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Well I was thinking of just starting the story myself but alright I can wait for 'family crap'
Posted 6 days ago2020-10-24 23:50:39 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #344799
that was pretty good

That keyboard typing sound in the background was a bit distracting though, it was like your were writing the script as you were reading it haha

cos op4 rulz
Posted 4 months ago2020-06-24 02:29:19 UTC
in Good old Counter Strike 1.6 maps Post #344457
The only CS map worth playing that we can never play: cs_canbunk
Posted 4 months ago2020-06-01 12:56:28 UTC
in Gaming For Your Sins Post #344347
Yeah it will be good to see this stuff, I'm always interested to see other peoples methods in how they produce HL maps. Keep it up!
Posted 6 months ago2020-04-13 23:31:24 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #344102
Hometown: One of the worst towns in Michigan, Snover
Was always curious how you ended up in Greenland then (as per your profile) of all places
Posted 7 months ago2020-03-30 06:15:34 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343992
Dancing is a violating of human rights
Not voting for you at the next town council elections, Reverend Shaw >:(

(that's a Footloose joke for those that don't know)
Posted 7 months ago2020-03-28 03:11:08 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343973
Oh yeah one of these rocks around ever few years...

About You

Name: Not telling :P
Age: 28
Hometown: An island on the southern part of Australia
Relationships: No GF since 2014, homeboi!
Occupation: UX Designer for a software company
Current goal(s): To live in a house with many books, vinyl records and art. To watch the sun set over it all and be at peace.
Politics: Central. Anti far left, anti far right, anti identity politics.
Religion: Christian. Faith in what is transcendent is profound and deeply personal and goes far beyond the "ancient storybook/invisible sky monster etc" cliche people use.

Favourite Things

Food: I've recently been a big fan of Eastern European dishes, thanks for Life of Boris off YouTube.
Hot drink: Nice cup of tea... Nice cup of coffee. Black or white, whatever.
Cold drink: Nothing specific comes to mind.
Books: Heart of Darkness, Brave New World, Stoner (NB 'Stoner' is the name of the character :P), Clockwork Orange, Catcher in the Rye. Really like but haven't finished yet: The Odyssey, The Gulag Archipelago.
Movies: No Country for Old Men, Apocalypse Now (both which helped me understand life), Taxi Driver, The Thing, Pulp Fiction, The Thin Red Line, Romper Stomper, Mad Max, Kill Bill (well, most Tarantino films really)
Videogames: Mafia 1 is a personal fave for storytelling, Fallout 2, Interstate 76, HL, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Far Cry 2, The Sims, Rome Total War, Morrowind. Had a lot of fun with PUBG last few years.
Music: Used to listen to tons of hardcore punk (ie. Black Flag) but recently more synthwave and some fuzz rock (Truckfighters go off). Reggae for cooking music. Surf music for atmosphere. Big Jimi Hendrix fan too.
Other: Other favorite things? Hey you should check out the Beastie Boys play Sabotage on David Letterman. Its on YouTube, pretty cool. Or otherwise theres Santana playing Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock (also on YouTube), what a jam.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Coriander. Tastes like dish washing liquid (did you know dislike of coriander is due to genetics?).
Hot drink: When you make a black coffee and put like 5 sugars in it.
Cold drink: Grape fanta and sarsaparilla
Snacks: Pass
Movies: Any generic superhero movie that's released these days...
Videogames: The ship mission off Solider of Fortune 2.
Music: Pink Floyd and The Eagles. Rush is overrated too.
Other: Pass again
Too bad someone wont revive They Hunger: Lost Souls!
Posted 10 months ago2019-12-26 04:57:59 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343506
1. create a rough 'office' map you don't end up polishing because you're distracted over some life events at the time
2. slap down a heap of 'trigger_multiples' on some 'scripted sentences'
3. send 'finished' map to urby and have him fix the door trigger that you couldn't figure out

Behold, a meme is born.

Funnily enough, there was a floating scientist gimmick behind the window in the map that I don't think people actually noticed when they entered the room.
Posted 10 months ago2019-12-20 10:22:55 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343494
Because literally everywhere else relating to Half-Life these days isn't enough for you? :lol:
Heck even I was surprised how much of a meme it became!
Posted 10 months ago2019-12-18 10:01:40 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343478
I probably wont participate but I hope a reference to my status reporting level ends up on there somewhere ;)
Posted 10 months ago2019-12-13 10:07:49 UTC
in Hidden gems / Underrated games? Post #343459

A realistic car combat game set in the 70s where you cruise muscle cars along desert highways during an oil crisis

And if that isn't enough:
  • Funky OST
  • a key on the keyboard makes one of the NPC's do beat poetry over the CB radio
And it was released in 1997! BEAST OF A GAME!
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-18 12:07:41 UTC
in E3 2019 Post #342750
the only thing I associate with E3 is the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 trailer. Ahh a man can dream at least hey.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-05 09:47:00 UTC
in More mods that never were... Post #342153
Its just like the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 trailer - you'll never get the full play experience but at least there's some assets and stories to tell
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-05 08:49:08 UTC
in More mods that never were... Post #342150
pretty keen to hear someone tell ye old fable of Hostage Situation here (that is, if anyone worked on it is still here)
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Posted 1 year ago2018-11-21 11:17:27 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #341288
Played a cool WAD for Doom recently - Ashes 2063. Very cool retro scifi post apoc
Posted 1 year ago2018-11-08 04:41:23 UTC
in Got better Post #341217
I assume re-installing hammer would replace any missing files? thats what I'd try
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-09 06:29:55 UTC
in (Release) Half-Life: Echoes Post #340823
saw this review on the mod recently from one of my favorite YouTubers:
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-29 09:03:25 UTC
in Gaming Rage Post #340729
I think masculine traits are very positive and can be used to counterract evil, internally and externally.
Someones been listening to the Peterson!

Masculinity is not 'toxic' and I wish people would stop saying that. Femininity is also not 'bad'. They are both wonderful things and compliment each other.

The issue is is that men need to be taught how to properly harness their masculinity and use it positively. Guys need role models and unfortunately not everyone has that in their life to guide them. Jordan Peterson has turned a lot of guys around through by his words and is the perfect example as that kind of role model.
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-17 11:54:08 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340574
hey now jeffy, hold your horses just one minute what I meant was while the plant models may be in game files I don't recall anywhere in the HL campaign where they show up (but then again I havn't played the SP campaign in a long time so I could be wrong)
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-16 23:50:44 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340570
Golly gosh urby I dont recall there being square pot plants in original HL campaign you rebel
Posted 2 years ago2018-07-30 23:16:26 UTC
in Half-Life : Catastrophe Post #340337
Hey cool is this for regular HL or Opposing Force?
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-15 02:36:55 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339919
Yep, well these are just suggestions you could experiment with to see how can you hone the visual side of it. The blue is still a good colour, but I find trying to contrast blue and orange a little tricky in a pallete. You could try a different shade of blue, such as the "update preview" button colour maybe... But saying that, the blue does work pretty good on the smaller text links I think.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-14 11:06:04 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339917
Some CSS suggestions I had a play around with in the console. Mainly try and keep consistent with the orange, make sure border colours are the same. I still think the heading text should be smaller too :P
On the main page I'd probably have map vault after the forum too. Had some ideas on layout changes I might pass through later on if I get a chance.
User posted image
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-13 10:01:09 UTC
in E3 2018 Post #339907
I really don't see the big deal with developers trying something new.

I think Bethesda did a really good job of transferring a game world from overhead 2D to first person 3D ( F3 or NV and maybe 4 too (havn't played it) are really good games) but so much was lost in that process. F1 and 2 had a very bleak and often brutal atmosphere to it. Just a sense of hopelessness. Even the music had this weird neo/primitive/industrial tone to it.

There were things in the Bethesda Fallout games like the pre-war slapstick undertone and music, the over saturation of stuff like Nuka-cola, the patriotic themes, the "cash register" sound effect when you find new location... That wasn't "fallout" to me. While plenty of that stuff was in the originals most of it sat subtle in the background whereas Bethesda took a lot of that stuff and amped it up way too much. A lot of people started on the franchise at F3, which is understandable but they didn't have any expectations from the older titles.

Like Satch says, went into Doom 3 after playing the originals and was disappointing. I didn't play a whole lot of the originals before I played Doom 3 so I went in fresh and as a result, I LOVE Doom 3 but maybe because I didn't have any expectations from older titles?
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-12 10:43:38 UTC
in E3 2018 Post #339893
How I felt after hearing Fallout 76 was announced and continue to witness a franchise I cherished from Fallout 1 and 2 become more and more warped with each installment, a changed animal from the love I first remembered, slipping through my fingers:
User posted image
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-11 07:04:49 UTC
in The Hype-o-matic (Upcoming games) Post #339886
Post Scriptum. Get that hardcore WW2 sim! (when its released)
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-06 11:48:17 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339823
I'd probably change the h1 tags in your _headings.scss to 18px because they're quite big (or maybe try a h3 tag?)

The 'see all' button I wouldn't have as white/blue because its not a very good contrast against the orange theme (maybe have the background as a darker orange, #a57022, foreground #fff and get rid of the border. Maybe hover background a darker orange again?)

I could do a review and make a list of css changes I think would be good, if you like PB but I don't want to rain on your parade either if you've deliberately set it like this, so just say :P
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Posted 2 years ago2018-05-20 22:29:49 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339674
I called it in the 6th post of this thread.
Posted 2 years ago2018-05-17 23:20:38 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339647

But going Unforeseen Consequences.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 2 years ago2018-05-02 22:11:34 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339481
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-30 00:08:49 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339457
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-26 22:14:23 UTC
in Model compile problem Post #339444
If someone knows the name of the person who made the model tell me so i can give the correct credits.
Pretty sure this model is from the Azure Sheep mod
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-20 08:40:38 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339393
yep Anomalous Materials.

All that little interactivity!
Turn the lights off on the scientists and they get upset with you, how good was that for 1998
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-19 07:58:52 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339374
hmmm On a Rail? But only just
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-19 07:48:18 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #339373
Yep just dumbing down. Not every homeboy could talk their way out of New Reno alive in F2.

Mind you, I never played F4 but it seemed like a real departure from 3 and NV, and those games were depature enough from 1 and 2
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-17 05:50:15 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339343
ST of course
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-16 07:51:38 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339334
Hmmm thats a tricky one.

We've Got Hostiles was awesome because things ramp up when I didn't think they would after Office Complex and seeing the army guys for the first time created a whole new dimension to the game. Little things like hearing the vocal announcer explain the military has taken over the systems... awesome!

But. I'm going Unforeseen Consequences.
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-14 05:24:05 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339322
Ya I'll go BM Inbound "Please keep all limbs inside the train at all times"

Not sure what the designer's idea was behind Gonarch was, but its voice sounds were pretty freaky, as well as the music track that played.
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-13 12:45:09 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339306
Not to be that guy, but I believe that it's "Nice hit"
oh now it makes sense! Well anyway, even if its 'nice hit' I still think 'I see it' was kinda cryptic and cool
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-13 08:01:30 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339302
thats a tricky one.

Apprehension had the super scary bit where you walked over those breaking platforms over the water while the sea monsters wanted to nom you up...
And the first fight between the assassins which ended with:

"Get him"
"heh heh.... I see it"

But yeah going QE but only just.
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-11 00:10:04 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339285

The dam, the tank battles, the alien/grunt crossfires, the headcrabs hiding in the sand, the garg at the end with the mortar controls, the cliff face bit, the snipers

how isnt it the best!
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-10 08:29:51 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339276
yaya Res Processing.

Nothing like having all your weapons taken away mid game and starting over - shook things up a bit.
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-09 02:19:18 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339260
Anomalous Materials, even just for the microwave interaction alone.
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-08 06:56:28 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339246
On a Rail is where its at cos Barney died in Blast Pit and you couldnt save him even after he gave good advice on sneaking.

But that end bit of BP where you jump into the tunnels was pretty trippy but Rail still wins for me
Posted 2 years ago2018-04-07 07:45:41 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339235
Forget About Freeman, the story telling of seeing from the Marines how they were failing in their operation was done really well, especially after the chaos of Surface Tension. Also because this chapter conveys this theme in overlapping into the early chapters of Opposing Force too, which was done really well.