NeoGhost17 years ago2003-09-11 03:27:24 UTC 3 comments
3.0GHz, 533FSB, 1024MB DDR-RAM,
GForce4 4600Ti, 240GB HD
loode17 years ago2003-09-09 11:36:08 UTC 5 comments
still tryin 2 map .)
Hasta_Vista17 years ago2003-09-08 10:41:36 UTC 5 comments
Im a 15 yr, old boy, who likes mapping ?!?
Captain P17 years ago2003-09-08 06:51:11 UTC 10 comments
A mapper for over 1,5 years, not released much since I see it as a hobby, just fun to do.
Also modeller, 2D-artist and a little coder...
VOX17 years ago2003-09-06 23:06:25 UTC 4 comments
Mappin' is me. And like, I map stuff
Ancient-Anubis17 years ago2003-09-06 15:59:33 UTC 5 comments
Mapper for solo part of SGTC
Co-Leader and Lead Mapper for Jedi
fcm17 years ago2003-09-06 08:24:27 UTC 7 comments
Just a Guy
Vassy-Black cat17 years ago2003-09-05 13:08:49 UTC 4 comments
You can also email Black cat at A joint account set up for me: Vassy, and the guy that introduced me to mapping, black cat. This joint account is set up so we both get the credit for contests we win (UNLIKELY!) and so we can submit joint maps.

AND: Black-Cat and i are working on some mod ideas now.I think blackie's is going to based on Stargate.
-wky- NO BRAINS17 years ago2003-09-04 16:53:07 UTC 6 comments
well i make cs maps and play cs maps ummmmmm i am in wky witch none of u know who that is.they call me no brains
Squirrel17 years ago2003-09-03 16:34:57 UTC 6 comments
Hammer is my girlfriend. Enough said.
Skoiler17 years ago2003-09-03 10:47:47 UTC 6 comments
I like Wolf3D
Fixxxer17 years ago2003-09-02 15:12:31 UTC 4 comments
I Love to play TFC!!!
No Brains17 years ago2003-09-02 07:56:56 UTC 4 comments
well i make maps and try to play 'em.i am in a group called wky(thats why my name is no brains) and ummmm HI!
Samusady17 years ago2003-09-02 06:08:35 UTC 5 comments
i love the metroid series
Neb17 years ago2003-08-31 19:54:10 UTC 6 comments
I suck