What's The Scariest Things Happen to Your Windows/Mac/Linux System?

Posted 1 month ago2023-02-26 11:03:28 UTC
For me The Scariest Parts about Windows Are The Malware That Were Hidden Or Even Corrupted System After The Updates But also Stuck In Black Screen For about 15 Minutes, stuck on Game Freezing that cannot be alt + win + del and Alt tab, Virtual Machine Virus Can Spread Through Main Host Machine and Blue Screen.

How about you guys? Many of People who uses PC/Laptop too much somehow causes unnoticed issues..I wanna know what are you experiencing


Commented 1 month ago2023-02-26 11:16:35 UTC Comment #105133
I guess visiting this website https://www.iso.org is quite a scary thing, since the guy who made it thought everyone has a 4K monitor, that's standards for you, hey!
Commented 1 month ago2023-02-28 12:52:28 UTC Comment #105141
When my computer screen suddenly went dark, and an acrid smell wafted from the ventilation of the case.p

It was a sure sign that my PSU died.
Commented 3 weeks ago2023-03-04 15:45:37 UTC Comment #105157
I had a graphics intensive game lock up for me multiple times one night as I was just settling down for the weekend. Out of frustration, I powered off the system at the wall and went to bed. The next morning, I attempted to power up my PC only to be greeted by a system recovery message, followed by a corrupted data warning which resulted in the system recovery getting stuck in a loop. I'd blown my Windows 7 installation away somehow.

I spent a good portion of my weekend reinstalling Windows and all my drivers just to get my PC back in a functional state.

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