in a different house in that picture. Precisely, at my grandparents (and that monitor in the background belongs to a PC which has an AMD Athlon processor, and a low-end, integrated GPU).

What does that mean, then? You can clearly see that I had the older laptop. My brother was using the newer laptop. During that time, he must've gotten attached to its performance, so he noticed the difference between the 2 laptops. :o

What a bad move, seriously. I don't know why it happened. I really don't know. Maybe my parents told me to leave the laptop to my brother, who knows. xd

And if you're wondering, no, this one happened after my PC had died. My PC died in 2014, while this one happened in 2015. Take a look at those dates I wrote up there...

There. That's why I'm now forced to use this trashy laptop:
User posted image
But I'll build a new PC this summer! HA-HA! But if I do the same mistakes as I had done them in 2015, then I'm screwed.

Also, R.I.P. my previous journal. It had reached a staggering amount of 181 comments and it shall be memorised as one of those journals which deserve to rest eternally, in the TWHL hall of fame. Rest in pepperoni.


Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 21:32:23 UTC Comment #68364
This journal saved my head from exploding after all those GTKRadiant tutorials. Thank you.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 21:36:59 UTC Comment #68351
And you're welcome.
Now I'll sleep. I hope to get some more comments until I wake up...
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 22:06:16 UTC Comment #68341
who plays Doom with a mouse? Only true fans play it old school style with the arrow keys :P
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 22:19:10 UTC Comment #68365
I do. The best part of the game is level design anyway, so you can play it as you wish.
Along with Q1, for me Doom 1 has the best level design ever. Can't say that about Doom 2 though.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 22:27:04 UTC Comment #68352
I play DooM with a keyboard and mouse. But hey, I guess that's much better than what my brother now prefers: a gamepad. And I've never said I was a true fan of DooM. I'm not a true fan of anything, just myself. ;)

He betrayed me. I thought he will remain a loyal PC gamer, but it looks like he'd be more comfortable around the console gamers' controls.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 22:57:15 UTC Comment #68366
I once tried to work on my PC using my USB-gamepad. Well, I had to use XPadder to make it work properly though.

Also, your brother played a source-port I guess?
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-15 23:10:58 UTC Comment #68346
"This is us playing [...]"
There's no us in the picture, only your brother :P
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 04:28:24 UTC Comment #68347
I am very curious as to where will you find those components at such a price in BiH.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 06:20:26 UTC Comment #68353
Well... I was absent in the photo, but still, my brother and I were about to play it. I.m.o. the photo is just better without me.

If I remember well, my brother and I used to play on Zandronum back in those days. Now we use GZDoom.

I didn't say that the price will be that low. But I'll definitely find those parts somewhere, because my 3 years of research weren't for nothing.
I think I'll find the parts in I.T. shops in Sarajevo.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 09:24:26 UTC Comment #68344
Man that's so nice having a little brother to play with.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 09:59:34 UTC Comment #68354

Thank you. :)
Now that he's 7, he drifted away from the good games, sadly. He doesn't want to play Half-Life, Counter-Strike, DooM, Quake etc. but he just wants to Roblox and sometimes Minecraft. It's kind of unfortunate that he doesn't want to play the maps I've made.

When I was making mp_verycold (a map for Far Cry 1, for a mapping contest at GameBanana), I actually paid him real money just to playtest the map with me.
We've had some fun, but it wasn't worth the money...

But hey, now I've got friends on Steam. Sometimes I play Synergy with a guy from Russia and another guy from Romania.
I've also hosted a playtesting session of de_kobbl, which was super fun by the way. If there's something my brother and I could enjoy together (in video games), that would probably be... Payday 2. Of course, my laptop won't be able to run it, so I'll have to wait until I get my new PC built.

Also, @Stojke...
Store #1
Store #2
Store #3
I think I'm pretty safe so far. ;)
My father also said that he's OK with buying parts online from those 3, which surprised me a lot. :D
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 10:39:12 UTC Comment #68342

Only true fans play Doom on shareware version or floppy disk/CD ROM version :P

(NB I only have Final Doom 95 on CD ROM (not original CD either) and not original shareware either but I'd like to think I'm an exception to my own rule, or a fraud. Or both. you decide :P )
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 11:50:02 UTC Comment #68355
As I had said, I'm not a true fan of DooM. So it doesn't make a difference to me.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 12:20:15 UTC Comment #68343
nah im just making jokes!
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 12:30:24 UTC Comment #68356
Oh, so you aren't a true DooM fan? XD
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 12:43:29 UTC Comment #68367
"But hey, now I've got friends on Steam. Sometimes I play Synergy with a guy from Russia and another guy from Romania."

Lucky. My only friends on steam (my classmates) play CS:GO, which I don't have.
Waiting for June 22nd.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 13:24:06 UTC Comment #68340
Let's get serious for a moment. Doom was OK, but it aint got shit on Duke Nukem 3D
User posted image
Urby (Not a fan of DOOM and a major fan of DN3D)
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 15:47:32 UTC Comment #68350
Lemme just spill some of Duke's BLOOD
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 16:12:07 UTC Comment #68368
Nichts davon ist besser als Wolfenstein 3D
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 16:18:38 UTC Comment #68357
Ja, das ist gut spiel. xd
(sorry for my broken German, I tried)

I like Quake 2.
User posted image
It's the oldest game I've ever completed, lol.

User posted image
My old PC had a 400W PSU. :D
If I remember well, it was bought in 2009, so that's not too low for its time. xd
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 16:41:42 UTC Comment #68345
@Urby: I actually have pictures of me playing DN3D on my Pentium 2 when I was 9 or 10. Man I can't get those feelings back... there was a unique taste in that strafing while using the shotgun to kill those monsters and battle the octobrains underwater.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 18:01:19 UTC Comment #68348
Duke Nukem 3D is in my opinion the game with best atmosphere, ever.
If they were to release as good of an modern engine, with RoR ability,
and the same style with additional goodness it would be the game of the year easily.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 21:16:25 UTC Comment #68358
But the game which I really liked was Counter-Strike: Condition-Zero: Deleted Scenes (wow, what a long name):
User posted image
Yes, we're literally countering the strike in that one. xD
(and I found a good use for FRAPS on my laptop :3)
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 22:20:15 UTC Comment #68349
Instead of going for a budget "gaming" pc, why don't you get one of the newer consoles that are about to hit the market? You'll be able to play any of the new titles, and most of the pc games from last and upcoming years are usually ported; they even have backwards compatibility.
You'll still have the laptop for content creation, dev, apps, etc...
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-16 23:29:52 UTC Comment #68369

I don't think it's comfortable enough to create content on such a laptop. What if he wants to create stuff for UE4? And you probably know how long it takes for him to compile maps, even at fast VIS.
So for him even a "budget' PC is more than enough.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-17 09:18:38 UTC Comment #68359
Are you insane?
I don't want to play the newer titles. No, no, no, no, no and NO! Because they aren't interesting to me, except GTA V, Crysis series, Battlefield 3 (not 4) and... if it ever happens: Half-Life 3. Just screw anything else made after 2013. (And yes, I consider games released in 2013 as "recent", while games released this year are the "newest")

I'm seriously fine with gaming at the lowest resolution at lowest settings in newer games as long as I can run the older ones at medium-to-high settings at 1440x900. You just don't understand what I need, nobody will.

And for all the glory, find a Fujitsu laptop from 2007 or 2008 and try working on any of your projects on it. Just dare to try (unless it's in Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. It will do an acceptable job in that case).

You should also realise that it took it ages to compile the DLLs in the Half-Life 2 SDK. And the HL1 SDK's DLLs usually take around 20 minutes to compile. Seriously, wtf. Never recommend me a console.
I am not a gamer as much as you think, since 90% of my hours of CS 1.6 were spent in playtesting my maps. And this laptop is probably on the edge of its life. I'll have to buy a new HDD soon.

And its specs are a joke:
Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 at 2.2GHz
Intel GMA 965
32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate

It's obvious that I need not just an upgrade, but a total replacement.

And, lastly, some of you noticed that the RX 460 is in the part list even though I was told to get the GTX 1050 Ti. Even if buying the RX 460 ends up being a mistake, well... let me give an example:

To be honest, buying the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime turned out to be a mistake (because it only supported 2 simultaneous touches and it didn't have that much space).

I was still overly satisfied with it, because it was FAR BETTER in any way compared to my ancient Samsung Galaxy 3 (not S3) which had a 667MHz processor and just 256MB of RAM, and its Android version was 2.2. Today, it can't browse the Internet any more. Also, all the pictures you saw in this journal were taken with that phone. At least the camera was somewhat OK. xd

And I'm using the "little mistake" right now to post this comment and it's just working too well that I don't even care if it supports only 2 touches at once (see, Splashtop GamePad THD requires you to use 3 fingers to access the configurations, lol). It has served me way better than my old phone has, and that's pretty much why I'm happy with it.

The same thing is going to happen with the RX 460. It's far better than the Intel GMA 965. Even though I'll be a little bit disappointed with it sometimes, I will remember that I used to have bottom-end hardware, and the prices could've been worse. So I'll still end up being overly satisfied with it. Investing another 100KM (50€) for the GTX 1050 Ti is just over my budget, so I'll not do that.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-17 19:07:40 UTC Comment #68360
Either nobody read this or nobody has understood what I was talking about. :/
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-17 20:04:40 UTC Comment #68370
I did. Not that all this hardware stuff is interesting for me though.
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-17 21:06:34 UTC Comment #68361
Yeah, I'll only buy that 1050 (either Ti or non-Ti) if the RX 460 runs out of stock here. P.S. 2 more days 'till my auntie and her family arrive. :D :D :D :biggrin:
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-19 10:42:44 UTC Comment #68362
Anyway, what could we talk about now?
No-one has made a comment on my brother adopting my laptop and not letting me use it. Maybe none of you have read the entire journal. Man...
Commented 1 year ago2017-06-22 20:50:39 UTC Comment #68363
Instead of "One day with Jody", I think I should write "How I met Jody". It's much, much more related to my Half-Life mod and it would describe what would've happened in my mod if I ever finished it. :D

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