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in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343311
Posted 1 month ago2019-10-11 21:09:54 UTC
in Preliminary Main Menu Post #343210
yes this was xash3d mod. it is from the guys that remake half-life prerelease versions.
Posted 3 months ago2019-09-07 22:27:06 UTC
in Weird bug in my map... like dust or something Post #343111
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-10 23:15:07 UTC
in Command for getting players position Post #342992
oh right thanks :)
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-10 17:42:17 UTC
in Command for getting players position Post #342990
I guess there was a command for getting players current location XYZ coords. What was that?
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-10 14:21:01 UTC
in Post #342987
have you seen Valve Archive its nice for HL fans.
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-10 14:19:24 UTC
in Fate of Gunman Chronicles Post #342986
Sad. why someone doesnt try to communicate with gunmas original developers.
Posted 4 months ago2019-08-07 14:01:38 UTC
in Fate of Gunman Chronicles Post #342967
What will happen to gunman. is it posible to officially add gunman to sven coop. along with other Half-life expansion packs.
What developers of Sven coop and valve thinks about gunman.
Posted 4 months ago2019-07-26 23:43:26 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #342915
Learning blender. Might make this a skin for new vegas. And, sadly or maybe fortunately i migrated from goldsource to unreal. Now learning unreal and also learning new vegas :DLearning blender. Might make this a skin for new vegas. And, sadly or maybe fortunately i migrated from goldsource to unreal. Now learning unreal and also learning new vegas :D
Also :D
has this WIP completed? i like it. ill give it a try
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-30 10:13:55 UTC
in problem at monstermaker-aiscripted relation Post #342819
-childs name "zm"
-target on release "sc"
-monster type "monster_zombie"
starts on

-name "sc"
-target monster "zm"
-search radius "512"
-move to position "walk"

i guess search radius of aiscripted is too small. im gonna check it now.

edit after checking radius: search radius is now "4096" doesnt work.
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-28 12:00:42 UTC
in problem at monstermaker-aiscripted relation Post #342811
im unable to make montermaker monsters to move a place with aiscripted sequence.
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-28 09:19:43 UTC
in my compo idea making (tl dr included) Post #342810
cool but imposible to implement.

black mesa have lots of 60s stuff exists in year 2000. Onlt this much is possible in 1998

Im also wondering what would valve do if they have much powerful engine and PC technology. I see they are added cool details but not deep enough because of 98's tech limits.

I hope one day when half-life movie was out it will include all details that producers imagined but couldnt implemented.

Posted 5 months ago2019-06-21 01:49:32 UTC
in my compo idea making (tl dr included) Post #342764
@stojke operationally correct architecture interesting idea. hmm🤔 but i think there should not be only safety things. i think we may include food courts kitchen, would be nice to see black mesa facility from an eyes of labor. i think its boring only with scis. modellers could make labor models. then every entry would download and include labors in their maps. and compo would be named "black mesa a living facility" compo may include making all work areas. or every entry may include only one area. some people would make maintanence guys, others make kitchens and food court, etc. i always wanted to see what would happen to frozen foods in office complex' freezer, if resonance cascane never happened. where these food boxes came and where them going?

@Dr. orange Its already obvious "we tried to warn them." but resonance cascade has happened :-D
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-18 19:20:28 UTC
in my compo idea making (tl dr included) Post #342754
@urbanebula hmm i thought open ended this kind of compo would be cool. if this was too open ended then sadly this compo may be imposible to achieve. im gonna narrow and clean the idea later. :)

@bruce its would be cool if you could make it to look like jack and the beanstalk :-D and this is very hard to achieve but i dont know how the results will be. after all i think in this compo, achitectural and artistic quality would be more important than idea to achieve good results.
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-18 18:53:23 UTC
in Found several new Hl1 SP mods..... Post #342753
gonna try next week. when summer break finally arrived. 😂
Posted 5 months ago2019-06-12 19:16:26 UTC
in my compo idea making (tl dr included) Post #342731
how about a building with fancy architecture, and a surrounding fancy garden.

hl maps are made of always indoors or connected halways. (much like a carved playground out of a big block of map)

there are not much big building within a yard that has a useful playground in it. because of engine capabilites

we may challenge ourselves with this compo.

here is sample map ideas:
-a giant tree house.
-a cheateu or castle.
-a command base on desert
-surface units of black mesa.
-a campsite on top of a hill.

but we shouldnt sacrifice gameplay or story it also should have a gameplay function.

for example you can enter and find a way out from frankensteins castle. you may make your indoor area smaller than outdoor but it should be used in main gameplay

and you may add a bit hills or cliffs or a fence around because of not breaking the realism ilusion

you may surround your open area only with a skybox, but its not much suitable to this compo because you can make any hallway map to an open space map with that. so your map should not be like a hallway map surrounded with a skybox. you may use skybox anyway.

you are free to choose garden/building ratio. and you are also free to not place your building in the middle. and also you are free to add any amount of subsurface playground areas as well.

for example you may put your 3 wall of your building looking to your garden, and your 4th wall may have a window with a skybox texture. so you can increase your un interrupted garden area. or you may add an underground wine cellar to your castle. or you may add an abondoned mine on your campsite.

tl;dr key is getting rid hallways and make map more open.

winning criterias might be, fancyness or wideness and quality of wide space. or just arcitecture or even gameplay. or lowness of surrounding cliff. because lower cliff makes maps more open spaced. but you also consider realism illusion otherwise your wide area designs quality gets lower so your compo entrys place will not gonna get higher.

goldsource is preffered because you can make these kind of map in source already. bu if you use source you may not add any hallway like element to your map.

PS:i got bored with writing and quitted from my idea when writing this article.But im gonna make some map some time without hallways.
Posted 7 months ago2019-05-07 20:29:47 UTC
in info_intermission Post #342587
do info_intermission entity works in vanilla hl?
if you know any usefull info please also edit this article
Posted 7 months ago2019-05-07 18:22:51 UTC
in Jack wont launch half life Post #342582
does half-life opens but doesnt load? or do half-life doesnt even opening?
Posted 7 months ago2019-05-07 09:02:12 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #342579
where is detailed news about recent open sourcing?
Posted 7 months ago2019-04-13 17:02:33 UTC
in "Top 5s" 3: Top X Post #342458
of course best and most fun weapon is HLDM Xbow :) <3 <3 just seen like here. i post a thread about this before

Some people hate dying with xbow but i rather hate dying to pro gauss players. damn pro gauss players :)

and one of my funnest weapons team fortress 2 sniper rifle (yeah it has similar gameplay like hldm xbow :) )(and yeah i like annoying guns for my victims :) )

i guess my most favorite thing in shooting games is instanteneous aiming, instantenous hitting, instantenous killing, and accurate guns. but not necessarily sniper weapons.

and i really hate awp from counter strike. because its not accurate as my standarts. its cumbersome to aim effectively.
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-29 12:53:36 UTC
in Custom Skybox? Post #341882
you need to have six images in tga format. all must be 256x256 pixels. you can download custom skys from the net or make your own with modelling programs. or you can make a simple one with paint.

six files must be placed in half-life/modfolder/gfx/env

or in half-life/valve/gfx/env to use in all mods

or in half-life/valve_downloads/gfx/env downloads folders of mods is where maps placed when a server specific file is downloaded from the server (only for steam version)

somethingup.tga for up sky
somethingdn.tga for down sky
somethinglt.tga left

you can use gimp for saving images as tga files. gimp is a free software.

or you can use "xnview shell extension" i love this software. normally you can only see thumbnails of some of the image format. with this program your pc will show other image thumbnails in folders as well.

xnview also adds right click menu options. you can right click a bmp image and quickly convert it to a tga file.

then you need to go map properties in hammer editor end write "something" to cl_skyname option.

or you can edit bsp files for change the skyname of compiled maps. i guess a notepad editor is suitable for editing bsp file.

or you can change a maps sky when creating a server. there is a console command for that.
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-16 17:06:30 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341699
what do you mean by unbroken?
i was thinking hl's coop mode is broken. i didnt know it wasnt

and i also trying to say, trigger changelevels arent working in singleplayer maps when playing MP, are they?
That's probably years away at this point, so i wouldn't bother just yet.
Then im gonna wait. and i will make projects about my own profession. because time wont pass when waiting something will not be released soon :D
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-16 16:32:58 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341697
descibed in Post #339709.
heres post #339709

btw can we make another thread for SL v2 for not to forget cool ideas. and not to flood this thread with weird ideas. :D

cause i have one more idea to implement: unbroken coop mode and seamless level transition in multiplayer server. :D

so solokiller dont bother with forwardthinking ideas for now. he can look the other thread when hes ready to implement :D
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-16 12:52:09 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341691
is it posible to use alternative algorithms over csg, bsp, vis and rad?

because map leaks and, convex and simple brush only mapping is very hard and bottlenecking on map design.

and rad compilings learning curve is too steep. I still dont know how to use expert compiling

so more modern collision dedection and more modern visibility calculation would be nice :D

i hope your sharp lifes mapping learning curve would be less steep too. as less as coding side :)

edit: i mean polygon based mapping rather than brush based mapping, is more powerful.

edit2:lightmaps have too low resolution
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-15 15:36:42 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341668
i dont think hornets any more useful than another entities. and projectile bullets dont necessary with current tiny maps xD my mod is just was an experiment. ill post my youtube channel here if someone like to see my projectiles ;)

there is too much things to request. :)

the crowbar gibbing of corpse is buggy. i guess valve intentionally broke it to lower the gore.

some corpses can gibbed with one hit. others are too much hits and they broke the hitting animation so without swinging the crowbar gibbing the corpses. (so politicians or media or something dont want to see a game where player constantly whacking a corpse. it seems so they removed animations.)

and you cant hit the corpse if that part of corpse is out of the otiginal monsters hull (bounding box)

btw im feeling like im flooding the thread with necessary but tiny requests. can we post bug fix request like this?

I've never dabbled in Source programming and from what i know about it the studiomdl compiler for it is closed source. Maybe an easier to use format could be made for it one day though.
if hl2 smd to hl1 mdl compiler isnt posible, at least hl2 smd file to hl1 smd file can be made. the hl2 smd file format is easy to find, i guess. and there is info about hl2 smd at valve developer site.
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-15 14:58:36 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341663
what about 24 bit textures? ok if only v2 supports this. i cant wait to see v2 :)

and i have coded projectile bullets before. based on ar grenade but it was very buggy and doesnt works if entity limit or something exceeds.

so i thought projectile bullets not suitable for goldsrc. but if it possible without messing with network or entity limits then alright. maybe i was not properly coded.

and there is one more probleb about goldsrc. i dont want to use milkshape. its expensive and limited. i can use blender but its only supports hl2 smd files. so maybe you can make a compiler for hl2 smds to hl1 mdls.
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-15 08:56:01 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341661
ok seperate image files isnt possible. but 32bit texures are possible right :) 8 bit textures are pain in the ass too.

and i wonder is it posible to make projectile type bullets instead of hitscan type :)

(i know i asking too much :) )

hmm it seems with all these stuff you coded someone could make a battle royale mod XD
Posted 10 months ago2019-01-14 15:20:23 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341650
thank you solokiller we dont have experience of other engines. and we cant practice more because our profession is not related computer sciences at all.

so there is a demand for your work. so finally us can use goldsource engine with more features.

i cant map in detailed engines like ue4. and i cant make good maps in goldsource either.

But i like to mod because i want a game fits for my taste.

So bigger maps and bigger textures will compensate my skills.

you told me 3d skybox and HD sky is posible.
are bigger maps and bigger textures posible too?

And wad files are pain in the ass too xD could you make it so we dont need wadded textures.
A image file in the mod folder works very well, at least for developing a mod.
Posted 11 months ago2019-01-05 01:18:28 UTC
in custom blood colours Post #341547
let us know if you starting to code or modify about these stuff.

we may help about how to code new particle codes.

Posted 11 months ago2019-01-04 22:10:46 UTC
in custom blood colours Post #341544
green blood color is yellow.

i assume palette lmp is a color palette where it is used by engine codes to make particles.

such as tracer color
(google bullet tracer)


and the falling black particles when you shoot a wall.

and quake style particles
(not used much in hl1)
but you can activate it by game code
(such as quake 1 style explosion,q1 smoke trace, q1 blue explosion, q1 poison dart trails etc.)

and yellow particles around models when they spawned in bsp brush
(i assume its a debugging feature can be activated in console. enter "developer 2" to console then start map c4a1, or enter console "impulse 76" to see its effects)
(it is also some sort of quake 1 style particle)

thats all i remember for now

also a post by me about blood color

also for more imformation about quake style particles check these links


tar explosion(quakes blue things explosion type

game codes

also you can see particle example on the gif in the examples link(yellow particles falling when a grenade explodes)
Posted 1 year ago2018-11-18 00:35:03 UTC
in Weapon Strip (HUD question) Post #341264
i think after stripping give player a crowbar. then strip again. i think this may solve the problem. only if this can be made using hammer editor.
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-16 17:47:54 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #340900
Yes i mean higher resolutions. Especially very very high ones for example 2048x2048

And if you want to add bug fixes it would great to add these things below. :)

When you shoot sky it will be gunshot particles coming out from the sky brush, can you fix it.

A problem i noticed in hl sdk. It isnt posible to change colors of blood decals. I guess decal colors are hardcoded.
I can change color of blood sprites. but blood decal colors stays the same.
User posted image
User posted image
It would also great if you manage to seperate blood sprite color from palette.
I mean i dont want to use #define BLOOD_COLOR_RED (BYTE)247
Is it possible to use like this below,
blood_color human;
human.r = 256;
human.g = 0;
human.b = 0;
And this would affect both blood color and the blood decal color at the same time.

It would great if you add hammer modding support.
For example add a weapon_generic and monster_generic who can change their models and attributes in hammer.
It would be way easier for modders since they dont code new guns.
They would add a weapon_generic and customize their damage,clip etc.


And It would great too if you could implement 3d skybox support like source does.
So people like me who cant map organic stuff like clifs, can map a boxy play area and surrounding .mdl clifs :)
Goldsource is easier to mod and suitable for smaller development teams. And more suitable to amateur modders.

And I think this skybox would not interfere with retro style of vanilla goldsource. But i dont know is it posible to implement in gameside programming.
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-16 16:31:27 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #340897
Could you implement HD skyboxes?
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-15 12:22:24 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340886
tell more about your mod maybe someone will interest to make your models. and moddb can help you to gather modellers.

there used to be a page for gathering people. But it seems this page is deleted.

You have to share your mods every details at here and add a title like Need modellers for HL2 inspired hl1 mod
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-15 12:02:26 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340884
Because people who wants to follow your mod's updates can follow your mod on moddb
I want to follow because i want to see more of your mod
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-15 09:37:17 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340881
I love your graphic styles. I mean textures and mapping, its my ideal style :)
I hope you will complete this mod.
Do you have moddb page?
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-14 15:40:05 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340877
gonna read all of your tuts thanks.
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-14 15:39:50 UTC
in Can someone explaind these sequence attributes. Post #340876
thank you <3 awesome work more detailed than hl sdk's manuel :)
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-13 16:12:45 UTC
in Can someone explaind these sequence attributes. Post #340868
Thank you most of the information is there.
Ill report after reading, if it doesnt include all necessary information :)
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-13 08:57:46 UTC
in Can someone explaind these sequence attributes. Post #340865
Im so ignorant please help me :)

What is blends? how different is blend01 from blend02
What blend XR -90 90 means
What LX means
What AX AY AZR means
What { event 2001 21 } means
Why need loop? Do game cant loop animations that not made for looping?
Are there any more attributes should i know?
Which tutorials are needed to master on goldsource animations?
Which tutorials are needed to master on goldsource mdl compiling?
What $cbox 0 0 0 0 0 0 means?
what ZR 0 30 means at a bone controller?

From CS gign.mdl

$controller Mouth "Bone01" ZR 0 30

$sequence "crouch_aim_carbine"
blend XR -90 90
fps 30

From HL zombie.mdl

$sequence "walk"
fps 22

$sequence "dieforward"
{ event 2001 21 }
fps 18

$sequence "vent_c1a3"
{ event 1000 1 }
fps 18
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-13 08:30:07 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340864
thank you both of you :) problem solved. But unfortunatery it seems i have to study way more for modding.
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-13 06:36:07 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340862
I have to ask more sorry but im not a professional coder. :)

void CXenTree :: Attack( void )
if ( GetActivity() == ACT_IDLE )
SetActivity( ACT_MELEE_ATTACK1 );
pev->framerate = RANDOM_FLOAT( 1.0, 1.4 );

When i check tree.mdl there is 2 animations. idle1 and attack
Second animation is attack and indexed 1 (the other one is indexed 0)
But how game knows attack in model file is actually ACT_MELEE_ATTACK1 from activity.h

Is there a list says;
ACT_IDLE = idle1
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-12 16:18:17 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340860
are there any associations on codes? i dont see walk animations' names defined in sdk.
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-12 13:57:42 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340858
but how game knows which animation sequence belongs to movement?
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-12 13:47:50 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340857
ok thanks :)
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-12 12:21:04 UTC
in changing NPC walking speed Post #340855
i couldn't find in the sdk
darkulator is what i need :)
yes but i dont know how to use this command. wad files are in the same folder with bsp file. but i cant manage hlrad to see wads.
i want to change lights of a compiled goldsrc bsp file.
is it posible?
i dragged a bsp file over the hlrad.exe and gave me this error,
im not expert compiler so i couldnt fix wad error :)

hlrad v3.4 VL34 64-bit (Aug 17 2015)
Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools Custom Build
Based on code modifications by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh
Based on Valve's version, modified with permission.
Submit detailed bug reports to (

BEGIN hlrad

Command line: "C:\Half-Life Modlama\radiosity\hlrad_x64.exe" "C:\Half-Life Modlama\radiosity\de_dust2.bsp"
Arguments: "C:\Half-Life Modlama\radiosity\de_dust2.bsp"

Current hlrad Settings
Name | Setting | Default
threads [ 4 ] [ Varies ]
verbose [ off ] [ off ]
log [ on ] [ on ]
developer [ 0 ] [ 0 ]
chart [ off ] [ off ]
estimate [ off ] [ off ]
max texture memory [ 33554432 ] [ 33554432 ]
max lighting memory [ 50331648 ] [ 50331648 ]
priority [ Normal ] [ Normal ]

fast rad [ off ] [ off ]
vismatrix algorithm [ Sparse ] [ Sparse ]
oversampling (-extra)[ off ] [ off ]
bounces [ 8 ] [ 8 ]
ambient light [ 0.000 0.000 0.000 ] [ 0.000 0.000 0.000 ]
light limit threshold[ 188.000 ] [ 188.000 ]
circus mode [ off ] [ off ]

smoothing threshold [ 50.000 ] [ 50.000 ]
smoothing threshold 2[ no change ] [ no change ]
direct threshold [ 10.000 ] [ 10.000 ]
direct light scale [ 1.000 ] [ 1.000 ]
coring threshold [ 0.010 ] [ 0.010 ]
patch interpolation [ on ] [ on ]

texscale [ on ] [ on ]
patch subdividing [ on ] [ on ]
chop value [ 64.000 ] [ 64.000 ]
texchop value [ 32.000 ] [ 32.000 ]

global fade [ 1.000 ] [ 1.000 ]
global texlight gap [ 0.000 ] [ 0.000 ]
global light scale [ 2.000 2.000 2.000 ] [ 2.000 2.000 2.000 ]
global gamma [ 0.550 0.550 0.550 ] [ 0.550 0.550 0.550 ]
global light scale [ 2.000 ] [ 2.000 ]
global sky diffusion [ 1.000 ] [ 1.000 ]

spread angles [ on ] [ on ]
opaque entities [ on ] [ on ]
sky lighting fix [ on ] [ on ]
incremental [ off ] [ off ]
dump [ off ] [ off ]

colour jitter [ 0.0 0.0 0.0 ] [ 0.0 0.0 0.0 ]
monochromatic jitter [ 0.0 0.0 0.0 ] [ 0.0 0.0 0.0 ]
custom shadows with bounce light [ off ] [ off ]
rgb transfers [ off ] [ off ]
minimum final light [ 0 ] [ 0 ]
size of transfer [ 1 (16bit) ] [ 1 (16bit) ]
size of rgbtransfer [ 2 (32bit) ] [ 2 (32bit) ]
soft sky [ on ] [ on ]
translucent depth [ 2.000 ] [ 2.000 ]
block opaque [ on ] [ on ]
ignore textures [ off ] [ off ]
reflectivity gamma [ 1.760 ] [ 1.760 ]
reflectivity scale [ 0.700 ] [ 0.700 ]
blur size [ 1.500 ] [ 1.500 ]
no emitter range [ off ] [ off ]
wall bleeding fix [ on ] [ on ]

Load Textures:
Warning: Couldn't open C:\Half-Life Modlama\radiosity\de_dust2.wa_
Opening wad files from directories:
Warning: No wad directories have been set.
Error: Could not locate wad file halflife.wad
Error: Could not locate WAD file
Description: The compile tools could not locate a wad file that the map was referencing.
Howto Fix: Make sure the file '<mapname>.wa_' exists. This is a file generated by hlcsg and you should not delete it. If you have to run hlrad without this file, use '-waddir' to specify folders where hlrad can find all the wad files.

Error: Could not locate wad file decals.wad
Error: Could not locate wad file cs_dust.wad

END hlrad
Posted 1 year ago2018-09-04 17:29:02 UTC
in Restore HL1 moving camera from WON Post #340791
Its called view roll i guess. if it helps.