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Posted 2 years ago2017-12-06 11:53:35 UTC
in Startmovie doesn't ouput wav file Post #338328
I used OBS studio to record 1080P from GoldSRC at 60fps with no lag. My Pc is about 4 years old.
Posted 2 years ago2017-11-10 10:31:05 UTC
in Any tips regarding water Post #338011
What i was suggesting is that you have 2 entities.

1st entity is the func_water entity you already have. BUT, change the render properties on it so it is invisible. Render mode additive, amount 255. Set the wave height to 0. (have this entity move up and down like you wanted, just now, the player won't be able to see it and iirc it will not have performance problems)

2nd entity is a non solid func_door. Have it cover the exact same space as the water, and script it to move up and down at the same time and rate as the water. BUT, make this door visible, and make it look like water. For example, render mode texture, amount 60.

iirc thats how you make cheaper water.
Posted 2 years ago2017-11-09 12:51:46 UTC
in Any tips regarding water Post #338006
Its been a while, but wasn't there a trick of making the water entity not visible so it does not lag (say, render mode additive amount 0) and then representing the water visually with a non-solid brush entity(s) like a func_door or func_button that looks like water and moves at the same speed as the actual invisible water entity?

I.e. Treat the visual water differently than what the player actually can swim in.

Posted 2 years ago2017-10-20 14:07:32 UTC
in Compiling crash when map gets too big Post #337804
Sounds like the compile is taking a long time, and that perhaps you are impatient?

"not finishing" means its still compiling.

Also, the compile process is not linked to the editor being open or closed. The compilers will continue to run with the editor open or not (csg, vis, rad etc...). (you can always kill them from the task manager)
Posted 2 years ago2017-10-13 09:00:20 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337761
Oh and don´t worry, I won´t convert this to Sven Co-op, like I did in the past as a big mistake, were I was young and stupid. Still feel dirty about that.
Re: trempler

Lol! I just stumbled across that old sven coop thread where you had converted the original caged and i gave you crap about it. Good lord, how young I was XD. You have my apologies. I could care less about it now, and shouldn't have cared then. Keep on mappin' my friend <3
Posted 2 years ago2017-10-06 06:37:37 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337715
btw was it difficult to release it on steam like this?
Bit of a learning curve and just a chunk of time. Going with steam pushed the release date back, say, 2 months, but the mod then received maybe say 20 times or more the players on the platform. So well worth it for the community I think.

Main roadblocks is that the back-end is not automated to handle "mods" so once you are ready to go, you need to get directly in touch with a Valve developer to flag your game correctly.
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-29 07:24:25 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337586
have not played it Satchmo, but I'll give it a whirl at lunchtime some day. Looks neat :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 07:53:25 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337516
@Admer glad it ran good enough on your system :)

You should have had faith, it does say potato acceptable in the steam system requirements.
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 07:49:32 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337515
Thanks for the nice notes guys :)

...Yeah as some noted, I used ZHLT for this project on purpose. Yes there are lots of more modern options, but I wanted the mod to retain the older feel, yet try and push the visuals with the older tech.

JB9K and V.A.T.S. have some pretty involved scripting. It is probably confusing to step through with not much context. If anyone ever has specific questions about how something was done or why feel free to ask or email me - happy to chat about it :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-22 12:35:15 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337463
I'm real curious what scale you built those terminals at for the intro cinematic, they look real swish for Goldsource.
I think the technical term is Friggin Huge. ;D
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-21 20:03:31 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337459
Hope you guys enjoy, game is released.

The "Achievements" unlock bonus content for those wanting more :)

And, there is some juicy easter-egg content few have yet found.
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-19 07:04:46 UTC
in How do I stop npcs from persisting in ne Post #337442
iirc, if you have an associated trigger_transition only the entities inside it will be transferred on level change.
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-07 13:08:18 UTC
in Support different languages - how? Post #337345
That is exactly what I needed. Thank you kind husky dog. :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-07 11:01:29 UTC
in Support different languages - how? Post #337343
Interesting. Thanks for the help and the code link.

I wonder if there is a list somewhere of what naming convention steam will need for the different languages to localize HL1.

Such as _russian _italian etc...

I'll keep digging. :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-07 09:15:17 UTC
in Support different languages - how? Post #337340
hello, does anyone know how to set up support for different languages in a goldsource mod?

Testing the steam install differnt languages of HL 1, I can see that the directory structure is something like this:

half-life/moddirectory/ (normal mod directory)
half-life/moddirectory_russian/ (contains localized russian files, all with filename_russian)

ex: half-life/moddirectory_russian/resource/gameui_russian.txt

What I don't understand is once you add some files into a folder like:


is how do you get the game to launch and actually use the localized language files? Is there a launch command to set the language??

or, does anyone have an example of a mod that has supported multiple languages?

Thanks for any help.

p.s. this page give lots of details of the file loading order for goldsource, but it doesn't describe how to "turn on" a localized folder for a mod:
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-04 13:58:42 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337282
No worries mate :)

@Jeff, definitely will post again on release day.
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-01 20:25:48 UTC
in Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Post #337223
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to introduce the modification I am releasing on Steam September 21st:

Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D.

It is an action packed prison escape in a fully featured expansion of a small map I made years ago.

Some features:
  • Full single player campaign.
  • Unlock-able bonus content.
  • Music from artist Lazerhawk.
  • Developer commentary mode.
There is a trailer up here:

And you can find it on Steam here:

And a couple relevant links:

Thanks for taking a look!

User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 2 years ago2017-08-28 22:20:00 UTC
in How do .NOD files know they are up to da Post #337150
Very Helpful, Thanks Shepard.

Reason for asking is depending on the order steam installs files, the .nod files are seen as out of date and get rebuilt, even though they are not actually out of date.
Posted 2 years ago2017-08-28 07:15:45 UTC
in How do .NOD files know they are up to da Post #337129

Having a problem and hoping some information might help me debug it -

Does anyone know how the engine determines if the nodegraph .NOD files are out of date/sync and need to be rebuilt?

I mean, I know that when you recompile a map, the first time you run it the engine rebuilds the .NOD file asscociated with the map. But how does it know it needs to rebuild the pathnodes?

What is it about the .nod file that lets it know that it is linked to a specific version of a .bsp?
Posted 2 years ago2017-08-10 07:22:51 UTC
in help convert mp3 to HL wav Post #336833
Give it a shot. Don't be that guy :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-08-09 11:06:44 UTC
in help convert mp3 to HL wav Post #336828
I personally don't find it useless, I just do the heavy lifting in sound editor of my choice, and add the cure points elsewhere after export.

My workflow is usually: make sound in audacity - export - add cue points in goldwave - done. Takes about 30 seconds in goldwave.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-21 10:33:45 UTC
in (Help) .prt files in GoldSRC Post #336191
Edit: Posted the below, then realized its not terribly relevant. Move along :)
Couple thoughts:

I've had compiles in un-optimized or overly complex maps back in the day on potato hardware that took over 24 hours. So, you may just need to wait longer.

Alternately, you can sometimes track errors or crashes in cases like this down in a way similar to how you might track a leak (I know this isn't necessarily a leak).

Try this:

Cover the whole map in one giant solid brush. Compile the map (should go pretty quick). No crash? or compile hang? Uncover half the map and compile again - keep doing that until you reach the hang/crash again. You should then have more info about your problem.

Either your compile logs will show that you were approaching an engine limit as you started uncovering more geometry, or you will be able to narrow down which piece of the map was uncovered and is causing your problem.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-13 06:53:53 UTC
in Shifting a whole map in hammer? Post #336009
Cool, thanks Unq :)

As to why I'm doing this:

In Vanilla HL you will get a "swimming/ water splash" noise at the start of your map if the coordinates 0,0,0 are covered by a water volume. It's annoying, so I'm going to shift everything around.
Posted 2 years ago2017-07-12 18:36:40 UTC
in Shifting a whole map in hammer? Post #335998

Are there any known problems or things to look out for if you move a whole maps worth of geometry in hammer?

I need to move my whole map 512 units up in the hammer grid, but was wondering if I should be keeping an eye out for anything in particular like verts shifting off grid etc...

Some other level editors for other games it can be a bad idea.

Thanks :)
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-18 08:42:58 UTC
in maximum number of ambient_generic? Post #334950
Just the information I needed, thank you.

Is there a console command that lists or dumps the value of the current number of used channels?

i.e. is there a way to check how many channels you are using in game to then know how much headroom you have to work with?
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-17 13:33:13 UTC
in maximum number of ambient_generic? Post #334937
Does anyone know the maximum number of ambient_generics that can be playing at once AND be audible by the player?

Can the player, say, hear 10 different .wav sounds, or will only a few of them be played and some be culled or inaudible?

Are the rules different if some of the ambient_generics are playing the same .wav?

Thanks for any input.
Posted 2 years ago2017-05-03 18:07:32 UTC
in target_cdaudio track question Post #334745
Does anyone know what .mp3 files tracks 29 and 30 will play in the target cd_audio entity?

THe only information I can find seems to give the names of the .mp3 files for tracks 1-28.

Also, the .mp3 mappings for tracks 13 and 14 seem to be the same? Or is that incorrect?
Posted 3 years ago2017-03-28 16:21:02 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #334133
Love the waterfall :)
Posted 3 years ago2017-03-06 15:13:50 UTC
in Endgame question. Post #333886
No, remove on fire is not what I was describing. Remove on fire removes the trigger_relay its-self AFTER it fires so it can never be fired again.
Posted 3 years ago2017-03-06 10:37:32 UTC
in Endgame question. Post #333882
If I understand your problem correctly, you can also use a trigger_relay.

Set the killtarget of the trigger relay to the button, or any entity you want to permanently remove, and when you fire the relay that entity will be removed.

Anything targeting or trying to interact with an entity that has been killtargeted (removed) will do nothing.

It also works for multimanagers. If you killtarget a mm, anything in the mm's list that has not yet fired will never fire - essentially stopping the mm in its tracks.
Posted 3 years ago2017-02-21 14:48:31 UTC
in no Gibs BUG? func_breakable Post #333674
Number of gibs spawned is based upon size of the breakable object. I wouldn't be surprised if that is so small that sometimes it chooses to spawn nothing.

Take the same entities and stretch them bigger as a test.
Posted 3 years ago2017-02-03 20:28:51 UTC
in Swimming/water sound at map start? Post #333323

when I load my map directly, or when I transition to it from another map, I hear a brief water/swim noise when the map loads.

This only happens with this map and not others.

What types of things could cause this to occur?

Thanks :)
Posted 3 years ago2017-01-20 08:26:24 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #333118
Nope, looks incredibly dark on my home and work machine.
Posted 3 years ago2017-01-14 19:14:44 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #333059
Scripting a thing - its become... complicated ;)
User posted image
Posted 3 years ago2017-01-03 21:21:13 UTC
in How to teleport an Grunt? Post #332963
Confirmed. Triggering twice works. :)
Posted 3 years ago2017-01-03 16:43:16 UTC
in How to teleport an Grunt? Post #332959
I found a user with the same problem in a thread here:

Looks like the solution was to target the Scripted_sequence a second time after the grunt is teleported????

That seems really weird, but I've seen stranger things.

I'll try it when I'm home and report back.

Posted 3 years ago2017-01-03 16:27:59 UTC
in How to teleport an Grunt? Post #332958
"another scripted_sequence that has walk or run to mark that instantly ends"

Could you clarify this Solo?

Do you mean first walk him to a new SS, then from that first one have him teleport to a second SS?
Posted 3 years ago2017-01-02 23:00:31 UTC
in How to teleport an Grunt? Post #332953
I'm trying to teleport a grunt in vanilla HL and am having some issues.

I have a monster_human_grunt off in a hidden room.
When I hit a trigger I want him to teleport to a specific position and then at that point resume normal AI, and if he sees me, fight me per usual.

For some reason I can't get this to work with a scripted_sequence. No matter what I do, the grunt will teleport, but then will NOT fight me and will stay idling in the position he teleported to. I can walk right up to him and he will not react. He will only fight me after I damage him first. If I put the scripted_sequence off the ground he will even stay hovering until I damage him then he will drop to the floor and work.

I've tried all combinations of flags on and off, action/idle animations set or left blank, search radius to 0 etc...

Does anyone have an example of doing this and it working correctly?

Thanks for your help.

(I don't want to use a monster_maker because as far as I can tell, I cannot choose a monster's loadout with a monster maker. I want my grunt to have a shotgun and no grenades.)

(also, I can set this up with a complicated hack of pushing the grunt into a trigger_teleport, but, i'd rather do it more elegantly if possible)
Posted 3 years ago2016-12-28 09:12:48 UTC
in How to add a particle effect or sprite t Post #332871
Is it possible to add a particle effect or a sprite to a .mdl?

I noticed the Gargantua has its glowing red eye sprite - is this something that can be set up in the .qc of a model?

For example, say I model a lightbulb, can I add a reference to a sprite in the model so when I place the model in game I see a sprite along with the model? (say, to make a glowing effect around the bulb etc..)

This would be for vanilla unmodified goldsource.

Thanks for the help :)
Posted 3 years ago2016-12-28 08:23:59 UTC
in Trigger event when an Apache dies Post #332870
Yeah, heheh, its certainly situational for when it is appropriate.

I had assumed "death" took place on the killing shot, but, it was nice to find out it takes place when it craters - leaves some possibilities :)
Posted 3 years ago2016-12-27 10:31:22 UTC
in Trigger event when an Apache dies Post #332863
Just an informational post -

A while back I was searching for a way to trigger an event on the death of a monster_apache.

The usual triggerTarget/triggerCondition key/values do nothing with this monster unfortunately.

However there is one workaround depending on the setup of your map:

monster_apache will activate a brush based trigger with the flag "monsters" set WHILE it is in its death spiral flying to the ground to blow up.

So, if you give an apache a flight path above a trigger, such that the apache will ONLY fly through the trigger when it falls from the sky and dies, you can detect the death spiral of the apache and then trigger events.

Of course, you cant put the trigger somewhere that other monsters might activate it, but with a bit of clever placement you can make it work in a lot of situations.

Enjoy :)
Posted 3 years ago2016-12-09 07:17:11 UTC
in Error spamming in console Post #332631
No that is not correct.

In your image it shows you referring to 4 different entities:

dr_laser_sound_1 0
dr_laser_sound_2 1
dr_laser_sound_3 2
dr_laser_sound_4 3

What is being suggested is that you have one singe sound entity (ambient_generic most likely) named:


Then, in your multimanager you fire it 4 times. It will then look like this in your multimanager:

dr_laser_sound#1 0
dr_laser_sound#2 1
dr_laser_sound#3 2
dr_laser_sound#4 3

(note that hammer will add the # numbers to the "dr_laser_sound" key on its own. Just add the four different "dr_laser_sound" keys and their times and hammer will take care of the rest).

Also note, than you will probably want the "Not Toggled" flag set on the ambient generic so that each time it is targeted it plays the sound, instead of being turned on and then off with each triggering.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-19 09:46:06 UTC
in Startup videos? Post #332337
So yeah - confirmed it does not work in vanilla from steam.

..Sure, if you have some older version or custom version of the game, yeah it will work.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-18 15:50:55 UTC
in Startup videos? Post #332329
Seems to match my understanding -

Not possible any more in vanilla goldsource.
Possible in HL2/source.

Thanks guys.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-18 09:13:35 UTC
in Startup videos? Post #332324
Is it still possible to have the startup videos play in vanilla goldsource when you launch a mod?

Like valve.avi etc...?
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-14 12:28:13 UTC
in Env_message play random message? Post #332285
Figured, thanks :)
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-14 10:14:14 UTC
in Env_message play random message? Post #332283
Is it possible for an env_message to play a random message? Or can it only display a specific message?

Say, can you create a group of messages and have a env_message display a random pick from between them?
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-13 17:17:46 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #332266
For the osprey ride, how about have another helicopter or 2 flying along in formation in a spot such that they cover up the draw distance/skybox cutoff point?
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-11 16:23:35 UTC
in How to disable 2 trigger_relay's running Post #332248
"Is there a way to break or disable a multi_manager from running in a loop?"


To have a multi_manager run in a loop I would have the multimanager (MM) set up so something is between it and it starting over again - such as:

MM runs and triggers things - as its last operation, MM triggers different entity - Different Entity triggers MM to start the loop again.

To make the Loop stop, just disable the entity in the middle of the chain.

For example, I might set it up so the MM runs, then triggers a game_counter (with a limit of 1, so it fires when triggered) that then triggers the MM again. Using a multisource and an env_global you could enable and disable the game_counter because a game_counter can have a master.
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-31 08:12:50 UTC
in Decal placement on the fly Post #332167
afaik you wont be able to do it with decals, but you can probably make it look the way you want:

In goldsouce you could set up a series of func_wall_toggle brushes.

Make a bunch of func_wall_toggles that have textures applied looking like the various states of ceiling cracks/breakage. When you wan the crack to appear, turn on the appropriate func_wall_toggle and turn off the others.