Boondock_Saint17 years ago2003-06-03 20:00:00 UTC 20 comments
The Creeper17 years ago2003-06-02 20:00:00 UTC 16 comments
Collecting Coca-Cola cans and mapping are my favourite hobbies. Please tell me if you actually read this, because I never read anyone else's. :)
riptide17 years ago2003-06-01 20:00:00 UTC 9 comments
Love to play cs , surf , wanna try making cs maps :)
mrOrlando17 years ago2003-05-31 20:00:00 UTC 8 comments
I like mapping in HL
im 17 years
im from germany
-=ThunderHawk=-17 years ago2003-05-30 20:00:00 UTC 14 comments
I love Half-Life games. Especially Counter-Strike

With great beauty and fame comes little wisdom
Saribous17 years ago2003-05-28 20:00:00 UTC 13 comments
Under full moons waxing lyrically
Death's poetry floods the soul
Like the freezing seed of a demon freed
To curse the stars with vertigo
And in their dance, in trance I've prised wide
Slick rifts twixt obsidian thighs
Hymeneal gates to darker sides
A glimpse of plinths where Midian lies
blu chze17 years ago2003-05-26 20:00:00 UTC 18 comments
bit of a newbie to the map making scene, self taught and work on maps in spare time after school etc
Steinin17 years ago2003-05-26 20:00:00 UTC 16 comments
Age: 17
Favourite editor besides Radiant:
Duke3d Build

A guy with too much fantasy for his own good. Helping out anyone who needs help. Likes Futurama, Hates spammers.
What else?

Using Radiant. [Yll?tys, Yll?tys ;)]
Mapping for JA at the moment.
Shouldn't really be mapping
because I have an important exam coming up within 1 week.
tntcornflakes17 years ago2003-05-24 20:00:00 UTC 5 comments
I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I collect Coca-Cola cans as a hobby. I like mapping for CS.
nazgul81017 years ago2003-05-21 20:00:00 UTC 13 comments
Like mapping
Like LAN partys
nico17 years ago2003-05-20 20:00:00 UTC 7 comments
i'm workin' on it...
Zoan17 years ago2003-05-19 20:00:00 UTC 8 comments
hey, my name is aaron, and im 15. One day i hope i can start my own videoshop (videostore if ure in america), and thats it... oh yeah, i mainly make shit maps!
Crono17 years ago2003-05-19 20:00:00 UTC 5 comments
just a rookie, gettin' into it.
Marwood17 years ago2003-05-19 20:00:00 UTC 12 comments
Well, I'm just another carbon-based life-form I supose: and all that random humour...
SirAncelot17 years ago2003-05-17 20:00:00 UTC 18 comments
I'm totally new to mapping, although I create stunning maps (that's my friends words, btw)... =)

Oh! ...and I'm from Sweden...