Jage17 years ago2003-05-11 20:00:00 UTC 24 comments
Who reads these things anyway?
[CC]Puddles211517 years ago2003-05-11 20:00:00 UTC 9 comments
The One17 years ago2003-05-10 20:00:00 UTC 11 comments
I am the one, but i need some help with mapping.
zantar17 years ago2003-05-07 20:00:00 UTC 31 comments
I rule
Gordon Freeman17 years ago2003-04-28 20:00:00 UTC 23 comments
I have been a gamer all of my life and one day I got Half-Life and loved is so much that i went on a downloading spree triying to get every mod there was.

But they kept comeing and i wonderd how they were made.
A couple of weeks later i Downloaded world craft 3 and i definetly loved it.So i went out looking for a site wich could explain it simply that i could understand (im 14 years old)but could not find one. Then I found this one and my life changed(ive said that before).

Thats bacicly my life story.....
IcePoP17 years ago2003-04-26 20:00:00 UTC 7 comments
I only really enjoy mapping for counterstrike although i do use alot of halflife based objects in my maps.
ElBandido17 years ago2003-04-24 20:00:00 UTC 24 comments
Half life single player fanatic
Tink18 years ago2003-04-20 20:00:00 UTC 27 comments
just decided to get into mapping
GRT|Jd18 years ago2003-04-13 20:00:00 UTC 22 comments
Just wanta get good at making maps and need help
Skeeve18 years ago2003-04-08 20:00:00 UTC 41 comments
Just goofing off and having a good time.

California, USA
gysje18 years ago2003-04-08 20:00:00 UTC 35 comments
I'm a 14 year old from belguim and I have just started creating levels for half-life. if I can ever help anyone with that, I'd be glad to
Grapez18 years ago2003-04-07 20:00:00 UTC 36 comments
just started mapping, but already found out it is a great way to keep my twisted mind busy, because almost everything is possible :) (even scientists with green hair) (?)
Oh yeah, I'm from Holland..:D
VooDooPig18 years ago2003-04-06 20:00:00 UTC 31 comments
. . . play CS alot (duh)
. . . usually in the A-A-Ahole server.
headcrab18 years ago2003-04-03 21:00:00 UTC 34 comments
I like headcrabs
Towelie18 years ago2003-03-29 21:00:00 UTC 20 comments
i'm high