A crazy dream

Posted 9 months ago2018-06-23 08:19:55 UTC
I had a dream, it was both crazy and beautiful. I had launched Terragen Classic and saw an advanced yet clean and well arranged interface. In addition to the usual editors (which got a massive overhaul), there were also editors like character editor, model editor and game logic scripter. I spent a lot of time in this dream fiddling with material and atmosphere editors. The former had full PBR and procedural creation matched with Terragen's usual material properties. There was a nifty window with an example scene - selecting faces on it adjusted the material to slope of the face and its other properties. The atmosphere editor had a real time preview window, enormous amount of sliders and even more preset examples that were great on their own. I had tears in my eyes when working with that suite.

A man can dream, but a question is: What if Planetside made game dev tools?

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Commented 9 months ago2018-06-23 10:51:40 UTC Comment #101298
That's truly a dream. Oddly enough, last night I had a dream that I was playing handball, basketball, football and boxing against a team of 30 black people. It was weird, the physics were "Totally Accurate Battle-"style, but I won. Weird.

If Planetside made game dev tools, that would be so cool, but the game would run at 30 frames per hour. :P

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