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Posted 1 year ago2019-07-16 00:33:43 UTC
in Super Mario Maker 2 Level-Share Thread! Post #342865
I don't have a Switch. I could put it on my credit card, but my responsible adult side is telling me I really really shouldn't. However, I really want this game, among others. I'm stuck in that position where I'm like, "I could get this game down the road, but it's really popular right now and more levels are being made now and more people are playing those levels now than will be at any point in the future."

Ugh...stupid being an adult...
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-23 15:49:41 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342785
Disabling game explorer also improved my hit registry in CS massively. I only started getting the stuttering the other night, but I had been back from my 6 month hiatus for a few weeks. I thought I was just extra rusty from not playing for a while I didn't realize how bad my registry was. I've heard a lot of others on my clan's server complaining about "bad registry for at least the last few weeks". I wonder if it has to do with Game Explorer even if they aren't getting those weird startup symptoms that I was getting.
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-22 18:41:41 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342779
That post describes exactly what I was seeing, and killing Game Explorer fixed the stuttering. I haven't rebooted my machine yet since stopping the stuttering but when I do I'll have to check if that first launch failure still persists as well (an issue I was also having but thought it was separate from the micro stutter as that didn't start happening til a few weeks later).

Either way, hopefully changing the name of the game explorer dll will stop it from running without causing any major errors and my problem will be solved.

Edit: Just rebooted my PC. I could launch the game on the first try, but it throws a fit. Everything hangs up, it almost appears like Windows locks up, but then it returns to normal, and the game runs just fine. It also hangs up a bit first time starting a local game (it has always been slow to start a local game on the first try, but it's now longer and appears to hang for a bit). If this is the only problem I have and it still consistently starts up, I'll take it. Launching the game is smooth and normal after the first rough launch as long as the system hasn't been rebooted.

I've been so spoiled by CS running without a hitch for so long that I've forgotten the hoops that sometimes must be jumped through to run old games properly.
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-22 16:35:34 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342776
I've solved the problem!

It had nothing to do with hl.exe

Started poking around and noticed I was having some high cpu usage while idle. Rundll32.exe was the culprit, but not really the culprit.

Downloaded Process Explorer. That told me that Rundll32 was running gameux.dll which is Microsoft's useless Game Explorer that you can't disable.

So I disabled it. I had to look up how to give myself permission to modify a dll file in the SysWOW64 folder but once I did that, I gave myself permission to modify gameux.dll, task killed the current rundll32 task in Process Explorer, and then renamed gameux.dll. I'll have to see if Windows throws a fit next time I restart my machine, but for now, my CPU usage is down and CS is running like butter again.

Weird though that it wasn't seeming to have an affect (or at least, no noticeable affect) on newer, more resource intensive games.
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-22 06:30:18 UTC
in Recent micro stutter in Goldsrc? Post #342774
Has anyone else been having recent micro stutter issues in Goldsource games? All night I didn't seem to be having any issues (other than some earlier server side lag spikes and stuttering that was affecting everyone). But then I started getting this crap:
User posted image
Happened both online and offline. I was worried my GPU was starting to have issues but I fired up some other games and they ran fine (HL2 well over 200fps, occasionally hitting the 300fps cap). My system is out dated by today's standards (GTX570, 3.1Ghz i5) but obviously way overkill for Goldsrc.

I've been back to playing CS the last couple weeks, but took a break this week until tonight, and was away from it for a good 6 months before that. I know there has been an update or two. I want to say Valve borked something but then again, the problem didn't show up right away, I had plenty of smooth games on maps of varying wpoly and epoly counts. The map in that screenshot typically runs smooth as glass for me just like any map normally does in this old game engine. I verified game cache, it actually re-downloaded the cs file but the problem persisted. Problem was present in Condition Zero as well and in Half-Life.
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-09 05:27:08 UTC
in how to unrender! Post #342712
You need to trigger a second env_render that changes the render settings back to what it was before.
Posted 2 years ago2018-10-06 23:01:36 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #340999
@Victor, every time you post a screenshot, I have to remind myself that it is Goldsource. Sexy.

@Admer I don't know how it'll affect the layout and sight lines in a CS map, but I'm a sucker for a big window.
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-15 15:21:49 UTC
in func_button + trigger_push Post #340888
On a side note: All this time I thought I couldn't trigger the same target in the same multimanager. I thought it had to be in a new multimanager. haha
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-04 18:52:21 UTC
in The wonders of lighting Post #340420
Try using a single point light entity like I mentioned instead of 3.
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-04 17:12:23 UTC
in The wonders of lighting Post #340417
I think the problem you are having is due to the fact that the light is coming from more than one "point". Try using only a single point light entity without the light surface (or turn down the light surface so it appears lit up but doesn't cast much light) and see if that changes your effect. I think what is happening is the shadows are being cast but then they are being lit up by light coming in from other angles. In your other example (empty room with random bars coming from the ceiling) I assume there is only one point light so there are no other lights at other angles to drown out the shadows.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-23 04:16:44 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #340000
No, having the same problem in Firefox too. I had mentioned it earlier in another post but the main subject was about the vault submissions on the main page so it was overshadowed.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-21 23:04:52 UTC
in 6/20 Update Post #339992
I should see if they fixed sprays in 1.6 (no one has been able to see other player's sprays for some time now). I doubt it though. Sprays might not be that important but on servers now when a custom spray is sprayed you instead see the site B decal which can be confusing on a custom map server when you're not always super familiar with the map you're on.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-20 23:24:37 UTC
in 6/20 Update Post #339982
Goldsrc games all had an update on Steam today. Are there any patch notes available?

On a side note, I'm seeing people in the discussion forum on steam complaining about "game data still encrypted" errors when trying to start CS 1.6 now. Luckily, the game launched just fine for me.

Edit: Apparently it was yesterday, I forgot I never started up Steam yesterday.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-20 23:07:23 UTC
in Problem with cycling with multi_managers Post #339981
I just meant "trains" in general because I haven't really used tracktrain and wasn't sure if it had the same quirks (though, I also thought they were only good for something with train controls). I'm honestly still not sure exactly what the issue is with func_train in CS but your setup has given me some insight into something I might test out in the future IF I decided to experiment with func_train (specifically, the fact that they seemed to work fine on the first loop of a multi_manager loop, but not afterward, unless you pushed the button, in which case, they would work once on that new loop).

Either way, I was just trying to make the point that the func_breakables functioned as a sort of "test lead" to see that the multi_manager loop itself was working as intended. Glad you finally sorted the problem out.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-19 02:18:13 UTC
in Problem with cycling with multi_managers Post #339955
MOCOLONI said:I know they'll keep (randomly) breaking the already-broken breakable brushes; that's why I told Jessie in an above post to die at some point after activating the loop, so that all the Trains (except the one moving between rounds) would get on the ground, ready to be re-triggered again and see how wrong the looping goes.
No, they did not "randomly" keep breaking for me. They kept breaking on the correctly timed intervals with no extra delay at the start of the next cycle. Killing myself via console did not stop this process. 4 seconds...boom...4 nauseam. When I respawned the cycle kept going from where ever it was just at the end of the previous round. The round end does not stop multi_managers. The one thing it did not keep triggering is the trains, like you said, except hitting the button would get them going again, and all the trains that had reset would function just one more time in the loop. If I timed it right my func_breakables actually showed two independent loops going through the same multi_manager loop.

This goes back to what I said before, the problem has to do with the func_trains. The well timed intervals of my added func_breakables are clear evidence that the multi_manager loop is functioning perfectly. Yes, the trains that are supposed to be getting triggered by said loop seem to stop working, but the func_breakable's with the same names as the trains are proof that the multi_managers are indeed firing those targets. Now, it's very possible that you'll have to modify how the whole loop works because of how the trains are behaving. It won't be because the old loop wasn't working; it will be because func_trains are janky in CS and for some reason will only get triggered by a perfectly working loop on it's first cycle.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-18 02:42:22 UTC
in Problem with cycling with multi_managers Post #339944
On that example map, make 4 func breakables, name them train1, train2, train3, and train4. Set them all to "trigger only".

I just did this, and what it showed that was the multi_managers keep looping. If a func_breakable is triggered again even after it already broke, it will make a sound and spawn gibs (and explode if you have that set) again. So it will go off every single time a multi_manager fires it, even if it is now a bunch of empty space.

So you are having a few problems. One problem is, like I was saying (turns out it was relevant), trains are really funky when it comes to how they "reset" on each round in CS. The other problem, is the multi_managers continually loop, and they don't reset to the start of their loop on round chance, they just keep going. So if it's currently on the second multimanager, it's gonna be rolling from the 2nd to the 3rd on the round change.

A bit more on the trains. I have a hypothesis based on what I saw on that test map that an actual player input is needed down the line somewhere to activate the trains. Maybe after the first mm loop that information is lost. Because hitting that button after a round change WILL activate the first multi_manager again and get the trains moving again, even though the func_breakables I added show the multi_managers are still looping and the trains aren't moving. So, try doing my "trigger_once_round" method to activate the loop at the start of each round (the one we talked about in that other topic) with a trigger_multiple and a game_counter.
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6280
Then, make sure to stop the final multi_manager from looping back to the first. See if that reliably starts the trains on each round.

Unfortunately, since the multi_managers are on the first loop and won't stop on round change, I think you'll start getting your trains halfway down the line moving right on round start. I can't think of any way to reliably stop this, especially since you'll have no way to predict exactly where in the loop it will be when the round ends.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-17 21:50:23 UTC
in Problem with cycling with multi_managers Post #339938
Ah, I misunderstood the details and didn't see your 2nd post.

I was always under the impression that a multi_manager loop couldn't target itself. There is an old tutorial about multi_manager looping.

I tried using that to loop a pattern of lights and it works but for some reason has one "fast" cycle.

I used it on my maps de_msx1 and de_msx2, but when I tried copy+pasting it over to my newest wip, it didn't work anymore (I am using Sledge now, which I didn't use for the first two maps, but I feel like that shouldn't make a difference). I then edited the sequence so the multi_manager loop would loop back on itself and it works.

I don't know why it works now. I didn't think the switch from Hammer 3.5 to Sledge would have an effect on how an entity works in game. All these maps are for CS too, so it's not like one is for a different game or mod that might be coded differently.

Edit: So many typos...
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-17 20:03:38 UTC
in Problem with cycling with multi_managers Post #339935
Train entities are weird in counter-strike. Something about the way they reset isn't quite right and I can't figure it out.
You can give a func_door and func_breakable the same name if they both will be triggered simultaneously.

Alternatively, it wouldn't be that difficult to replace one of the 16 entities in a multi_manager with another multi_manager, and then have that new multi_manager trigger the other entity. You can have a branching tree of multi_managers.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-10 23:26:55 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339881
I just didn't like the idea that I pushed other people's maps off the front page just because I updated the license on all of them. I felt bad about knocking maps off the front with maps that already got their turn on the front.
Oh, and I missed the fact that the OP posted.

You might still run into weird quirks with the func_trains. Make sure you test all sorts of likely and unlikely situations on the map (especially, last player dying during the cycle, after the cycle, before the cycle, etc).

What happens when you select "multithreaded" is it allows the multimanager to be triggered again even when it's still in it's cycle (so a new cycle would start behind the old cycle and the old would still continue). Without it checked, it simply ignores inputs while it's in it's cycle. The problem is, multithreaded does this in a really hacky way, by just creating a copy of the same multimanager whenever it gets triggered while still in it's cycle. These extra multimanagers are not temporary. So, the longer the map is played, the closer those duplicated multimanagers reach the engines entity limit. Someone let me know if I got a detail wrong here, I'm pulling this from memory alone right now.

EDIT: I've created an example map utilizing 2 different setups that use game_counter and game_counter_set, as well as a standard trigger_once and trigger_multiple setup just as a side-by-side comparison of their inadequacy. It sounds like you guys already get the concept but I'm sticking it here for anyone else that might stumble over this topic in the future.
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6280
That's good to know though. It could be default on the OP's setup. It isn't on mine. So, add to my little example, make sure "reset on fire" is NOT checked on the game_counter.
If you're mapping for CS, forget everything you know about Source entities. Unfortunately, there are severe limitations. Goldsrc doesn't have the input/output system of Source and not many entities reset from round to round. It's just something you have to work around.

func_door is your friend.

func_door resets every round. So, if you want to trigger something on round start, use a hidden func_door. It can just be a little null textured cube in an unreachable room somewhere on the map. All you have to do is set the target of the func_door to whatever entity you want triggered on round start. Use a multi_manager if you need multiple things to happen. I have a complex system of multi_managers and trigger_changetarget entities to create this round setup on my latest map. (note that the func_door in this map also needed a name so that each trigger_changetarget could change it's target to the next rounds multimanager). When using multi_manager, NEVER use the multithreaded option. Your map will crash in no-time if you do this. If what you are trying to do requires it to be multithreaded then what you are trying to do is a bad idea in a CS map (it doesn't necessarily mean your intended result is a bad idea, it just means, in Goldsrc CS, it's not happening).

I can't remember every entity that resets off the top of my head so you'll have to play with them. Most of them don't have a target so func_door is the most reliable round start trigger. func_breakable always resets, so whatever gets broken will come back each round. func_train is really quirky in cs, it doesn't seem to fully reset, it keeps doing it's thing but jumps back to it's first stop target at the start of each round (I used a constantly running func_train to periodically trigger a bird sound near CT spawn in my map de_hollis, but because of this weird quirk, and because I have the sound triggered on the first stop target, the sound always plays at the start of the round).

trigger_once only works once per map, and never again. trigger_auto fires on map load and that's it. I've never had to do this, but you could tie a trigger multiple to a game_counter, set the initial value to 0, set the limit value to 1 (this means it will fire it's target when it hits 1). Afterwards, the trigger multiple will keep triggering the counter but it already hit it's limit and won't fire again. Then have a hidden func_door trigger a game_counter_set that resets the counter to 0 on round start. That way, you could have a trigger that can only fire once per round. I've never had to do this, so hopefully there aren't any unknown quirks that will get in your way, but it's worth a shot.

The setup would be as follows:

Put your trigger_multiple that you only want to fire once per round wherever you want it to be. You can use whatever names you want, these are example names. Set it's target as "oneoff" and delay before reset to 1. Create a game_counter, set it's name to "oneoff" and set it's target to whatever you want to target (I'll just call it, "thing" for this example). Set the initial value to 0 and set the limit value to 1. Create a game_counter_set, set it's name to "oneoffset", set it's target to "oneoff", and set the new value to 0. Then finally, create a hidden func_door (can just be a random cube hidden somewhere) and set it's target to "oneoffset".

Edit: I just remembered another big one, light entities reset to their initial state on each round. You can't target anything with them but it's important to know if you're making any setups using switchable lights.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-10 21:38:12 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339871
Perhaps a checkbox when editing that says, "this map has moderate to substantial gameplay/visual changes" that would put it in a cue for a mod to check (temporarily preserving the old file until the mod checks them). It would then be the mods decision if it indeed has great enough changes to show up in the vault panel on the front page again. But that could get out of hand if too many people abuse it and check the box every time they make a tiny fix.

On an unrelated note, does anyone else have problems getting to the site if they just type in I HAVE to type out http:// or https:// otherwise I just get the ISP search page saying the site couldn't be found (in my case, Verizon Fios). Also using Firefox, if that makes a difference.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-10 20:06:31 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339869
At the very least, my new map is back on top because I realized we can finally add more screenshots and I messed up a file path that led to a missing model error and had to reupload it. Luckily it only got downloaded once from each of the 3 places it's uploaded and one of those downloaders is the one that noted the problem.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-10 18:51:57 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339867
"New In The Vault" panel on the front page also displays recently updated vault submissions. The problem comes if a bunch of maps are updated at once, it floods out actual new maps on the front page. I just updated all of my maps to have a CC license (now that you can set that in the vault) and at the same time was unknowingly flooding out all of the new maps (including my own newest map) on the front page.
Posted 2 years ago2018-05-27 22:36:21 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339694
@ Windawz & Bruce

I'll have to try those things next time the map is in a compileable state (I've currently removed all the temporary "seals" to continue work on the rest of the map). Once I finish the main spawn areas I'll be able to mess around with the lightning lighting some more. Thanks for the tips.

Edit: Bruce, that did the trick.
Posted 2 years ago2018-05-20 18:03:29 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339673
My entity setup for a pistol fy map in progress. Yes, I know, I know, so many fy/aim maps, but they get a lot of playtime early in the night on my clan's custom map server and I need to make some that aren't ugly and aren't remakes of remakes.

So that is why, this particular fy map, has this entity room.
User posted image
It's not quite finished, there may be a few more light_surface entities in there but basically here's what you're looking at:

The metal block in the bottom left corner is a func_train that perpetually bounces between those two path_corner entities. Passing one of those two path_corner entities triggers something periodically that I will get back to in a moment. The giant block of yellow is a whole bunch of VHLT light_surface entities for various textures on the map, except for one which is an info_sunlight, which ties into the func_train setup that I'll explain now. You can see there are two light_environment entities. One is the regular lighting from the sky, the other is a bright light with a custom style that gives it a lightning flash look. It has a name and is set to be initially dark. The two multimanagers next to it are triggered by the func_train periodically and are used to turn the "lightning" light_environment on and then off again as well as trigger an ambient_generic that plays a thunder sound. This unfortunately created a problem where regardless of on or off the lighting light_environment caused all models including viewmodels to be lit up extremely bright at all times. The info_sunlight counters this using the same values as the primary light_environment. This unfortunately means that models don't get lit up more by the lightning, but it's a better trade off than all model shining brightly 100% of the time in a dark-ish map.

"Okay, but that was just the bottom left corner, what about the big array of..."

Ah, but I'm saving the big one for last! Next we have in the top left corner an info_map_parameters to restrict buying from both teams, an env_rain to add rain to the map, and a small unassigned buyzone to make sure buyzones aren't auto generated at spawn points. Just below that is a small array of player_weaponstrip entities that will be triggered by trigger_multiple brushes set up in a hallway. Why so many of them? People can throw weapons through one trigger brush, so making them pass through 4 at semi-close but unequal distances from each other will make it really difficult for players to smuggle weapons through.

So now, on to that big array of entities. You already know players are getting stripped of all their weapons. They will be forced to run through these triggers leaving spawn. They will then be presented with some func_buttons that will equip them with a knife, a pistol, and ammo. This array is a 12 round setup. It cycles through all 6 bistols, each getting two rounds at a time. Every odd number round will open doors to a lower part of the map and every even number round will open doors to an upper level of the map, so it's two maps in one, as well! The little concrete cube in the top right corner is a func_door that is used to trigger each round. It starts off triggering a 0th round (which you see slightly apart from the rest of the array near the func_door). This is to allow for a unique first round welcome message using two game_text entities and also because of a trigger_hurt that needs to be on every other round (so when it cycles from round 12 back to round 1, the trigger_hurts need to be switched off, however, for the FIRST round 1 they are already off, so triggering them would turn them on which is unwanted). The trigger hurt is to stop players from dropping from the upper map to the lower map safely into some shallow water(whose exact setup will be revealed when I release the map). The trigger hurt needs to be on when on the upper map to kill falling players but off when the lower map is in use so that players running through the water don't get insta-killed.

The 0th round then triggers the round 1 sequence trigger_changetarget that changes the target of the func_door to the round 2 multimanager, so on the next round the round 2 sequence begins. This cycle is then designed to loop through rounds 1 through 12 multimanagers forever. Each round multimanager also triggers a game_text entity that displays the type of pistol available for that round. Every odd number round opens the lower map and triggers a multimanger that then triggers another 2 multimanagers to then trigger the trigger_changetargets that change the targets of the buttons to the proper game_player equip to equip them with the corresponding pistol and ammo. The reason there are so many of them is to ensure each button has it's own equip entity to avoid any hangups (I had issues early on in testing de_pophouse where trying to consolidate certain entities lead to it not triggering for certain players because two or more players might trigger them at the same time). The odd number rounds also turn the trigger_hurt entities off (except, again, for the 0th round entity for the very first round). Every even number round turns the trigger_hurt entities back on and it opens the doors to the upper map instead of the lower map. It doesn't need to trigger all the changetargets for the buttons because it uses the same weapons as the previous round.

Edit: I forgot to mention the trigger_auto in the top right near the func_door that opens the lower map for the warmup before the first round. I also forgot to mention the trigger_auto that kickstarts the lightning controlling func_train when the map loads.

This setup isn't as complicated as it appears, there are just a lot of entities in use (in part because I wanted to ensure smooth operation by giving every button that can be used at once it's own dedicated equip entity). With the button system you could probably easily get away with consolidating equip entities but I'm not anywhere near hitting the entity limit so it will be fine. This is, however, the most organized I've had all my background entities set up on a map and I was really proud of how neat and orderly it all looks.
Posted 2 years ago2018-05-20 17:16:03 UTC
in CS1.6 player_weaponstrip problem Post #339671
Are you sure it's the player_weaponstrip? I thought those only worked via direct trigger. Do you also have a game_player_equip in your map? I know if you include a game_player_equip in your map set to "use only," all players will start with no weapons. However, it's not a round to round thing, it only happens if the player dies, so a second unnamed game_player_equip without "use only" ticked set to re-equip a knife and pistol after death can be used. However, this means that both teams will start with the same pistol. A bug may also be encountered whereby weapon slots could get stacked (on my airsoffort maps one can end up with both an MP5 and a shutgun at the same time that they can switch between in the 1st weapon slot like in Half-Life). I don't know if this can also happen in the secondary slot. So basically, the other drawback to re-equipping the pistol is if a player survives a round and had purchased a different pistol it's possible they could now be carrying whatever they bought plus the pistol the map equips them with.

If you aren't also using an equip entity set to "use only" on the map then try naming the player_weaponstrip. I'm not sure if that will work, your problem sounds a lot like the behavior seen when a use only game_player_equip is in the map.

One more note about player_weaponstrip, it strips the bomb, so you can't use it on any bomb defuse maps. You can use a game_player_equip to equip a bomb but it's not what the game recognizes as "The Bomb". It can't be planted and doesn't show up on the radar.
Posted 3 years ago2018-01-05 02:11:14 UTC
in TWHL Pockets Post #338568
Ooh, dats nice!
Posted 3 years ago2017-12-28 03:59:49 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #338512

I have run into those "empty brush" entities that move to origin. I've found that it was always me mistakenly trying to make a brush into a point entity. For some reason some point entities would appear on the list when I selected "tie to entity" but trying to tie a brush to the point entity would result in the error you've described.
Posted 3 years ago2017-12-03 23:09:01 UTC
in Has mapping for games "ruined" Post #338295
@Stojke It definitely gives me a bigger appreciation of games, especially from a technical aspect. But sometimes it would be nice to imagine the sprawling world behind that hill or those buildings that I can't see instead of knowing it's a sky brush or player clip stopping you from entering the infinite void. Or sitting there knowing, "that door doesn't open because there is no actual room behind it." It's not that I never ever feel immersed in a game but it takes a lot more to get me immersed now than it would have before.
Posted 3 years ago2017-12-03 21:41:49 UTC
in Has mapping for games "ruined" Post #338292 for you?

I don't mean that you started mapping and suddenly you hate videogames. I mean, there is a certain bit of immersion that many games have that is at least partially broken for you.

Now, instead of paying attention to what the developer intended, I'm looking at details like how obvious it is that I'm actually just in a glorified hallway even though I'm outside, or how nicely detailed/not nicely detailed the world geometry is. I notice the one edge where the textures don't line up next to each other quite right in that one map corner that no one will ever look in anyway, I spot signs that some "surprise" scripted event is about to happen based on the way things are set up to bring the players attention to certain areas (albeit, this is more for older games where other restrictions in tech make it obvious something is going to move or break open or something).

The other day I played Starr Mazer: DSP for the first time and instead of just enjoying the beautiful pixel art passing by with depth in the background I was trying to see if I could count how many different parallax scrolling backgrounds there were (I do love me some good parallax backgrounds).

When I'm playing CS I'm constantly analyzing the way the layout is affecting gameplay and I'm nitpicking things as I see them (seriously though, some really good CS 1.6 maps have some terrible texture alignment sometimes). I'll be running though a building and get shot because I'm too distracted and bewildered as I sit there thinking, "I can tell you used CARVE! Noooo!"
Posted 3 years ago2017-12-02 22:26:20 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #338281
It is an entity. The BEST entity!
Posted 3 years ago2017-11-28 00:00:27 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #338225

I fired up Paintball 2 just to grab some screenies. It actually just shows up as "grave" on the map list but the full title is "The Graveyard Siege" by a mapper named Reed. It's a custom map and doesn't come with the game, iirc. I don't know how to get rid of the hud elements and didn't bother trying to figure it out since these screens were just to give you a basic idea of what the map is.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Obviously, it's waaaay too open for CS. It works fine for paintball due to the limited range and fast Quake II style movement (movement I've never quite been able to get down, I suck at strafe jumping). My map instead involves a laboratory with much more stuff inside, less entrances into the building, and a slightly safer approach towards the building. You can't really mimic the siege mode in CS but my "tag" hostage system should be good for this map.
Posted 3 years ago2017-11-27 05:05:35 UTC
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Started working on another "tag" map for CS. This one is also going to have a "pseudo-siege" element where all entrances into the lab have a 1 way push and all Ts spawn inside the lab. The design is inspired by and based on a map known as "Graveyard Siege" for a standalone Quake 2 mod called Digital Paint: Paintball 2.
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Oh, please no, don't waste your good brushwork on dust textures. Your map probably deserves so much better.
Posted 3 years ago2017-11-17 04:13:45 UTC
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Alright, so I got all the information from him. He DID in fact use Resgen (even though I provided a res file) and all those sounds popped up. He still didn't seem to understand when I was telling him it was a false positive and the files were in the valve folder instead of cstrike; and that clients would not need to download them. I think he uploaded all the files superfluously to the cstrike folder on the server but in the end it doesn't matter. It didn't redownload all the files into my cstrike folder when we fired up the map on the server so all is good.
Posted 3 years ago2017-11-17 00:43:59 UTC
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I use sledge. It's got a few bugs that Hammer doesn't have but it is outweighed by all the improvements such as transparent textures actually being transparent in the editor, semi-transparent trigger and clip textures, auto vis groups, a larger and vastly improved texture browser, and more.
Posted 3 years ago2017-11-16 03:38:52 UTC
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Yeah, I wonder if he's not telling me something and he actually does think that everything is supposed to be in the cstrike folder. I did specifically mention that those sounds were in valve/sound/etc... and not cstrike/sound/etc...

Perhaps he just doesn't trust my manually created .res file and used resgen and now he doesn't want to tell me he used resgen. haha
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I've talked with the admin. He didn't get into details about when the list of sounds popped up (whether he was using resgen or tried to run the map on the server). I included a .res file so he shouldn't have had to use resgen (and the paths in the res file are relative). According to him the server doesn't have all of the Half-Life content. I don't know why. I don't run the server or have access to any administration functions beyond basic admin powers via plugins in game so I can't look at it myself. I also would wonder, if that were true, why bits and pieces of HL content are on the server, since there are other maps utilizing content from HL that do work.

I also used a couple HL models in my map, so if he did get this list of sounds from the res file it created, it should have also picked up on the models, but he only asked for the sounds.

I do know that our server is Linux based but I'm already mindful of that and use lower case for everything.
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For a while I would create maps with only my own custom content and vanilla CS content. But recently I started wondering why I don't use some HL stuff. Despite being sold separately on Steam all of the HL content is still installed and the CS install is still set up like a mod. Just to be sure I wouldn't run into issues though, I even had a friend who owned CS 1.6 but not HL1 run a test map to make sure all was good, and it was.

So, with my latest map, I utilized a scientist and barney model as well as a few different sounds and textures. I submitted it to be added to my clan's server but the admin listed out all of the HL sounds and said he needed them (he did not, however, list the models).

Is this typically a problem with servers? There are plenty of other custom maps that utilize HL1 sounds and they're not copied over into my cstrike folder (unless they also renamed them). Is there a reason why a client would have no issue running the map while a server would?
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I don't think you can. What are you trying to do, specifically, though? There may be other ways to achieve what you want (like, if you're talking about the start of a round in CS, you could spawn them in a dark room where each player falls through a trigger that triggers the weapon strip entity and then hit a teleporter after that teleports them to the "real" spawn).
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If you can't make it to the end because a scripted sequence needs to open/break/give access to something then why not just make any of that stuff activated by a button as a placeholder?
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That dark room with the only light coming from that pit/well/thing looks sexy.
Posted 3 years ago2017-10-14 21:07:21 UTC
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Sometimes a leak is so obvious you don't think to check it because your brain just goes, "I wouldn't do something that stupid."

When I was making de_hollis I was having a leak that I couldn't find (also having a separate issue with a pointfile not being generated using Sledge but that's for another topic at another time). I had to look for the leak manually since it wasn't generating a pointfile. I finally remembered that Sledge has the auto vis groups though and when I shut everything but world brushes off I realized while turning all my cliffs into func_detail brushes I forgot that the cliff faces on the backside were sealing the map. It was such a huge, obvious leak, but so obvious I initially didn't even think to check it because I subconsciously thought I was better than that.
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Actually, for the most part, it's pretty good. In fact, most of the bad English I see on the internet seems to come from people who speak only English to begin with.
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I think I just misinterpreted "scrap" as "get rid of the whole thing and start over".
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@Windawz Perhaps you can still use the current map as a certain baseline? That way you don't have to start from scratch. Maps go through many changes in development.

When I was making my CS 1.6 map de_msx1 I had one of the bombsites in a completely different corner than it ended up. The rough layout seemed to work in my head but after laying it out I realized it was horrible and I ended up rotating the entire site and surrounding walls/entrances 90 degrees and shifting it over to another corner. Then I just revamped a bit of the layout around it and it's probably the 2nd most played out of all my maps on my clan's custom map server (not counting fy maps that get played early on waiting for the server to fill).

I know making a sp map for HL is a bit different than a mp map for CS but the point is that what I had was terrible but it only took deleting some of it and shifting other things around to make it much better.
Posted 3 years ago2017-10-01 05:35:07 UTC
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Those look like missing faces. What are you're compile tools? I occasionally have that issue using the latest version of VHLT. SourceSkyBoxer talks about this problem being alleviated by UMVHLT but I have never tried this version of the tools myself so I can't verify if this really fixes this issue. That being said, I personally have only experienced that issue on angled brushwork.

If you are using VHLT, try changing those brushes to func_detail. It will usually fix the problem. Of course, this is only ideal if you do not need that computer to seal the map (easily fixable) or block vis.