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The best thing about the mod is actually how you move around. You start with long jump (ctrl+space). You can also throw yourself forward by pressing the scroll wheel (mouse3). And you can combine the two for a very long double jump. If you want to go really far, fire your minigun in the ground and jump and you will fly. Being able to move around so quickly without difficulty is what makes it one of my favourite multiplayer games
1) Download
2) Install it in the Half-Life folder:
User posted image
3) Restart Steam
4) Find it in your Steam library under the name "Half-Life 2 Jaykin' Bacon: Source (5.4 Beta)"
5) Start a server
6) Have fun!
7) I am sometimes unable to start a server. Restarting the game seems to make it work, but if it doesn't:
8) Start a singleplayer game
9) sv_cheats 1; map c3a1a; impulse 101
10) At least you can try out the weapons
Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source is a wonderful Half-Life 1 mod with plenty of wacky weapons such as the finger gun and the knife with a scope
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-11-18 17:10:39 UTC
in Uss darkstar? Post #347099
Hi and welcome! It doesn't look like it mentions the developer anywhere, which is suspicious. USS Dark Star was made by Black Widow Games. It also looks like they just took the Opposing Force CD and case cover and changed it from green to blue and put the CD key on the CD instead of on the back of a manual. I don't think it was produced by Sierra, Valve, or Black Widow Games, I think it was just made by a fan or someone looking to make money
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-11-17 17:21:51 UTC
in Help with modding (first time) Post #347096
What exact error message do you get in the console?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-11-14 18:45:47 UTC
in Help with modding (first time) Post #347088
The multiplayer maps? Or SP? How do you try to load the maps (New Game, Create Server, console, or command-line parameter)? What does the folder structure look like? Are you launching the mod from the game list in Steam?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-11-11 20:11:30 UTC
in how to make a npc teleport Post #347078
There are example maps in the vault and tutorials in the wiki
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-11-10 19:42:38 UTC
in Help with modding (first time) Post #347075
The multiplayer maps? Or SP? How do you try to load the maps? What does the folder structure look like? Are you launching the mod from the game list in Steam? Some info please
Do I have to include the mods folder
You don't have to do anything. But you should include the mod folder with your mod, the same way you should give someone a cup if you are trying to give them a cup of tea. If you just pour it into the air you'll have tea on the floor and they'll have to find their own cup and try to fill it with the floor tea and that can't be fun, can it? What are you trying to make? I assume it's not floor tea?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-11-09 17:59:48 UTC
in G-Life ready to release! Post #347070
Do you have some screenshots or something?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-11-09 16:25:31 UTC
in Help with modding (first time) Post #347068
Just a liblist.gam, the files you modify, and any new files you want to add
Posted 4 weeks ago2022-11-09 00:22:51 UTC
in Barney Reload stucks and does not fire Post #347066
Good to hear πŸ™‚
Posted 4 weeks ago2022-11-09 00:20:14 UTC
in Can anyone explain whats happening Post #347065
This isn't an explanation, I am on my phone so it's hard to see, but: Carving often breaks geometry and is best avoided. I suggest deleting the brushes in that area and remaking it using vertex manipulation
Tutorial: Vertex Manipulation Intro

And remember to frequently take backups of your RMF or JMF to prevent loss of work when things go really wrong
Posted 4 weeks ago2022-11-09 00:13:31 UTC
in Help with modding (first time) Post #347064
Hi! You put your files in a separate folder inside the Half-Life folder, and create a liblist.gam file and a maps folder, models folder and whatever else you want to mod and then you restart Steam so the mod will show up in the games list. See Tutorial: Setting up a Mod: Part 1 - Custom Game feature

There is an example mod here:
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #4249
Posted 1 month ago2022-10-16 21:09:08 UTC
in Wiki enhancment thread Post #346973
It's a lot of work, that's all. The work Dan does on this site is unpaid, so let's keep our expectations and sarcasm in check.
Posted 1 month ago2022-10-16 21:01:44 UTC
in how would i mute the HEV logon in J.A.C.K Post #346972
If you are just making a Half-Life map meant to be placed in Half-Life/valve/maps, I don't think it's possible. If you are making a mod (you have your own folder with a liblist.gam), you can copy over sentences.txt and edit !HEV_AAx (the full startup) or !HEV_A0 (short version)
Posted 2 months ago2022-10-04 10:39:02 UTC
in Wiki enhancment thread Post #346932
I think the lists of attributes and flags in the entity guide are mostly based off of the official FGDs. Which is unfortunate because the FGDs are far from accurate. For example the "Not In Deathmatch" flag actually works on any entity regardless of game or mod, so it should probably be included in every entity page? But does it make sense to include a description of it on every page, when we might want to update that description some day?

Multiple licenses

Multiple licenses for art and software is pretty common: you should be able to use it under whichever of the licenses you prefer. Often readme files or the descriptions say something like "use it however you like but please credit me" and that can be legally binding, too. When in doubt you can always write and ask, they are probably just happy to hear that there is interest in their creations.

TWHL's Vault

I would have liked if "all rights reserved" was not the default on TWHL: I would have preferred if there was no default. The legal implications should be the same whether it says "all rights reserved" or just nothing at all, since copyright at least in many countries does not require any notice (the absence of a license is not a permission to distribute), but the social implications are different:

If someone made the effort to actively choose "all rights reserved" they really do not want anyone to use their stuff so you do not bother them about it.

If someone simply did not make a choice, it is not a bad idea to ask them for permission to use their work.

I believe that many modders have little interest in or knowledge of licensing or copyright but are happy to share when asked.
Posted 2 months ago2022-09-20 17:18:05 UTC
in Mod_NumForName: *155 Post #346892
Hi! Are you using custom DLLs? If so, try without them. If that doesn't help, start removing every object from your maps until you have only the spawn points, level transitions, and simple rooms. That should narrow down the cause of the problem
Hi! The photo is was not available because "Для Ρ‚ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ, Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎΠ±Ρ‹ это ΡΠ΄Π΅Π»Π°Ρ‚ΡŒ, Π½ΡƒΠΆΠ½ΠΎ сначала Π²ΠΎΠΉΡ‚ΠΈ Π½Π° Ρ„ΠΎΡ€ΡƒΠΌ" which I think means attachments are only available when you are logged in to that website. I suggest using instead

Unlike the digits, the colon is not drawn from a 640hud sprite file, I suspect it's instead drawn entirely programmatically or from a font. Do you have recorded demo files? If you do, you can play back the demo twice, once with hud_draw 0 to hide the colon, and once with hud_draw 1 to capture the kill feed. Then using a video editor, you can combine the bottom half of the first capture and the top half of the second capture. Does that make sense?
Posted 3 months ago2022-09-06 12:26:19 UTC
in Strange visual glitch Post #346857
Hi and welcome. I think you should try the map on another computer. These kinds of graphical glitches are sometimes caused by faulty hardware (RAM or graphics card)
Posted 3 months ago2022-09-04 14:36:14 UTC
in Player speed limit? Post #346852
Lower sv_maxspeed. If you ever want the player to go faster instead, you will need to increase sv_maxspeed, cl_forwardspeed, cl_sidespeed, and cl_backspeed
Posted 3 months ago2022-08-07 12:05:20 UTC
in How to get RGB value of top color? Post #346765
Did this work for you, Jack?
Posted 4 months ago2022-07-26 20:30:51 UTC
in Here, have a Minecraft server Post #346755
If I see the image, what does that mean?
That you are using a different browser or a browser with different settings than I. On Android, the image isn't displayed in Chrome v103 or Firefox Focus v102, but regular Firefox v102 displays the image (but with a security warning in the address bar - the red line over the lock icon). It's been a trend that the major browser vendors keep tightening the restrictions around unencrypted content and I believe Chrome is the strictest.
Do I need to get a SSL cert to enable HTTPS?
If you are using a traditional web hosting service they can almost certainly take care of creating and renewing a cert for you (it's usually included for free these days though the rare small web host might charge you for it even though it almost doesn't cost them anything and is almost necessary these days). If not, or if you have your own server or are using a VPS, yes, you'll need a SSL/TLS cert, and you can get one for free from Let's Encrypt (it can be a little bit tricky to set up).
Posted 4 months ago2022-07-25 06:32:37 UTC
in Here, have a Minecraft server Post #346751
Mad Carrot, your image doesn't show because TWHL uses HTTPS but your website uses unencrypted HTTP.

These days most web hosts offer free HTTPS and you might just have to flip a switch. It would also improve your site's ranking in search engines.

I would join the server, I had fun the last time. Unfortunately Minecraft is too addictive for me 😌
Posted 4 months ago2022-07-17 15:17:42 UTC
in How to get RGB value of top color? Post #346733
Do you mean the one you choose with the top slider when you choose player model?
User posted image
I think this should give you that color. Call getLocalPlayerTopColorRgb(), you'll find the red in the return value's [0], green in [1], and blue in [2]. I have not tested any of this code. But it works in my head :D

#include "cl_dll.h"
#include "com_model.h"
#include "r_studioint.h"

#include <array>

extern engine_studio_api_t IEngineStudio;

typedef std::array<unsigned char, 3> rgb_color;

// Converts hue (in degrees) to 8bpc linear RGB, with 100% saturation and brightness
constexpr rgb_color hueToRgb(int hue) {
	rgb_color result{};

	if (hue < 0 || hue >= 360) { // Out of range, make it red
		hue = 0;
	const int cycleProgress = hue % 120;
	const int channelA = hue / 120;
	const int channelB = (channelA + 1) % result.size();
	if (cycleProgress < 60) {
		// If hue is between   0 and  59 inclusive, channelA is 0. The result is between #FF0000 and #FFFA00 inclusive
		// If hue is between 120 and 179 inclusive, channelA is 1. The result is between #00FF00 and #00FFFA inclusive
		// If hue is between 240 and 299 inclusive, channelA is 2. The result is between #0000FF and #FA00FF inclusive
		result[channelA] = 255;
		result[channelB] = (unsigned char) ((cycleProgress * 255) / 60);
	} else {
		// If hue is between  60 and 119 inclusive, channelA is 0. The result is between #FFFF00 and #04FF00 inclusive
		// If hue is between 180 and 239 inclusive, channelA is 1. The result is between #00FFFF and #0004FF inclusive
		// If hue is between 300 and 359 inclusive, channelA is 2. The result is between #FF00FF and #FF0004 inclusive
		result[channelA] = (unsigned char) (((120 - cycleProgress) * 255) / 60);
		result[channelB] = 255;
	return result;

rgb_color getPlayerTopColorRgb(int playerIndex) {
	rgb_color result { 255, 255, 255 };

	if (playerIndex >= 0 && playerIndex < gEngfuncs.GetMaxClients())
		const player_info_t * const playerInfo = IEngineStudio.PlayerInfo(playerIndex);
		if (playerInfo) {
			const int topColorHue = playerInfo->topcolor;
			result = hueToRgb(topColorHue);

	return result;

rgb_color getLocalPlayerTopColorRgb() {
	rgb_color result { 255, 255, 255 };

	const cl_entity_t * const localPlayer = gEngfuncs.GetLocalPlayer();
	if (localPlayer) {
		const int playerEntityIndex = localPlayer->index;
		const int playerIndex = playerEntityIndex - 1;
		result = getPlayerTopColorRgb(playerIndex);

	return result;

Posted 4 months ago2022-07-16 18:49:11 UTC
in How to get RGB value of top color? Post #346718
You'll need a custom DLL. Know any programming? If you do, check out Half-Life Programming - Getting Started and then Tutorial: Customising the HUD colour (ignore the part "For this tutorial you will need" of that tutorial, you don't need those specific versions)
Posted 4 months ago2022-07-16 16:26:10 UTC
in How to get RGB value of top color? Post #346715
By UI do you mean the in-game HUD, or the main menu, or menus like the green "New Game", "Create Game", "Load", or "Options" menus?
Posted 5 months ago2022-06-28 00:39:56 UTC
in How does monster_human_grunt works on OP4? Post #346669
Sounds like they're not very useful. Perhaps they were left in the game but unused or only used in scripted sequences? You could check the official maps to see if and how they are meant to be used
Posted 5 months ago2022-06-14 15:30:53 UTC
in func_door_rotating doesn't work for me. Post #346634
I suggest having a look at one of the door tutorials and maybe downloading one of the attached example maps. If you still can't figure it out, upload your map in the vault so we can have a look at it
Posted 5 months ago2022-06-11 10:57:07 UTC
in Weaponbox entitie not working at all Post #346623
Hi there! Your links are not working, they go to
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
The attribute "Pitch Yaw Roll"
Posted 7 months ago2022-05-04 15:58:28 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346493
Get out! Both of you must have put an incredible amount of effort into those! I cannot wait to try them! Caldera reminds me of the old Tony Hawk's games for some reason
Here's the code with all the words:
I hope seeing it doesn't spoil the fun
Hi! Are there any warnings or error messages in the compile log?

Have a look at the wiki category:Error_Guides or Tommy14's error guide
It seems that way. The wiki articles on entities follow the FGD too closely sometimes (another example is that many entities' articles lack "Not In Deathmatch (2048)" even though that flag probably works for all entities), might explain why this was included. I am removing it from the article.
Hi! We have some great tutorials in the wiki I recommend checking out. Most of them assume you use Hammer but you should be able to follow the instructions in JACK too I believe.

category:Goldsource Tutorials
category:Archived Articles

We usually ask for help with our mapping and modding problems in the HL Engine Discussion or Source Engine Discussion forums. Good luck with your map, Jamie!
You can't. If you used more than 256 colors and you need a 256-color palette you are going to lose quality, there is no way around that unfortunately (except perhaps by using lots of 16x16 pixel textures instead but that would require more than a simple texture swap).

What you can do is use another editor that does a better job, but you will still loose some quality - that's what we get for still modding these old games. Try GIMP or perhaps Photoshop.
Posted 8 months ago2022-03-28 01:11:39 UTC
in Shiny missing texture? Post #346375
Try verifying file integrity through Steam. Maybe the texture file is corrupted
Posted 8 months ago2022-03-22 14:02:06 UTC
in Need help with da code error Post #346355
Hi. What does ComplainAboutLowAmmo look like?
Posted 8 months ago2022-03-08 15:49:10 UTC
in Need help with custom weapon (sawed-off) Post #346333
Hi there! You could take a look at how other mods have done this. This site has a list of open source mods: It looks like Half-Rats Parasomnia has a double-barrelled shotgun.

You might find the article Weapons Programming - High-Level Overview helpful. A lot of other articles on weapons programming for Half-Life are outdated.

As for the model I would again suggest taking a look at existing work.

Come to think of it, Deathmatch Classic has a double-barrelled shotgun you could take a look at
Posted 9 months ago2022-03-03 07:43:48 UTC
in HL1 Crossfire map Post #346310
You could try it in Hammer first
Posted 9 months ago2022-03-01 17:06:58 UTC
in HL1 Crossfire map Post #346306
I've had a quick look in the code, and env_explosion, trigger_hurt, and func_breakable don't seem to keep track of who triggered them so you can't use those to kill the players unfortunately. But it looks like func_mortar_field does? I've never used it. Perhaps you can have the button target a trigger_relay targeting a func_mortar_field? Try and see if it works?
Posted 9 months ago2022-02-25 21:12:18 UTC
in compile crash 512 textures Post #346296
I don't know, but I would try using the updated studiomdl.exe that's included in Sven Co-op's SDK (you can find it in your Steam library in the Tools category). And maybe a different decompiler?
Update CHalfLifeMultiplay::PlayerRelationship too. If you have it return GR_TEAMMATE you'll be able to see your friends' health and armour amounts, just like when you play HLDM in teams.

Also, move/copy CHalfLifeTeamplay's ShouldAutoAim implementation into CHalfLifeMultiplay if you don't want auto-aim to target your friends when you have the cvar sv_aim set to 1.
Posted 10 months ago2022-01-15 21:09:06 UTC
in The Crystal Mission a Sven-coop campaign Post #346201
It looks great! I'll be keeping an eye out for crystal_mission in Sven Co-op's server list. If you want to you can post it in TWHL's Map Vault (you can use an external download link if you don't want to re-upload here every time you release an update). What editor did you use? The outdoor parts would be painful to make in Hammer
Posted 11 months ago2021-12-22 14:49:07 UTC
in Custom character model not showing up in game Post #346153
Hi! If you change sentences.txt, the people who play your map will need to change theirs too, and if they then go on to install other custom maps that also change sentences.txt, your map will break. So it's usually not a good idea to change it for a custom map. But if you make a mod folder for your map, that's not a problem, you can replace anything, including scientist.mdl.
Nice. This must have taken a lot of work.
Posted 1 year ago2021-09-23 15:01:54 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #345956
I feel like playing this weekend. Anyone else? Saturday, Sunday?