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Posted 7 years ago2015-03-02 19:00:06 UTC
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Good luck in real life.
Posted 7 years ago2015-02-26 21:24:53 UTC
in TWHL Tower Post #324442
15th of March? All right! There's still plenty of time for me to join in. Count me in.
Posted 7 years ago2014-10-23 23:24:14 UTC
in Haunted minicompo 2014 Post #322126
You must play it now. NOW.
Posted 8 years ago2013-08-26 21:34:13 UTC
in AHCI vs. IDE Post #315243
Yeah, bought it a month and a half ago.

Regarding WEI: that's because I'm on win 8 - the scaling has changed. If I remember correctly win 7 scores up to 7.9 and windows 8 up to 9.9. Though it doesn't actually mean much.
Posted 8 years ago2013-08-26 17:25:16 UTC
in AHCI vs. IDE Post #315237
I have been using AHCI for years now. Granted there were problems with winxows xp (you had to install additional drivers as Stojke pointed out), but any normal OS supports it out of the box.

Also, wei epeen thread?
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Posted 8 years ago2013-08-21 15:06:56 UTC
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I'd give away my own Deus Ex HR if I could, it's crap. I'd return it if they gave refunds at all.
I loved Deus Ex HR. Finished it 3 times.
SpaG: Dead Space 1 (steam)
Posted 8 years ago2013-08-20 16:54:40 UTC
in The give-away THREAD Post #315110
I'd like dead space for steam if it's still available. Thanks in advance.
Posted 8 years ago2013-08-18 21:56:11 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #315057
I can't believe you're still working on it PB. It's been years since you started, hasn't it? I remember you speaking about it in IRC way back then.
Posted 9 years ago2013-07-24 21:56:47 UTC
in TWHL Planet! Post #314429
New player joins the game!
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Posted 9 years ago2013-04-30 22:15:52 UTC
in Black Mesa: Hazard Course Post #313402
For a while I thought you were referring to me.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-02 22:36:25 UTC
in The cat in the banner Post #311308
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-11 22:03:58 UTC
in TWHL Big Brother 2012 Post #309786
The job can wait, can't it? This is top priority now.
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-02 08:15:05 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309552
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-01 09:17:33 UTC
in Mist of Stagnation - Blown Away Contest Post #309524
Facebook - NOPE.
Posted 10 years ago2012-06-05 21:17:00 UTC
in E3 2012 Post #306810
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-06 09:28:06 UTC
in Half-Life Trinity Engine Post #305983
Why do I need to sign in to download? Can someone provide a working direct link?
Edit: just noticed that OP is really old.
Posted 10 years ago2012-04-26 15:59:22 UTC
in Need simple maps for audio-only game Post #305741
I thought about it a bit. Since the sound is really the only thing that defines the environment you're in, I think it would be great to add more audio feedback from movements and the environment.
Say whenever you are closing in to a wall (not ram into it), the sound from your footsteps would indicate that. Same with room size - be it an echo of some sorts or whatever.
It would give you a better understanding about your environment, and what to expect from it.

Also, it would probably be a good idea to note how many tiles away you start hearing sounds from fire/chemicals.

I felt it was quite hard to know whether you are surrounded by obstacles, if you are in front of one. The sound from in front of you kills the one that's to your side.
Posted 10 years ago2012-04-25 20:56:32 UTC
in Need simple maps for audio-only game Post #305697
Took me 362 seconds. Hah! Though I caught a glimpse of the thumbnail of the level accidentally.

The idea is really good and simple. I like it.
Posted 10 years ago2012-01-15 23:04:21 UTC
in Override all textures in map Post #302759
Well that is quite obvious. I believe he's trying to achieve something else.
Posted 10 years ago2012-01-03 23:25:50 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302400
Use teh crowbar. Forgot to add hints there.
Posted 10 years ago2012-01-03 21:41:23 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302390
Got me. As you noticed already, I actually used the base from my rooms compo map. I wanted to expand on it, and this was the perfect oppurtunity (thus not making something personal for you). Couldn't get everything done, that I had planned, though.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-31 16:44:44 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302302
Still seen no comment or confirmation that the person I made a map for has even played it
Same here. Either the person is so freaked out/disgusted by your map that is afraid to show his face here/broke all ties with this community, or, which is less plausible, just can't login for whatever reason related to holidays and family.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-31 13:27:00 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302298
Spag, keep guessing you're not there yet.
Is there a full list of people, who made presents, available somewhere?

Edit: looked at Daubster's map. OH YOU!
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-30 20:47:13 UTC
in Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools v34 Post #302271
A warning, mind you. And without any color! Still worked though.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-30 20:41:22 UTC
in Decompile Protection Post #302269
I don't think you should worry too much about someone stealing your map. Better use that time by actually making your map better.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-30 15:56:30 UTC
in Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools v34 Post #302263
I used 1024x1024 before, with no problems. Seems to me that 4096x4096 would lag like hell.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-30 11:59:59 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302252
Wait, so I guessed right? Man, I'm good!
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-30 09:59:42 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302248
Ok, gonna guess, Captain Terror?
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-28 09:56:53 UTC
in What did you get? :D Post #302156
I didn't get an Ipod I got a different music player.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-27 18:14:19 UTC
in Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools v34 Post #302119
Will give it a shot once I come back from holidays. With all that sexy lighting I'm eager to recompile and compare my most recent map.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-27 15:20:28 UTC
in Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools v34 Post #302108
The light becomes more atmospheric and better, this is because the color of the texture determines the color of the bounced light.
I assume this is done by default?
I would never have thought that anyone would continue to work on HL compile tools. This is great. How old is this project?
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-27 13:02:46 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #302105
Haha, just played through mine. Had a great laugh. Thanks to whoever made it.
Won't try guessing though :-|
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-22 17:03:56 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301906
Working on the map since noon. Man I'm Wasted - :plastered:
That's an awfully late start, young lad!
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-22 00:00:27 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301873
I feel that there was enough time, unless you're doing something huge. You just have to learn to manage your time properly and prioritize.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-21 23:37:50 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301868
Just sent mine too.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-20 17:17:23 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301825
No worries, you still have 2 days.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-18 22:01:27 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301777
I use these two methods in unision. Usually if the compiler tells me I have a leak, there's bound to be another somewhere too.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-18 20:32:47 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301773
Me neither.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-18 11:43:38 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #301747
Heh, I infact started as early as this was announced, but then left it half finished, since it seemed there's a lot of time left. Work and uni got the better of it, and now I'll have to cut corners :-D
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 20:08:35 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301708
Bah, it was just me being dumb. Got the wrong command for the pass.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 19:08:22 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301700
Why do I always get "STEAM validation rejected"?
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-19 00:27:06 UTC
in Skyrim Post #300883
Funny thing, Skyrim is not available in my country on steam. You don't want me throwing my money at you? Fine.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-29 18:07:17 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #299592
I thought it was common sense to wadinclude.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-28 17:23:37 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #299541
spag, striker, 2muchvideogames; what engines are you mapping for/ want to receive from?
Goldsource. As for what I can receive - doesn't matter.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-28 17:21:15 UTC
in Processed in a speedy 77 milliseconds. Post #299540
microtime() motherfucker, do you use it?
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-25 17:43:10 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #299401
Confirmed yes.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-21 19:31:53 UTC
in Half-Life: Secret Santa Post #299223
Count me as maybe in. Don't know how much free time will be on my hands nearing christmas.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-20 17:43:58 UTC
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Posted 11 years ago2011-07-19 21:22:30 UTC
in In Search of the Lifia Post #296832
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-18 22:01:01 UTC
in Hot threads Post #296775
We needed this for quite some time. Finally.