saddlebags17 years ago2003-08-18 07:34:10 UTC 4 comments
Student and i wanna start making some maps!!!
mattparish17 years ago2003-08-14 07:38:16 UTC 4 comments
Graphic Designer using Valve's Hammer to showcase low polygon modelling for portfolio
The_6th_Monkey17 years ago2003-08-13 05:31:37 UTC 6 comments
I'm a monkey
RedDominion17 years ago2003-08-13 02:36:29 UTC 13 comments
20+yr gamer hooked on CS, now making maps. Just released aim_snow. I live in San Diego. Work in Acctg, go to college, bodyboard snowboard, map making, animation, multimedia!
H8r17 years ago2003-08-11 15:19:25 UTC 5 comments
im cool :P
Molag17 years ago2003-08-11 01:33:53 UTC 7 comments
-=]|[We Who Are Not As Others]|[=-
Uber Noob17 years ago2003-08-10 01:41:59 UTC 7 comments
I am an uber noob who started mapping a little while ago (1-2 weeks).
Tirrael17 years ago2003-08-08 14:22:08 UTC 8 comments
armadillo17 years ago2003-08-06 13:46:04 UTC 4 comments
My name is Angus and i live in Wales. One day hope to own an armadillo.
PerGuLa17 years ago2003-08-06 12:04:28 UTC 7 comments
New to the mapping scene.
rlstoner200317 years ago2003-08-05 21:22:23 UTC 5 comments
confused mapper? clan leader
MainframeMouse17 years ago2003-08-05 11:37:48 UTC 5 comments
Recently got into Counter-strike. Once an avid roleplayer, I now have little time and no players. So I'm going to push my creative urges in mapping. Main goal is to make maps as interactive as posible.
John_Crichton17 years ago2003-08-03 07:32:27 UTC 4 comments
I create 3D images (and animations) and hope to one day get a job in that industry.
I LOVE games and I LOVE HalfLife!
I really enjoy mapping and making my own games, even though I've only been mapping for a short while.
My friend Seventh-Monkey introduced me to HL Mapping and Hammer, now I'm hooked!
hxv217 years ago2003-08-02 17:21:57 UTC 17 comments
I'm a hl mapper and I'm a fan of hl.
seeded17 years ago2003-08-02 04:59:35 UTC 4 comments
I am a meteorologist in the USAF and love DoD. Ummm.... Anything else?