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Posted 3 weeks ago2021-09-20 02:11:53 UTC
in Removing armor HUD indicator? Post #345944
Yep, there's a few ways to do it, but the quick and dirty way is to just never draw the battery HUD element. Comment out this one line so that this method always returns at the start of the method:
int CHudBattery::Draw(float flTime) { //if ( gHUD.m_iHideHUDDisplay & HIDEHUD_HEALTH ) return 1; ...
Another option is to completely delete the CHudBattery class and fix up any references to it.
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Posted 2 months ago2021-07-19 00:41:26 UTC
in Errors in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Post #345787
Go into the project settings for both the client & server projects and change the folder in the post-build step to wherever you want the dlls to be copied, the default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\halflife_op4_updated\cl_dlls\ which doesn't exist on your PC and is causing the error.
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Posted 3 months ago2021-07-15 02:26:21 UTC
in spanish translation for goldsrc wiki Post #345775
Hi, TWHL is an English community and there's no plans to support other languages officially on the site. Please feel free to attempt a translation yourself, but it sounds like a massive effort and I'm not sure how realistic it is. Please just be sure to provide credit to the original authors and link back to the page on TWHL.
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Posted 5 months ago2021-05-04 02:48:17 UTC
in Half-Life 2 Level Layout Feedback Desired Post #345582
Looks like a really good plan! I don't really have any suggestions, you've already nailed it pretty well. I do notice the "guard room" you have isn't part of the player's main journey - there's no reason you have to make it a mandatory visit, but at least put some stuff (ammo/health) in there for the player so they have a reason to go there if they want. You could even make the guard room have two entrances, one you could open from the other side (point 4) so you can backtrack to point 2 and get some item you need to progress through the shelter.
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Aside from some edge cases such as developing tools for other modders to use, the only programming language that can be used for HL/2 modding is C++. Unfortunately there's no way to avoid it.
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Posted 6 months ago2021-03-24 13:11:25 UTC
in Help with a Linker Error Post #345478
There is a link in the tutorial to the complete code, you can see it here:

For your last error, I think you are missing the EV_FireDesertEagle function in cl_dll/ev_hldm.cpp. The tutorial explains where changes need to be made, if you plan on adding any more weapons please read through it so you know which areas you need to update.
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Posted 6 months ago2021-03-24 02:13:23 UTC
in Help with a Linker Error Post #345475
We have a tutorial for a Desert Eagle weapon, try looking through it to see what you've missed.

"unresolved external symbol" linker errors are generally caused by a function being declared but not implemented. My guess is that you didn't add the deagle.cpp file (or whatever the file name actually is) to the client-side VS project. For new weapons, you need to include the file in both projects. (See the section in the tutorial under the heading "Basic class implementation" for details)
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Posted 6 months ago2021-03-22 12:45:59 UTC
in Delete old account Post #345468
And the account's deleted.
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Posted 6 months ago2021-03-22 00:46:53 UTC
in Delete old account Post #345464
I don't usually delete accounts because it will remove forum posts and so on, which might help other people who are searching for an issue. But if you really want all the data deleted, please send me a private message from the account you want deleted (to prove you are the owner).
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Posted 7 months ago2021-03-14 12:35:37 UTC
in Let us add more than 20 images Post #345429
I've just increased the limit to 25, can you try now?
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Posted 7 months ago2021-02-27 04:03:25 UTC
in Half-Life: Opposing Force code modding? Post #345378
I don't think that was ever finished - Solokiller's version is a much better option to go with for OP4.
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Posted 7 months ago2021-02-21 00:02:31 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345360
Use a multi_manager to trigger your sound, and then trigger it again after a 10 second delay. Be sure you don't have 'Not Toggled' set on your ambient_generic (it's off by default - leave it off). See Tutorial: Multi manager for more info on using multi_managers.
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Posted 9 months ago2021-01-14 11:34:22 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345221
Just as an aside, the crowbar fix is in SOHL - it's just 1 new line to add:

if ( !pEntity->IsAlive() )
      return TRUE;
      flVol = 0.1;
if ( !pEntity->IsAlive() ) { m_flNextPrimaryAttack = UTIL_WeaponTimeBase() + 0.25; //LRC: corrected half-life bug return TRUE; } else flVol = 0.1;
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Posted 9 months ago2021-01-13 06:37:17 UTC
in [HELP] Change level error/glitch Post #345212
Stop creating duplicate threads please. You have one issue, please keep it in one thread. I've moved your other post into this thread.
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Posted 10 months ago2020-12-05 01:54:43 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345017
Apparently Sven Co-op has func_vehicle too, can that be allowed?
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Posted 10 months ago2020-11-22 13:28:28 UTC
in Normal Mapping in the Goldsrc Post #344925
Only the r_glow feature uses CG in SOHL, which you probably don't want or need.

If you're using SOHL 1.8 the functionality is disabled by default, you can simply delete glow.cpp from your project and then you can remove the references to cg.lib and cgGL.lib from your project and delete all the cg/gl stuff from your project and your mod won't need to include the cg/cgGL.dll files. For Spirit 1.4/1.5 it's the same, but you also need to remove or comment out these lines in cdll_int.cpp:
// Remove these lines and then delete glow.cpp!
// Also remove cg.lib and cgGL.lib from your linker settings, and remove cg.dll and cgGL.dll from your mod install.

// At the top of the file...
extern void InitScreenGlow(); // FragBait0 - Glow Effect
extern void RenderScreenGlow(); // FragBait0 - Glow Effect

// In HUD_VidInit...
if (CVAR_GET_FLOAT("r_glow") != 0)     //check the cvar for the glow is on.//AJH Modified to include glow mode (1&2)
    InitScreenGlow(); // glow effect --FragBait0

// In HUD_Redraw...
if (CVAR_GET_FLOAT("r_glow") != 0)     //check the cvar for the glow is on.//AJH Modified to include glow mode (1&2)
    RenderScreenGlow(); // glow effect --FragBait0
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This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 11 months ago2020-10-18 23:42:08 UTC
in Half-Life Casual PvP #1 [Video] Post #344780
Please don't advertise on the forums, this is not the appropriate place for it.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-09-20 13:16:58 UTC
in Saving data/states? Post #344728
Yep, you should be able to handle this with globals:

I don't know much about Source, so I don't know how flexible globals are - but at the very least they can store a yes/no value. So for every action that the player can take (or not take) throughout the mod, you store it as a yes/no value with a name against it. And then in the endings, you can load those values and use logic entities to lock/unlock the endings that you want to happen.

Oh- and also, if this is just for a single map (no level transitions) then you can just use math_counter, which can do the counting you described. You can then use logic_compare to fire events if the counter is less/greater/equal to a certain number.

For multiple maps, you could use all of the above - globals to store the variables across level changes, a math_counter to count all the "yes" globals in the ending map(s), and the logic_compare to trigger the appropriate endings.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-09-03 08:04:33 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #344692
Sure, I'll PM you the details. I don't think we plan on fixing any WON issues though, unless they're easy.
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This is possible with globals, see env_global & Tutorial: Globals.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-06-04 10:42:24 UTC
in Competition 39: The Buddy System Post #344360
I've just played the entries, they were all really good! It should be obvious, but remember that using all your 3 votes won't be very useful, so be sure to only vote for 1 or 2 entries :P
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Posted 1 year ago2020-05-19 00:09:03 UTC
in How to create Pak files Post #344232
Maybe that error message is actually important? Instead of assuming the tool is broken and ignoring the message, you should read the error message and think about what it's saying. If it's about file lengths, then you might be trying to add a file with a very long path. PAK supports paths of 55 characters maximum (plus a null terminator). Take a look at the files you're trying to add and see if any are too long.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-04-09 07:43:14 UTC
in Help! Post #344073
You're going to have to give us more info. Why can't you compile, and are you sure there's no errors? Post the latest compile log, and explain what's happening (or what's not happening).
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Posted 1 year ago2020-04-08 10:04:38 UTC
in Help! Post #344051
zhlt.wad is probably in the same folder as the build tools, go into the game profiles > textures section, remove zhlt.wad, and then add it again. Re-save the map first (just in case) and then try the compile again.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-04-08 07:05:43 UTC
in Help! Post #344047
Post your log file here (use pastebin if it is long) so we can see it. Also a screenshot of your compile setup window in JACK (preferences > game profiles > build programs).
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Posted 1 year ago2020-03-11 04:03:44 UTC
in New computer, nothing compiles, pls help Post #343882
I think the problem might be the spaces in the path, you can see it in this part:
** Executing...
** Command: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life SDK\Map Tools\hlcsg.exe
** Parameters: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\TimesEnd\maps\d_portal_hack2"

Unknown option "(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"
Try putting the VHLT tools in a directory without spaces in the path (e.g. D:\VHLT\hlcsg.exe), and then set up Hammer to use those new locations. I'm not 100% sure if it'll fix it, but it should help narrow down the cause a bit more at the very least.
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Posted 1 year ago2020-03-08 11:28:55 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343877
Yes, looks like pcm_s16le, pcm_s24le, and pcm_s32le also work for the audio codec, instead of pcm_u8. The number in the codec gives you the bit depth of the audio. pcm_s64le does not work. For sampling rate, looks like 44khz audio works as well.

So the revised command would be:
ffmpeg.exe -i source_video.mp4 -c:v cinepak -c:a pcm_s32le -vf scale=640:480 -ar 44100 sierra.avi
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Posted 1 year ago2020-03-08 01:26:15 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343874
Potatis is right, at least from what I can tell. Here's (the important parts of) the mediainfo of valve.avi:
Format                                   : Cinepak
Codec ID                                 : cvid
Width                                    : 640 pixels
Height                                   : 480 pixels
Frame rate                               : 15.000 FPS

Format                                   : PCM
Format settings                          : Unsigned
Sampling rate                            : 22.05 kHz
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
I did some testing with ffmpeg and WON HL ( and found:
  • cinepak encoding works (and is incredibly slow to encode, and has terrible compression. 1991 technology at work!)
  • No other encoding I tried works (I tried mpeg1video, mpeg2video, libxvid (xvid), mpeg4 (divx), wmv1 - other formats either don't have encoders available, or didn't exist in 1998)
  • Any resolution works, but it's always rendered in 640x480 so you might as well use that resolution
  • Any framerate works, it doesn't have to be 15 fps
  • Audio is easy: just use pcm_u8
These results will be different if you're not using WON (i.e. Xash, I'm not going to test that but it probably supports more modern codecs).

Given that, here's the ffmpeg command you should use to encode a WON-compatible avi file:
ffmpeg.exe -i source_video.mp4 -c:v cinepak -c:a pcm_u8 -vf scale=640:480 sierra.avi
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Posted 1 year ago2020-02-21 03:58:07 UTC
in Release and Debug, what's the difference? Post #343761
Debug mode won't perform certain optimisations (such as inlining functions), in order to make debugging easier. It also defines the DEBUG and _DEBUG macros which you can use to run code only in debug mode, like so:
#if _DEBUG
    ALERT( at_error, "This code won't run in release mode!\n" );
Release mode is intended for the "final build" of your mod that you release, which will enable performance optimisations and disable the debug-only code or messages.

If you're using the standard unmodified SDK, compiling in release mode doesn't make much of a big difference - but Spirit of Half-Life will do things in debug mode that you definitely don't want in release mode, such as showing sparks above an NPC when they don't have a valid schedule.

As a general rule:
  • Compile in debug mode during development
  • Compile in release mode for test/final release
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Posted 1 year ago2020-01-15 10:30:55 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343621
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Posted 1 year ago2020-01-15 07:55:29 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343619
No, Strider will add the level changes when he does the final compiles of each map.
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You can format code blocks like this, FYI:
code goes here
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I've moved away from using a formal code of conduct because I don't want to change the way people discuss things on TWHL, just to clarify what kind of behaviour is definitely not permitted so the moderators can effectively enforce it. So I'll just be adding the paragraphs from the draft above into the existing rules page, and that's all - nothing more formal than that.

Basically, all that's happening is that the rules are being reformatted a little, with some more detail in some places so it's less ambiguous. Honestly I think you're over-exaggerating the importance of this.

I'll quickly address some of your other topics:
  • The freedom of speech thing is an off-topic political debate, it doesn't apply here.
  • Derogatory insults are very specific words such as racial slurs (e.g. the "n-word"), and not just generic swear words.
  • Personal attacks are specifically towards other members (so someone could insult Trump, for example, and that's ok).
  • If someone said "Your opinion is stupid" in a debate, then they've probably already "lost" the debate since that's an absolutely pathetic response.
Can't we all just talk about video games and other fun things? Debating politics on the internet is an awful experience, and moderating it is even worse.
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I think including "ability" in the list would cover "disability" as well.
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As I have said previously, the intention is not to change the rules, but to clarify them so that moderators can enforce the rules more consistently. That's it. There's no overreaction here, it's something we should have done a long time ago, and this has prompted me to do it.

If you haven't had any trouble with the rules up until now, then nothing changes.

Once again, because people seem to be ignoring this:
  • The rules of the site, as they are enforced, are not changing.
  • We're only changing the wording so they are easier to understand.
  • The purpose of this change is to help moderators do their job.
EDIT: And Stojke, you seem to be misunderstanding. The wording is quite specifically mentioning slurs. These are very specific words that are intended to be harmful to others. These are words that get censored the world around because they don't belong in the community. Using those words on TWHL is not, and never has been, acceptable.
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. The main point of contention has been the definition of "offensive comments". I've looked around for alternate ways to phrase this so that it more clearly represents the intention behind those rules. I think that Mozilla's community guidelines are less ambiguous than the Community Covenant, while still clearly explaining the things we want to avoid.

I don't plan on using all of Mozilla's document - it's very long. Currently our draft document has a 1 page summary, and the full details of the rules are 2 pages. It's still kind of long, but it's not too bad.

Instead of "offensive comments", Mozilla breaks this down into two specific categories:
  • Personal attacks - these are attacks against an individual that are intended to demean or belittle somebody for their beliefs
  • Derogatory language - specifically, these slurs and insults intended to harm individuals or cultures
Here's part of our current draft of the new sections to be added to the rules. They're mostly taken directly from Mozilla's document, with modifications to make it fit into TWHL a bit better.

First, in addition to the current 3 rules (be nice, no piracy, no spam), I would like to add one additional rule, called "be respectful and inclusive". The aim is to include others from other cultures and backgrounds. Mozilla makes it clear that we should try to avoid our own prejudices and discriminatory practices when interacting with the community. It goes on to explain that disagreements and differences of opinion are natural, but they must be approached in a respectful way.
Draft copy of new TWHL rules

Be respectful and inclusive

We all come from many cultures and backgrounds. Cultural differences can encompass everything from official religious observances to personal habits to clothing. Be respectful of people with different cultural practices, attitudes and beliefs. Try to eliminate your own biases, prejudices and discriminatory practices. Think of others’ needs from their point of view. Use preferred titles (including pronouns) and the appropriate tone of speech. Respect people’s right to privacy and confidentiality. Be open to learning from and educating others as well as educating yourself. It’s unrealistic to expect users to know the cultural practices of every ethnic and cultural group, but everyone needs to recognize that acknowledging and respecting cultures outside your own is necessary for positive interactions.

We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. Be open to different possibilities and to being wrong. Be kind in all interactions and communications, especially when debating the merits of different options. Be aware of your impact and how intense interactions may be affecting people. Be direct, constructive and positive. Take responsibility for your impact and your mistakes – if someone says they have been harmed through your words or actions, listen carefully, apologise sincerely, and correct the behavior going forward.
Here's the current draft of some modifications to the "be nice" rule that are relevant. We've made a few changes to this from the Mozilla document. The "personal attacks" section again reiterates that conflicts are natural, but must be handled respectfully without resorting to an attack on the individual. I've reworded "derogatory language" to "derogatory slurs or insults" to try and be very clear that we are talking about words that are designed to maliciously harm people of certain cultures or minorities. There is never an appropriate time to use these words on TWHL. We also have an explanation that accidents will occur, and are not against the rules if the behaviour stops after the user is corrected.
Draft copy of new TWHL rules

Be nice

No personal attacks

Conflicts will inevitably arise, but frustration should never turn into a personal attack. It is not okay to insult, demean or belittle others. Attacking someone for their opinions, beliefs and ideas is not acceptable. If you are unable to express your opinion without an attack on an individual, then you should not post that opinion at all.

No derogatory slurs or insults

Slurs and insults related to background, family status, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, native language, age, ability, race, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, religion, geographic location, or other attributes are not acceptable.

This includes deliberately referring to someone by a gender that they do not identify with, and/or questioning the legitimacy of an individual’s gender identity. If you’re unsure if a word is derogatory, don’t use it. This also includes repeated subtle and/or indirect discrimination; when asked to stop, stop the behavior in question.

We understand that accidents will happen. We will not punish you for unintentionally insulting another person (for instance by using the incorrect pronouns), so long as you politely apologise and correct your mistake. If you feel you have been incorrectly penalised for a misunderstanding, feel free to contact a moderator for discussion.
If you're interested, please have a read of the draft rules above, as I think we've been able to redefine our intentions in a way that's less ambiguous. I would appreciate any feedback.
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Is TWHL an appropriate place to be making fun of anybody? (before you answer: no, it's not)
Things can be discussed about topics without having to demean people. If you can't do that, then don't discuss it. You can mock people elsewhere. I don't want to read it.
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Potatis, I'll take a look around and see if I can find a definition of "offensive comments" that's less subjective. I think the "spirit" of the rule is correct, and it just could be worded in a way that defines the unwanted behaviour in a more obvious way. In the end of comes down to the moderators to make the call on a case-by-case basis, but wording it in a less ambiguous way is always good.
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For point 2, I'm not opposed to just borrowing parts of the "Community Covenant" or any other CoC in order to reach a point where everyone's satisfied. Certain key parts of the "Community Covenant" are very important, but others could potentially be relaxed or left up to moderators' judgement.

We could consider a "trimmed down" TWHL code of conduct, for example:
  • Brief summary (from TWHL's current rules)
  • TWHL's current rules:
    • Be nice (taking into account the below points)
    • No piracy and other illegal activities
    • No spam
  • (maybe?) Expected behaviour (possibly using some parts of Mozilla's guidelines)
  • Examples of unacceptable behaviour (from the "Community Covenant")
    • Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, [....all of this section]
    • Deliberate misgendering and other identity-related harassment
    • Sexual images and attention (virtual hug seems fine to me, backrub maybe not - but would require the user to report it)
    • Stalking, doxxing, and other violations of privacy
    • Threats, intimidation, incitement of violence, suggestions of self-harm
    • Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease
  • Information on reporting (customised for TWHL)
    • Add a note that all user reports are given serious consideration by moderators, even if they don't fall into any of the exact categories above
  • Information on enforcement & consequences (customised for TWHL)
What are your thoughts on something like that? I don't think any of the "unacceptable behaviours" in the above list are controversial.

I think you're right about point 4, I feel that a "virtual hug" is - by default - acceptable. If a user finds that uncomfortable, then I think it's best that they let the other person know first, and ask that they not do it again. If it continues after that, then they can report the problematic person to the moderators and they can step in. That kind of info should be explained in the "reporting" section of the CoC.

I don't want to create an environment where nobody is allowed to discuss anything. The key here is to make sure everyone can have a positive experience with the community, and that moderators know how to enforce the rules consistently.
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Hi all, after a recent incident on the Discord server, I've realised that we don't have a formal code of conduct for the TWHL community and that makes it difficult for moderators to effectively do their jobs, and it causes difficulty with users not knowing exactly what the expectations of the moderators are. Our Site Rules page is a good start, but in the last few years people have discovered that something more formal and enforceable makes communities better. It's past time for TWHL to do better in this space as well.

Here's a page with a lot of different code of conducts to choose from:
I'm currently thinking that the "Community Covenant" seems good, which you can read here:

I also like the IndieWeb code of conduct tl;dr paragraph, which I think would be good to add to the rules page:
Be respectful of other people, respectfully ask people to stop if you are bothered, and if you can't resolve an issue, contact staff. If you are being a problem, it will be apparent and you'll be asked to leave.
Does anyone have any experience with code of conducts in other communities? I'd really like to get input from other community members and moderators on this. Feel free to reply to the thread, respond in Discord, or contact me privately via a TWHL message, at Discord @LogicAndTrick#5337 or email me at

To be clear, adopting a code of conduct will happen, this is not optional - but I'm open to suggestions of which to adopt and anything else that might be related. This is not about changing the rules of TWHL - it's about making those rules clear.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-11-20 13:11:37 UTC
in [release] Half-Life DM GOLD Map Megapack v1.1 Post #343367
It's all based on JS, so you've probably not enabled the right thing.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-11-17 11:41:30 UTC
in [release] Half-Life DM GOLD Map Megapack v1.1 Post #343364
I miss the preview button... and formatting help.
They haven't gone anywhere:
User posted image
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Posted 1 year ago2019-11-06 01:29:03 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343316
@Jackathan: Yep, team entries are allowed.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-10-21 10:00:27 UTC
in Hammer Editor problems... Post #343242
No need to sift, the settings for VHE3 are found in the registry, in:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Valve Hammer Editor\General
You can delete the TextureFile[Number] keys to remove WAD files without opening Hammer.
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The 3.5 beta was posted on VERC only - it's a build from Valve, but they never "finished" the release so it's not included in the official SDK. See the page on our VERC mirror at VERC: Hammer Beta, which is the closest you could get to an "official" download now that VERC is offline.
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Posted 2 years ago2019-08-01 08:15:32 UTC
in What's new for HL1 in 2019? Post #342945
Welcome! The Tools and Resources page should have everything you need to know.
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Posted 2 years ago2019-07-16 22:11:40 UTC
in HL2x Custom Maps Post #342869
What in the world is with that Chinese spyware-looking fake GitHub you linked? You might want to do a virus scan or something on your PC if you're getting that instead of proper GitHub - I fixed your link to point to the real one.

Anyway, that's a .NET project, just install VS community edition (make sure .NET tools are selected when you install) and build the project. The app will be in the bin/Debug folder.

Also this should probably be a journal post rather than a thread.
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Posted 2 years ago2019-07-04 13:17:13 UTC
in Current Tools for Mapping Post #342836
I updated the Tools and Resources wiki page quite recently, it should have everything you need!
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