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Posted 5 years ago2017-08-28 20:47:35 UTC
in TWHL Pockets Post #337148
Urby once asked how the stuff is going, it's all right, I made a cube, and even managed to compile it!... I hope the deadline won't be as deadly as it sounds. :D
Edit: Just saw that it's not September 1st anymore, plenty of time then I suppose.
Posted 5 years ago2017-07-27 11:22:58 UTC
in TWHL Pockets Post #336447
Count me in as well. Will try to find some time for this one... :)
Posted 5 years ago2017-07-17 11:09:25 UTC
in The Core Post #336100
Maybe after all this time and work on your mod you are willing to give TWHL community an opportunity to test your work before the public release so you could polish the end product and of course at least have an excuse of why you're delaying this further? ;)
Posted 6 years ago2016-05-01 21:03:43 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #330015
Archie, postcard photos indeed, beautiful. Makes me want to start traveling.. ;D And I'll be visiting France for the first time in 10 days, going to participate in FIMU festival, can't wait!! Maybe someone is going to be there as well? Would be a bit strange but also really cool to meet someone in real world from this community.
Posted 7 years ago2015-02-24 21:28:16 UTC
in TWHL Tower Post #324391
Damn, totally have no time for mapping... Could make something simple and primitive but that's no go for me. I'm out this time. :\
Posted 7 years ago2015-02-09 19:00:27 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #323846
If you make 3 vertex plane, alt+p doesn't recognize it as an invalid solid.
Posted 8 years ago2015-02-08 15:30:28 UTC
in TWHL Tower Post #323765
Interesting idea, count me in. :)
Posted 8 years ago2015-01-23 13:08:17 UTC
in Team Mapping - GB contest #54 Post #323475
Posted 8 years ago2015-01-22 20:47:23 UTC
in Team Mapping - GB contest #54 Post #323459
I haven't made any serious work and my mapping skills are a bit rusty, but i would love to join the team. At least i could criticize the work and help with ideas.
Posted 8 years ago2014-12-24 11:51:06 UTC
in TWHL Tournament 2014 Post #322978
Headshot! Flawless victory! "You have been kicked out of the server" FATALITY! de_racetownz winz.
Great tournament, thanks for making it rufee ;]
Posted 8 years ago2014-12-07 16:27:36 UTC
in Xmas tournament ? Post #322685
I have always wanted to play in XMAS tournament. WON'T miss it this time. :)
Posted 8 years ago2014-03-30 17:41:03 UTC
in The Core Post #318513
I was thinking about the light, that you made it on purpose to direct the player, I was right, YAY :). Well it's fine if there is a light source which I just can't see from the angle at the picture. ^^ Is there any stuff in need to be viewed? Because I have time at the moment which I often don't.
Posted 8 years ago2014-03-30 16:45:05 UTC
in The Core Post #318508
Can't say much, looks pretty awesome. I'll give my thoughts about the pictures, just my opinion of what could be improved.
Also, won't that green stuff in picture 3 look better if it were translucent?
Keep up the good work! If there is any need of criticism or testing, ask, it would be a pleasure to help you.
Posted 9 years ago2014-02-06 20:22:56 UTC
in My Book - Source SDK Development Essenti Post #317794
Congratulations finishing the book. That's pretty good damn job doing this kind of work. Hope to read it all someday. It must be unbelievably useful!
Posted 9 years ago2013-11-09 10:14:59 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #316715
That's me ^^
Posted 9 years ago2013-10-27 20:50:53 UTC
in Minecraft with mods Post #316516
I love classic minecraft and TWHL server, which is so far the best server of where I have tried to play. Now I started to play minecraft with Tekkit mod pack and I always think of how much it would be awesome to play it with a great community of TWHL. I made working client for non-premium users.
Just extract files into %appdata% folder and make a shortcut on desktop of minecraft.exe file which is in .minecraft folder. Type any name and press play offline (You can play online). I have no hardware to run the server and I am willing that someone out here will make it. Also I am pretty sure that you won't be able to stop playing this after you try . :P Server files can be found here: Maybe you'll think that it's a bad idea, because there is already one server of TWHL community but i think it's worth a try because this mod offers absolutely different experience of minecraft compared to the classic one.
Posted 9 years ago2013-08-05 11:51:07 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #314719
How about hmmm... 15th August? big grin - :biggrin:
how about today? ^^
Posted 9 years ago2013-08-04 19:54:22 UTC
in Atom's TWHL Minecraft Server Post #314711
Maybe we dont need new world? just continue building and making stuff on this one. I think there is no need to start everything from beginning. Just my opinion.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-15 09:00:59 UTC
in Practice map in counter-strike Post #313986
yes, but it was just to teach the basics, not to provide fast and accurate aiming. Still it was interesting one. :)
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-14 21:08:45 UTC
in Practice map in counter-strike Post #313979
I started playing cs 1.6 after a while, and i wanted to refresh my shooting skills, if there were any.
Well, its used just to go on dm servers or little aim_ maps and so on...
But i thought, that systemic learning without random moving and killing targets with simple movement should be like 10 times better just to feel the mouse and get everything to the mechanics, to the brains, that u could instantly and almost perfectly aim to an enemy.

I want to create Practice map which would look something like this:

Maybe i am not in the right forum section, then i am sorry, but i know its possible to create such a thing, and i am not having good understanding on how everything works on half life engine, so i think that i would need to create not only a map, but also some kind of a plugin with idk maybe amxmodx involved. But maybe it would be possible to make it only with the mapping? It would let for people use it on their own very simple. Also thinking about making a map with such a practice thing + involving areas which would be like seperate fy_ 35hp_ aim_ maps. Map would be like a whole complex to produce your skills with computer bots and real players involved.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-14 20:08:26 UTC
in Need quick help about creating rocky wal Post #313977
while the wall is indoors
I think sky is not good to use, while the wall (func_detail) wont stop the light from the sky going in.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-14 18:40:09 UTC
in Need quick help about creating rocky wal Post #313975
Thanks. I'll use "Bevel", while i covered some non even places with "Clip", so it would be even as a solid.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-14 18:15:27 UTC
in Things you can't stop listening/watching Post #313974
Can't forget the melody fully from the morning till the night past 3 days.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-13 16:15:54 UTC
in Need quick help about creating rocky wal Post #313970
well that was quite dumb question, i will just use "null"...
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-13 15:25:43 UTC
in Need quick help about creating rocky wal Post #313969
I use this technique to create walls:
So i make them func_detail, to save time during compilation.
I understand that i need to use some kind of an invisible wall behind that rocky so there won't be a leak, what texture should i use on that?
Posted 10 years ago2012-06-26 19:10:38 UTC
in Half life radar. Post #307416
I just made a half-life server because of nostalgia for this great game.
Made this server with teamplay style. But want to ask if it's possible to make a radar for players playing in the server? It would be soooo awesome to see where are all the teammates. I think it should be possible to do that, but dont have any clue about where and what to search and how i should make that. Write if you have any ideas! Realy thanks for any reply.

Also if you are half-life lover and want to play little bit with some of your friends you're always welcome. I would realy like someone to come from TWHL into my server :) ip: server 24/7 on.
Posted 10 years ago2012-03-18 14:45:15 UTC
in 3d problem... Post #304398
"change view" i meant turn left, up, right, down, the view. Sometimes I can't express what i want to say because of low english level. With right mouse button i want to make the same like with clicking space + left mouse button.
Posted 10 years ago2012-03-18 12:11:40 UTC
in 3d problem... Post #304394
Oops, I realised that that habit of changing view with right mouse button came from mapping minecraft world with MCEdit... But now it's just interesting if it's possible to make that feature for VHE? it would be a little bit more comfortable to work, even it won't make a big difference, while 3d mainly is used for texture selection.
Posted 10 years ago2012-03-17 20:55:12 UTC
in 3d problem... Post #304372
After a while I opened VHE and now, in 3d window, I can't change view with clicking right mouse button. I remember working in 3d with right clinking and it's so annoying when I need to use camera tool or press z or space to change that view. Thanks for help... ;D