HappyFaces Update Wanna

Posted 1 month ago2021-10-15 12:18:19 UTC
Would want to update the HappyFaces mod. So I'm gonna do that. cause I think I know what to add to it. I don't seem to have the code for it and neither do I have a way to play it cause I only have a 2004 version of Source playable.

Is it possible getting the vault item of HappyFaces removed so I can replace it? I might need to download the mod first tho.


Commented 1 month ago2021-10-17 22:38:08 UTC Comment #103765
Why would you have to remove it?
Commented 1 month ago2021-10-18 05:51:00 UTC Comment #103768
It's from my old account.
Commented 1 month ago2021-10-20 19:54:42 UTC Comment #103785
Town RaymanTown Rayman

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