We promise you a new map in 2 weeks, or you get to yell at us! - DONE!

Posted 1 month ago2023-10-26 18:01:25 UTC
EDIT: We did it! Scroll to the bottom to for the final result!
We're two Mappers who haven't released a map for a while and have left many of projects to collect dust, especially our joint projects. Though we have learned a lot from our failures, we still have a lot to learn from successes too, and that is why we're here today.

Oxofemple and I, Chimz, have decided to bring to you a new Sven Co-op map in just 2 weeks! That's right, just 2 weeks.

Why are we telling you this? Well that's because we're counting on you! Not for support and having an audience (though we would appreciate it) but we're asking you to hold us accountable!

We have started work on our project today and are scheduled to release our map on the 10th of November. There will be no delays, no date changes or anything. Come hell or high water, we will release our map in whatever state that is, and to keep our dignity we will do our best with what little time we have and release it.

If we miss our mark, well then, we're asking you to yell at us until we release it in whatever state it is.

So tell us, can we count on you?


Commented 1 month ago2023-10-26 18:15:53 UTC Comment #105609
Alrighty, I'll set a reminder on the 10th of November to yell at you. :walter:
Commented 1 month ago2023-10-26 18:17:01 UTC Comment #105610
ill have a good eye on yer :cyclops:
Commented 1 month ago2023-11-04 00:51:45 UTC Comment #105617
First Week Update:

A week has passed and we're here to share some updates.

The main Brushwork for the whole map is now complete and will be tested privately in the next 2 days to iron out any kinks and improve gameplay.
Here are a few screenshots of a few interesting locations:
Fight your way out of this beautiful place.Fight your way out of this beautiful place.
What will development look like in the remaining days after the playtest?
With the main blockout complete and gameplay tested, most of what lies ahead is related to the visuals.
  • Feedback from the playtest will be used to improve the gameplay.
  • All brushwork will be textured.
  • Decorative details (that don't effect gameplay) will be added using prefabs to speed up work.
  • Lighting will be finalized.
  • Final performance optimizations will be made.
  • Visuals will be polished for release.
We will update you with more details and some screenshots from the finalized visuals in the last days before release. Thank you for reading, we really hope you will stick around to play the map on release. :D

How has progress been?
"Efficient" is what comes to my mind. With such a limited time, it was crucial to to map out our plan and schedule to make sure we can make each day count. We lost 2 precious days but after that we were able to kick into full gear.
We've been putting as much time as we could into the project. I've been spending nearly 6-8 hours every day and Ox has been juggling the project and his education at the same time. Yes, it's been a bit harsh but we're enjoying the time we're spending on the project. I'm sure all you mappers out there who love your craft can understand, although having a day or two off right now would be pretty nice. Unfortunately we got no time to spare. A lot of work still lies ahead and we're hoping it goes smoothly so that we can release the final map to you in great shape.

Is the map still set to release on 10th of November?
Yes. We are doing everything we can to make sure that we will release the map by 10th November night. The map will be uploaded here, on SCMAPDB and Gamebanana so that everyone could easily download it from whichever source they're comfortable with.

Anything you the reader can do to help?
Your expressions of excitement about the project and final map will really make us happy and boost our morale. It's always heartwarming to know there are people out there waiting to play your map.
If possible, please share news of our project with your fellow friends. After this is done, with all the time and energy we've spent, we'd really love to see the map reach as many players as it can.

Well, that's all for now. We will see you at the next update with more interesting stuff to share. Have a good night and hope you're all having a good life.
Commented 4 weeks ago2023-11-11 08:51:11 UTC Comment #105632
It is release day! We did it!

Man are we glad to be here. Gotta say, the last 2 weeks have been some really busy ones, but it was all worth it. We managed to make a map with a decent length, good gameplay and in some parts, great visuals and topped it all off with some enjoyable scripted sequences.
Something to entice you to play.Something to entice you to play.
The map is up and ready for download! We hope you give it a try.

Let us know what you think and if you're interested to learn about how these 2 weeks passed, how we worked and what we learned.
We'd like to thank all of you who accompanied us during these 2 weeks and kept your eyes on us. We hope you'll enjoy what we've made.
Those of you who have honored us with your support:
Admer456, SV BOY, Caretaker u.k, The Regent, WyattTheEpicDude, TrollBooger, The 303, Ryor, Sparks and Soctom. Sorry if I missed anyone.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-11-21 12:37:38 UTC Comment #105648

Version 1.1 Changelog (released)

SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn't played yet.

-Delayed map start by an extra 13 seconds to give clients time to download soundcache and load.
-Added fill lights.
-Fixed some texture and lighting issues.
-Balanced item pickups.
-Improvements to the health regeneration.
-Visual fixes.
-Gameplay improvements to locations with firefights.
-Lowered glass table strengths so they break with 1 hit.
-Added a "Reactor" sign to the reactor door.
-Improved reactor lighting.
-Causing the reactor to go critical will now cause radiation damage.
-Added new screen to reactor room that lights up when there's an emergency.
-Replaced some sign textures with more fitting ones.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed the test chamber's button being spammed and bugging the door. Now it's 1-time use.
-Added visual guidance to same room.
-Fixed some lights having gaps between them and the ceiling (floating).
-Fixed the coolant elevator getting triggered and stuck while moving.
-Fixed an issue causing fodder enemies to keep spawning after boss is dead.
-Fixed an issue where fodder enemies could follow the player to the surface.
-Fixed wrong address for some entities.

-Improved the platform's entities.
-Made the pistol pickup more visible and eye-catching.
-Gameplay improvements.
-Fixed an issue causing barneys to softlock doors.
-Added messages to areas with special goals.
-Lowered server healths so they break easier.
-Removed coolant elevator pit.
-Reduced noise from frank5.wav.
-Increased volume of frank voice lines to 200%.
-Made small edit to MOTD / Mission Briefing.

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