Sushi17 years ago2003-08-31 14:15:49 UTC 5 comments
I am a 15 year old that has just entered the mapping world. In the proccess of completeing my first map.
mario17 years ago2003-08-31 06:08:34 UTC 7 comments
Im a half life player lol
?bersoldat17 years ago2003-08-28 13:52:08 UTC 4 comments
Hello again!
Misty17 years ago2003-08-28 10:34:32 UTC 5 comments
I love mapping. I make maps for Unreal Tournament and Half-Life.
Wyld Thing17 years ago2003-08-27 08:27:21 UTC 4 comments
i run a small time evil organasion ploting to take over the counterstrike empire by infecting it will some of the best maps ever seen. (doint bother being a member so that u will never come back stay see what maps you can make) P.S. Im MAD
juim17 years ago2003-08-26 12:55:02 UTC 4 comments
Motion Picture grip with a serious gaming jones on my off time.Most notably, Half Life.
Vinister17 years ago2003-08-26 02:37:30 UTC 4 comments
i'm a bad mapper but i like to make maps that are fun.. i have ideas for mods but i lack the skill or the leadership skills to create a team...
piratninja17 years ago2003-08-25 18:44:00 UTC 9 comments
I like mapping, computers, movies, and golf. I like in a really smelly dumpster that smells like rotten mc donalds.
wohn17 years ago2003-08-24 10:29:28 UTC 5 comments
would love to make an HL2 mod..
but for now I'm still getting to get on with Hammer ;)
Phsycho!17 years ago2003-08-24 06:30:44 UTC 5 comments
i am 11 years of age i would like 2 start 2 make some maps for TS or CS
shaun forsdyke17 years ago2003-08-22 16:48:51 UTC 4 comments
I am a mapper. I also am a few other things.
comcray17 years ago2003-08-22 16:18:59 UTC 7 comments
Wex Viator17 years ago2003-08-22 16:14:56 UTC 4 comments
Games Developer
CaptScum17 years ago2003-08-22 13:32:06 UTC 5 comments
I map?!?!?
ParaDOX17 years ago2003-08-19 16:34:39 UTC 4 comments
{MC} Paradise CS Server