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Extended 2 weeks! New due date is January 17th.
Yeah, we can't prove it. It's against the spirit of the competition.
That's not really in the spirit of this competition, correct. If and when we ever get a playtest server together, you could ask for your map to be included so it gets some playtesting and exposure but it wouldn't be eligible for the competition, sorry.
Nope, you're fine just using the fgd that came with JACK. There were some limits increased with the 25th Anniversary update but they weren't directly mapping-related limits for the most part.
Here's the place to discuss, ask questions, or show off your work-in-progress screenshots for the Vanilla HLDM Competition celebrating Half-Life's 25th Anniversary!

The prizes are serious this time, it's my last available copy of Raising the Bar that'll be shipped to the winner. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Posted 10 months ago2023-08-27 22:01:23 UTC
in Train with doors and windows Post #347799
No you can't do this in Goldsource in general.

There are some tricks you can do, like having the train be stationary and have the station move until stopping. Then have a map change to a new map where both station & train are world brushes, and have a func_door or func_train open for the train's door.
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-30 23:03:47 UTC
in eXperiment HL horror mod Post #347140
Nice! As an American, I was confused for just a second haha.
This line right here: Are you sure you included zhlt.wad in your wadpath list?

SKIP is a tool texture and is in zhlt.wad (comes with JACK). Add that to your game configuration in JACK and you'll be good to go (and get access to a lot of other useful tool textures).
Posted 2 years ago2022-01-02 17:37:18 UTC
in trigger_changelevel not working Post #346179
Map 2 also needs a trigger_changelevel pointing to map 1. Even if it's a one-way transition, in which case check the Use Only flag.

Posted 2 years ago2021-09-22 22:34:20 UTC
in This Door Won't Open!!! Post #345952
Don't name the door, that locks it.
Posted 2 years ago2021-08-07 16:30:20 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #345862
OK other suggestions, mostly maps I like but never got to actually play in. No offense taken if any are vetoed. :cool:

dm_perthowned of course (not sure about performance)
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6391
Torrent -
User posted image
Odin's Guard -
User posted image
Chum -
(maybe a little too small? - good for 2-6 according to readme)
User posted image
Posted 3 years ago2021-07-11 02:14:21 UTC
in map not loading properly Post #345765
You can use a trigger_transition to control what entities transfer with you across a level change.

If the game is crashing when the 2nd map is loaded, it's likely a problem with the map itself (e.g. referring to a sound or model that isn't present). Are there any warnings or errors compiling map 2?
Posted 3 years ago2021-07-10 21:50:06 UTC
in map not loading properly Post #345763
We can't tell what's wrong, the compile log looks like it's compiling fine. You need a particular setup in both maps for a changelevel - see

Do you have a single info_player_start in the map?
You can either replace 640hud4 and 640hud5 sprites with custom ones, or just create your custom sprite(s) and modify hud.txt in the sprites folder to point to your new ones.
Posted 3 years ago2021-03-28 04:29:22 UTC
in Light Appearance Problem Post #345483
A light can't have both a name and a preset appearance, one or the other. You can however give it a name and a custom appearance.
Posted 3 years ago2021-01-18 04:05:59 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345239

I reverted your crowbar change in my code though. :cool:
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-22 22:39:02 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345098
fy_splash download is 404 :(
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-18 03:31:28 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345084
Meager map added to the vault.
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Posted 3 years ago2020-12-18 01:59:20 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345082
Had to go with generic HL rockets, as usual my brain was bigger than my time to create what I originally conceived.
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-17 02:05:24 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345076
Too bad, my func_vehicles are literally all rockets
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-16 22:33:23 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345074
Ah so it wouldn't work on anything that needs to rotate around its own origin brush.
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-16 18:46:45 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345072
But how do you set its position to be the thrust end of the rocket?
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-05 17:10:26 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345026
I grabbed the Jack one, seems to be fine so far.

Funny how this semi-compo coincides with 7dfps:
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-05 15:22:36 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345023
Posted 3 years ago2020-12-05 01:48:27 UTC
in FUNC_VEHICLE 2020 Post #345016
A right not a privilege
Don't use spaces in your filenames.
Posted 4 years ago2020-05-26 19:35:11 UTC
in My Old HL Maps wont start Properly Post #344304
Are they single player or deathmatch? If deathmatch, you have to make a server using the Create Server menu option, or set deathmatch 1 and then run the map via console - then you'll get the HEV from the start and the starting weapons.
Posted 4 years ago2020-03-29 16:52:46 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #343990
You can change this stuff in the .res files in the resource directory.
Posted 4 years ago2020-03-12 12:41:32 UTC
in New computer, nothing compiles, pls help Post #343891
hlrad also has a parameter allowing you to specify your own rad file if you want. It's nice to keep separate rad files for separate maps.
Posted 4 years ago2020-02-25 00:00:32 UTC
in Shameful mapping confessions Post #343781
I know some of these cropped up during the Level Design Academy streams I did with Phillip. Trying to recall some that some of the viewers didn't know:

Ctrl-E centers all 2D views on the selected object.
Ctrl-3 centers the 3D view on it (JACK only)

Space + left mouse drag to move a 2D view.
Posted 4 years ago2020-02-23 23:01:29 UTC
in (another) Problem with level change... Post #343774
Yes, even if it's a one-way transition, you need the return trigger set up properly. You can put it out of the way and make it 'use only' so it's a true one-way trip.

I think I know what you're trying to do - you could edit the one vanilla map and include that with your mod. That one should load instead of the one in the valve folder.
Posted 4 years ago2020-02-23 19:35:35 UTC
in (another) Problem with level change... Post #343772
The problem is that the c2a3d trigger does not point to mymap.bsp, it points to c2a3c.

Also the landmarks don't need to have the same coordinates, they just need to have the same relative place in the maps (e.g. left side of a hallway, 64 units from the ground).
It also makes it easy to filter for light textures, even if you do have to make sure to add them to lights.rad or info_texlights
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-24 20:22:32 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343400
Check the FAQ in the blue box, there are alternate downloads.
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-11 15:11:07 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343346
Agree it's a feature, not a bug.
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-03 16:18:19 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343300
Do 1024x1024 maps really need fog? Remember, there's a whole particle system in Spirit (Aurora).
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-02 23:01:16 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343293
Yes, particularly helpful is the info in the docs folder in the Spirit 1.8 download.
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-02 16:13:32 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343288
Posted 4 years ago2019-11-01 02:20:05 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343274
Sounds good. This time I'm in. No sub-basement released years later this time.
Posted 4 years ago2019-08-10 20:49:08 UTC
in Command for getting players position Post #342991
status in the console will give you that
Posted 4 years ago2019-08-08 21:30:30 UTC
in Change level Trigger and Landmark Not working!!! :( Post #342978
Env_global is not needed for a changelevel.

What engine/game is this for? And I second the request to be more specific - can you tell us the problem, and exactly what entities you are using and what properties you've set?
Posted 5 years ago2019-07-04 20:41:43 UTC
in SoHL, entities help? Post #342840
Which Spirit version are you using? I've mostly used 1.8 and it certainly has the Pre-Disaster flag there.
Posted 5 years ago2019-05-03 02:17:04 UTC
in Competitions or Collaborations? Post #342566
I am a huge fan of mixing things up. I'd love to see some collab projects among the mini-compos, even small ones like TWHL Tower 2 like someone mentioned.
Posted 5 years ago2019-04-01 12:26:42 UTC
in Biggest HLDM maps Post #342377
I would check out Sulsa's Chaocity maps (1-3)
Posted 5 years ago2019-03-28 21:34:46 UTC
in Texture skewing in map editor Post #342358
You mean texture UV lock. Regular texture lock is fine with vertex manipulation.
Posted 5 years ago2019-03-27 00:35:33 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342335
I don't think there's a whole tutorial here. But yes, yaw direction sets the direction the conveyor moves and pushes. You use it with a SCROLL texture (not an animated texture) to be precise.
Posted 5 years ago2019-03-08 03:58:27 UTC
in The Hype-o-matic (Upcoming games) Post #342184
I don't get excited about very many upcoming games at all. But hell yeah.
Posted 5 years ago2019-01-09 00:33:01 UTC
in RunThinkShootLive's Ville Competitions Post #341594
We could have challenges instead of competitions, no judging involved. Or a user poll instead.
Posted 5 years ago2019-01-07 20:05:39 UTC
in RunThinkShootLive's Ville Competitions Post #341577
Well, I didn't say the Villes were done with. We'll see what the future holds.

That said I'm 100% behind Urby's suggestion. One of these days I really will finish and submit a map on time here.
Posted 5 years ago2018-12-06 02:45:28 UTC
in Func_Illusionary problem with lighting? Post #341392
Make sure you are using rendermode solid, not texture.