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Point Entity

This entity can activate several different events (including itself) at specific times.





Commented 11 years ago2008-05-28 02:43:39 UTC Comment #101112
Multi_managers and looping note:

If your using an MM as a continuous loop (by having the MM call itself at the end of it's routine), it will only loop if you have the "multithreaded" flag checked!
Commented 11 years ago2009-02-24 09:41:18 UTC Comment #101113
"Maximum of 16 individual targets. "

More like 8, to keep it safe. Check out this thread for more info! = )
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-14 20:31:33 UTC Comment #101114
Pay attention to the "Game crash" warning as it is the usual case of map crashes when using this technique.

Also don't forget to make the start time 0.1 and not 0, as 0 can cause the map to crash and/or other game bugs.
That said, when deactivating something, lets say:

00laser1 0.1
00laser1#1 2.1
00laser1#2 ??

Do NOT start it after it is deactivated (00laser1#2 2.1), give it 0.1 seconds freeze time (or more if you need it):

00laser1 0.1
00laser1#1 2.1
00laser1#2 2.2

And remember not to use long entity names, for example (i use):

0lsrmm (Laser control multi manager)
0expmm (Explosion control multi manager)
Commented 2 years ago2017-11-22 23:31:59 UTC Comment #101115
Proper looping:

Proper looping is done with an env_beam repeatedly shooting through a func_button with health = 1. info_targets must sandwich the button. The button activates the multi.

The env_beam must have damage set to >=1. Change Strike again time to set the loop frequency.

Note: You'll lose the activator (current player) reference.

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