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Andy16 years ago2004-02-12 07:27:00 UTC 1 comment
ZTK Clan are holding a CS Defuse mapping compo. There is money involved ! Considering the amount of CS maps appearing in the Map Vault, I would be disappointed if this wasn't supported by our CS mappers.
Head on over to and check out the News post for the 9th Feb.
Andy16 years ago2004-02-08 04:40:00 UTC 0 comments
Zappy_2x2 has written a tutorial on Water.

And don't forget JB's tutorial on Vis Groups.
If you find a problem with a tutorial, please let me know.
Andy16 years ago2004-01-27 05:55:00 UTC 0 comments
I am working my way through the tutorials to bring them up to date. If you have any changes that need to be included, let me know.

Also, SlayerA has written a tutorial on the shrinking effect that he used in Minimicus. Check it out at The Shrinking Effect
Andy16 years ago2004-01-27 05:55:00 UTC 0 comments
Vassy has started a compo on his site:
Andy16 years ago2004-01-24 02:04:00 UTC 0 comments
IRC Bear is in need of help. So is the whole ChatBear system.
I know that some of you complain loudly about Marvin going missing and other stuff, but this really is a great product and it is only run by one person.
Visit this page:
If you can help... Great.
Andy16 years ago2004-01-22 07:20:00 UTC 0 comments
Vassy sent yet another tutorial that shows you how to modify models. So if you are interested in doing a little Head Swaping or gun changing check out: Editing Half-Life Models.
Andy16 years ago2004-01-16 22:16:00 UTC 0 comments
Psychofly from has been in touch to let me know that they are looking for custom CS map submissions to play/test/review on their server.

The idea is that they will make Thursday night a Test Night. Jan 22 is set down for the first Test Night. The maps that are tested will be open to review from those who played them.

This should appeal to some of you, as you have been asking where you could test your maps.... Get over to Violators and find out more.

If your map is given a standing ovation... it might be included in their map cycle.
Andy16 years ago2004-01-06 10:12:00 UTC 0 comments
A New tutorial added to the already successful Setting up a Mod, Part 3: Game Strings by Steinin and masterofpuppets.
Andy16 years ago2004-01-05 21:41:00 UTC 0 comments
You have all been waiting for the competitions to get started, so I think you will jump at this opportunity.

There is a compo being held at

I expect one of our members to win this !

Oh...And get used to the Judging Criteria... It is similar to what we will be using this year.
Andy16 years ago2003-12-31 12:15:00 UTC 0 comments
A new tutorial for the New Year, well it is here in Australia.
Check out Spirit Guide by ministeve.
Andy16 years ago2003-12-31 12:14:55 UTC 0 comments
All the best to all the Members for the New Year.
Andy16 years ago2003-12-30 06:10:00 UTC 1 comment
The new tutorial on Tutorial Submission is the tutorial you have when you not having a tutorial :-)
Andy16 years ago2003-12-23 10:42:00 UTC 0 comments
I have received two new tutorials, one from ministeve detailing the setup for Spirit and one from Steinin which brings us the 3rd part of setting up a mod. I need to read and format these, but don't expect anything too soon.
atom16 years ago2003-12-09 19:20:00 UTC 0 comments
I decided to hold off posting news here until I'd got the contest results out. "What contest is that?" I hear you ask! I'm sure most of you will be pleased to know that that was the last contest to be held under the current system. The new system will involve the community more (yeah!), and will guarantee on-time results. That's about all that's decided at this stage though.

In other news...

Seventh-Monkey has just joined the ranks of the forum / MV mods, so watch out!

I've just emerged from several weeks of exams. They were the last ones I can at least pretend were a joke. Next year they get serious and not very funny. They kept me busy though, so to celebrate my newfound freedom (which will last six whole weeks), I'm doing some upgrading to TWHL. Due to popular demand, the forums can now be moderated, there's a user search feature, and forum search is under development. The menu has changed slightly. And how about private messaging?

Don't you northerners feel silly getting such short holidays at the best time of the year?
Andy16 years ago2003-12-04 08:40:00 UTC 0 comments
Ok, so December has begun and it is almost the end of the year...

There have been considerable difficulties encountered since the change of servers (and it seemed so good to start with:-) and for that I apoligise, not that I can do anything about it. But spare a thought for us as well, I can't get in to do Admin stuff as often as I would like because I also get the 404 error.

SlayerA is keeping an eye on the Map Vault, and I am following the discussions in the Forums.

Speaking of Forums, some people seem to have forgotten that it is not polite to intentionally Flame or use bad language. Remember that this site has been built by a community of people who prefer to help each other, instead of slagging each other off.

If you don't want to follow that simple guide line, then please take your comments somewhere else. I don't want to be forced to edit forum posts or ban members. I believe in free speech and hope that you all have the maturity and common sense required to ignore confronting posts.
As for the site and the problems we are encountering, please be assured that we are trying to rectify the problems and to streamline some processes for next year. More info on that soon.