HL Model packs by me

Posted 4 years ago2020-04-01 06:03:56 UTC
I'm just writing this journal to inform people that I've made some model packs for Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, and released them here on TWHL. The models are completely free of any UV shifting or other such issues. The OpFor Glock has been vastly improved with a bunch of UV mapping issues fixed, and all the packs use the Blue Shift shotgun animations. The MP5 also had the bogus firing animation that was present in both Blue Shift and OpFor removed. The RPG also had the fidget animation fixed, so it no longer only plays halfway through.

  • The Python had it's speedloader fixed for all versions, and the reload sound plays properly now.
  • The crossbow's clip has been fixed, so the top of it is no longer invisible like before.
HD Gordon hands on LD view models for Half-Life:

LD OpFor Grunt models and sounds for Half-Life and Blue Shift:

Fixed and improved LD view models for Opposing Force:

Fixed and improved LD view models for Blue Shift:

Some screenshots:
LD OpFor MP5 for Half-LifeLD OpFor MP5 for Half-Life
LD OpFor grunts for Half-LifeLD OpFor grunts for Half-Life
Improved Desert EagleImproved Desert Eagle
Improved GlockImproved Glock
LD OpFor Glock in Half-LifeLD OpFor Glock in Half-Life
Blue Shift Shotgun animsBlue Shift Shotgun anims
Hope you enjoy using these model packs.

Edit: Uploaded the zip files to TWHL's vault


Commented 4 years ago2020-04-01 23:53:12 UTC Comment #102619
Nice! I suggest that you read a little of this http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Half-Life#See_Also if you're going to do a more realistic remodel of them, as on this site they point out many possible aesthetical mistakes in those weapons.
Commented 4 years ago2020-04-02 07:44:46 UTC Comment #102620
It was never my aim really to make the models very realistic, I just really wanted to fix the UV issues and do use the best animations available, but I might take a look later on that article you linked.
Commented 4 years ago2020-04-05 02:05:22 UTC Comment #102637
Looks great!

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