Oh no

Posted 8 months ago2021-10-25 13:58:54 UTC
It happened again.It happened again.


Commented 8 months ago2021-10-26 22:45:41 UTC Comment #103794
Happy Birthday
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-27 12:42:25 UTC Comment #103795

(hipply burfles)
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-27 20:29:52 UTC Comment #103796
"It happened again." - "Just one of those days I guess."

Happy resonance cascade birthday!
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-27 21:47:14 UTC Comment #103797
Wheres da cake bro?!
om nom nom nomom nom nom nom
Hope u had a merry b day
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-28 00:21:51 UTC Comment #103799
Oh no?

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Commented 8 months ago2021-10-29 01:43:17 UTC Comment #103801
Thanks for the wishes, everyone!
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-29 11:14:18 UTC Comment #103802
I thought this was a celebration of Half-Life's "birthday", but Gordon's day isn't yet. Late happy birthday wishes to you Notewell
Commented 8 months ago2021-10-29 11:35:17 UTC Comment #103803
Yes that's what thought too Oskar : |
seems this birthday journal was too cryptic!
Happy late bday
Commented 7 months ago2021-11-08 21:13:57 UTC Comment #103818
Yep, it happened again: I mixed my socks.

Oh, this is not about that. Happy birthday!

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