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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-06 21:55:58 UTC
Jessie JessieLadytype
Open question:
What singleplayer games can y'all name that have decent character customization for multiple characters?

Examples: The Sims, the modern X-COM games

What other games are there?


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Uh... Fallout 3?
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I mean multiple characters in a single game/playthrough.
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I suppose Spore does fit that description. Probably wouldn't work for what I have in mind, though.

You'd have to elaborate on how GTA V fits the bill. I'm not familiar with it, and if it's like the GTAs I have played, I don't know how it would.
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GTA V has 3 characters in its singleplayer campaign that can all be customized. Note that the game will change their clothes on its own if you change characters for a bit.
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Considering the examples are The Sims and modern X-COM games, I believe we're talking about games that allow you to manage multiple, fully customisable (from scratch) characters at once.

XCOM and The Sims are all I can think of though...

Pillars of Eternity allows you to hire up to five custom party members which you make in the character creator. Not sure if Tyranny offers the same thing, but I've not seen any such option and I'm 16 hours into the story... so probably no.
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Jagged Alliance 2 is able to do it to some degree (particularly in the more recent patches (people keep that thing very much alive)), but the visual customization options aren't very strong. It's options lie more in the stats and competencies area. Also (at least as of the last patch I played), you can only have so many created characters because there's a limited number of voice sets and each created character needs a different one.
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^ "Elliot you idiot!"

Fallout: Tactics did, to a degree, so did Deadnaught and Silent Storm.
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Are you making a machinima?
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Something like that, I suppose. I dunno. I'm not really familiar with that concept.

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