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Posted 4 years ago2018-05-03 21:01:17 UTC
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
The number of gargantuas in Half-Life
number of ostensibly friendly apaches in Half-Life
the number of tentacles in Half-Life
the number of living scientists in the Xen chapters of Half-Life
the number of Ospreys in Half-Life


I mean, there's no real way to cloak the purpose of these journals, but hopefully I can at least give some maths that needs to be pondered rather than just looked up. (I hope I got the right numbers!)


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Happy Birthday!
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"hopefully I can at least give some maths that needs to be pondered"

Not really, to sort of quote Jeffmod or Striker (I forget which, maybe it was someone else?): "I see an obscure journal I say happy birthday"

happy birthday today!
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Happy Birthday!
Also I don't think I said that but I think I recall it being on one of my birthday journals?
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Happy Birthday!
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User posted image
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Happy... 18th? Surely not.

24th? I may be missing some tentacles.
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Happy birthday mate!
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Happy belated birthday!
I literally didn't know the answer to half of these even with some googling, so i'll just take potatis_invalid's answer.
Commented 4 years ago2018-05-05 16:58:52 UTC Comment #53055
(Don't know + 0? + 4? + 1?) * Don't know = NaN

Happy NaNth birthday!
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Happy birthday!!!

I miss exploding people with you.
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Sounds specifically like a YOU problem there, Arch.
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Happy birthday! I'm a bit late, but I guess it's alright. :P
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Happy belated. Only a person who is geekier than me could come up with a math problem like that.

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