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Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-10 09:41:24 UTC
in button states Post #344714
Sorry I didn't manage to implement your tutorial into my context.
Actually I have never used the func_wall_toggle enity. I need to practice it with maybe another tutorial.
For my sake I used +0BUTTON2 which switches to another texture (+ABUTTON2) when the button is pressed.
BUT that makes a basic On/Off switching. I search how to have a temporary switching.
1) texure off
2) texture on for ~50ms then revert to texture off automatically

That's ok.
I used +0BUTTON2 and a func_button entity with the flag Don't move and a Lip parameter to set the time
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-09 09:59:52 UTC
in button states Post #344708
I made a brush tied to a target_button entities.
The top texture is flatbed_lite2
It's not a native animated texture so I need to change it to flatbed_lite1 when the button is pressed, making a 2 states button.
It easy but I don't know how to do it. So easy, actually, that it must have been settled in a former thread since long but I didn't find one.
Here I am repeating errors from the past.
Posted 5 months ago2020-04-02 07:29:47 UTC
in Fake coordinate Post #344003
I have reproduced the Airstrike tutorial save my coordinate Table is like a map on the wall with the rulers going up and down and left to right.
All is right, the mortar field drops the bomb on the target defined by the momentary rot btn. The y value is perfect. The problem I run into is that the ruler which goes from left to right indicates a negative value of x to the mortar.
Well, that’s not a big deal but I’d like that when the ruler is on the right, the mortar strikes the ground ahead on its right side.
I’ve tried to amend the compasses, the distance, rotating, flipping the mortar field or the ground itself ; when I hit then button the bomb is dropped on the opposite side that indicates the x ruler.
What can I do ?

That the JACK files in Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve\maps if ever ...
[|JACK output files]
Posted 5 months ago2020-03-26 03:44:43 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343944
Thanks for this useful scheme. I’ll try it.
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-20 18:46:53 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343932
64x64 seems alright Indeed. Now another trick in Haf Life physic:
I'd made a slope but when I was pushing my crate on it, the box went up in the air straight to the ceiling.
I set the Buoyancy to a high level (50) and it remains on the floor.
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-17 10:38:05 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343914
Here's another trouble with my crate.
The hull size of the func_pushable is set to Points size.
I push it on an elevator (func_train) but there's a margin between the wall and the crate so that it's not properly on the platform.
I've amended the width of the mesh and the left margin is no more. But the margin against the South wall and the right margin remain.
Why is that please ?
Do you need the jmf file to see by yourseft ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-15 15:43:30 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343912
Nevermind, I did it with your multisource tutorial.
Trogger_once can Indeed be triggered by func_pushable.
I was doing wrong.
Now, I have 3 crates open a door as I wished. The game basic is set up… But I Don't want to play anymore :-)
Buiding process is always tiring at most… and I'm a beginner!
Thank you for your help!
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-15 13:04:04 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343908
Thank you.
Your help was surely a shift forward.
Still my mini game doesn't work.
My brush aa_trigger tied to a trigger_once have the flags Pushables and No clients checked. I have also set a message to check the triggering.
However my crate-func_pushable doesn't trigger it and nothing appears.
Can you tell me why ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-14 18:36:00 UTC
in Fun with Crate Post #343905
Playing with JACK I wanted to make a mini Sokoban game.
Half Life Engine grants about everything. There must be way, I thought.
Then I started by the most difficult : drawing a box tied to an func_pushable.
I leave to you the easier part.
I want to push it into a specific area. Once in the area the crate should trigger an event, like the end of the level
Yet better would be to trigger an event only when every crates are settled.
With the power of HL Engine that could be a facinating puzzle game.
How could I achieve this, please ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-12 10:06:39 UTC
in Searching the VERC archive Post #343890
I found the even better page and the file's available.
Posted 6 months ago2020-03-11 16:53:21 UTC
in Searching the VERC archive Post #343888
I try to make the air strike tutorial How_To_Create_An_Airstrike. Although I manage to do a few steps I would greatly appreciate the map which came with it. I need a reference. But it's no longer available on the page. Where can I find it please ?
Thank you
Posted 7 months ago2020-02-17 14:56:31 UTC
in punctuation matters after all Post #343755
I've followed some mapping tutorials about textures which requires an exclamation point in front of the term.
Lastly I followed another tutorial about sounds in HL and then again the exclamation point is necessary.
What is the ! is used for in the game engine ?
It was firstly requested on Steam. I tried for myself with the J.A.C.K. editor but failed to achieve this effect.
So here's the original request from PsyWarVeteran on the 14th August:
Half-Life - Making a Wall That Blocks Player But Lets Monsters Through?
Is it possible to make a wall that blocks the player but allows monsters to pass through?
I have been experimenting with "clip" texture but it seems to block the monster too - I though that was the case if the "monster clip" flag was ticked?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-28 10:35:16 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342350
I didn't know it was that simple. A func_button which target is the name of a conveyor and the steering switch is performed automatically for both, the texture and the conveyor.
All have been foreseen by the Half-Life makers. Thank you Bruce.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-28 09:28:09 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342349
I may read the tutorials on the suject on GameBanana, especially .
But I don't expect to end with something effective due to the network. The synapses are malfunctionning and, if I can make the comparison, the line betwen them bear a slow bandwidth.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-28 08:57:18 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342347
I’m pretty sure that bmodels.cpp can do exactly what I want. It contains all about entities and their parameters. Programming allows everything but my neuronal network doesn’t. Besides I don’t have Visual Studio 2k. The IDE CodeBlocks can’t do anything with it?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-27 18:02:29 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342340
It's not for a real map. I just wanted to play with the entity func_conveyor.

As I said I thought it would be fun to change its steering with a button. It requires a third entity which change both the angles of the func_conveyor and the angle of its scroll texture.

I give up.

What this source file is used for ? I can't handle it.
Would it make the trick in any way ?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-26 19:37:39 UTC
in Conveyor direction Post #342333
I would like to change the steering of a func_conveyor with a button Forward/Backward.
It must be something with the yaw degree but I can't figure it out.
Also is there a tutorial about "building a whole conveyor" like the one in the factory? with animated texture, rotating gears… 1
Posted 3 years ago2017-07-30 08:38:13 UTC
in It's never high enuf Post #336577
I try the tutorial here about changetarget and I hope to find a solution for my elevator.Thanks a lot.
Posted 3 years ago2017-07-29 13:08:55 UTC
in It's never high enuf Post #336540
I can't believe there's no way at all to alter the current path_corner's target from the console.
Posted 3 years ago2017-07-29 12:41:50 UTC
in It's never high enuf Post #336538
I don't want the elevator to stop and open its doors at every floor.
I want to go up from the basement to the last floor in one shift.
Posted 3 years ago2017-07-29 12:16:00 UTC
in It's never high enuf Post #336535
I'm playing with J.A.C.K. and the path_corner.
My elevator only allows 2 or 3 storeys.
How can I enter the patch_corner number I want to reach in case of huge number of storeys ?
I figured out this way :
1 call the elevator
2 enter the elevator
3 enter the path-corner number in the console or somewhat dialog field and press enter
4 doors slide shut
5 farewell to heaven!
Is it possible otherwise how could I achieve this ?
Posted 3 years ago2017-06-14 17:30:33 UTC
in Emergency Post #335486
The moment is came again where I need to play with the Hammer.
I downloaded all the assessment and set Valve Hammer Options as usual with right pathes to the building tools, textures and game exec (Half Life/hl.exe)
I run one of the tutorials about doors type (doors) but once in the game nothing happen.
The console says map change failed: 'doors' not found on server.
I checked the valve/maps folder but there's only and no .bsp.
I use Steam HalfLife, Hammer is under Windows 10
Help me please!
Posted 5 years ago2015-05-18 07:55:42 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #325575
I always have an adult-rated [game/movie] set on the moon in my mind.
Those poor colors sweat over my thought and get down through the keyboard if you know what I mean.

Anyone could explain me what's the Lip param of a func_door entity ?
Posted 5 years ago2015-05-17 17:08:31 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #325566
It's that simple ? ;)I thought it would be harder.

I'll get to know what's a Master and how to overlap the triggers of a Multisource.

Thank you for the very quick answer !
Posted 5 years ago2015-05-17 16:40:36 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #325564
Is it possible to make a trigger_changelevel change for a random .bsp ?
The New map name param would be a variable randomly chosen among a few different bsp name (in an array...).
Maybe with its SmartEdit, adding Key, Value ?
i=random number
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-26 13:42:19 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324922
Hey Fisherman, It's a bit strong.
I hardly handle the hammer's compiler.
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-22 15:43:31 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324917
What are your favorite games ?
Have you got the Commando series ?
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-22 13:11:50 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324912
You made it !

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe

-applaunch 70 -game valve +map $file -dev -console

Are you a Steam user ?

I think it's time to say thank you
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-22 11:28:32 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324908
It won't help my mouse.

I noticed Steam launches HL by the command steam://rungameid/70 while Hammer launches the local exe with a few build params.

It's certainly a missing command to put in the Expert tab of the Run Map [Advanced]
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-22 07:09:20 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324901
I have Halflife on Steam. The game can be launched from the Steam library. It's a statement.
When you are in Hammer Editor and want to run a map you choose File, Run, Run the game...
Another statement.
I have a gadget mouse with 3 sticks which allows me to play Halflife with all the main command by the right hand scope. The device needs a driver that runs in the background while playing.
3rd statement.

If I launch HL from Hammer (Run..) the device is not recognized.
For it to run I actually have to untick Run the game... after compilation then switch to the Steam lib, press Play.and launch the map by the console map mapname however Hammer and Steam both launch the same HL executable hl.exe.

An advice on this issue please. It would be great to use Hammer and HL with my dear gifted usb mouse.
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-21 16:24:48 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324849
Like a puzzle as usual. I hate puzzles !
It becomes extremely puzzling when each piece of the puzzle is itself a puzzle and so on for the sub piece ...
I'll do several tries but it's not yet in the top 5 of the Map vault.
There's TWHL to help !
Thank you
Posted 5 years ago2015-03-21 09:08:52 UTC
in Apollo XXX Post #324832
Here's a first scratch of a scenario for one map but there are already a lot of question to bring it all together.
Is there a big voice to tell the countdown loud enough to be heard across all the base and outside?

The player starts in a Spatial Research Building fraught with GIs. A fuse is about to be launched.It can be seen through a window standing on the launch pad. There is a building with an elevator to bring the pilot at the entrance on top of the fuse. This "tower" and the fuse are separated by a gap that is fullfilled with a gateway which deployment must be activated from the base by the player.
He must find a scientist because he's the only one who can activate the countdown by a eye recognition locker.
He has to bring him alive to the command board to launch the countdown, reach the tower and go up before the ignition.
Then again he must bring the scientist to the fuse entrance to open it by an eye recognition locker.Once aboard the fuse lands up (earthquake, big roaring...). Then the scenarii misses me. Could be another map on any alien planet...
Where should I start to make this happen in Halflife ?
Posted 5 years ago2015-02-17 10:31:09 UTC
in Remote control Post #324198
Ideally I would make a door sliding with a remote control that Gordon hold in his hand like a key-button for the cars. I though of the satchel remote but without the bomb.
That seems difficult to obtain if at all so on a second though I would be happy with a sliding door which slides open in 2 moves.
1 vertically to go out of the chassis and then
1 horizontally to slide backward like a car rear door.
This door would be triggered by a bare button.
That remains dauntting but technically I guess it can be done. It would be easier with some clues to make it like numbers of entities and brushes it require to be achieved ...
Posted 5 years ago2015-02-16 15:27:03 UTC
in Weapons thread revival Post #324176
I didn't even think of it when I wrote this thread.
However it's the only weapons that I can use to kill an Assasssin. I'm not quick enough to cop with these ninja killers otherwise.
Thanks for the recall!
Posted 5 years ago2015-02-16 10:32:40 UTC
in Weapons thread revival Post #324162
I just read the favorite weapon thread lost in age. I was amazed to see that there was none of my favorite weapons from hl1 quoted. As a fan of the series I couldn't let my choice unknown to the world.
The crowbar of course. Allthough it's not my absolute preffered weapon but it almost defines Half Lile like the wrench in Prey...each 3d shooter has its base weapon.
The 357 magnum for it's a typical weapon style which appear in the movies.
The gauss and the egon for their scifi look.
The crossbow because it's a good weapon in Diablo2.
The snark. These little single eyed beasts are very clever and what's small is cute.
There should have be a thread for the favorite monsters too.