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Counter-Strike and Sven-Coop have different animation sets for players. You'll need to rearrange your model's animations to match with CS anims(just decompile any CS player model and refer to it when adding/removing/replacing what's needed).
And they definitely have different acts and events in QC file, so keep that in mind, too.
Perhaps, that corpse metaphor is a bit overboard, but I do hope you know what I'm talking about.
Half-Life 1, no, not at all. Maybe it's because of slightly cartoony, comic-book art style(and it's a fast-paced shooter), it's very atmospheric with its ambience but not spooky. Running around in empty maps makes you feel lonely(obviously) and nostalgic.
Source, on the other hand, gives me this subtle feeling of dread. I think one of the reasons for that is slower movement speed. I always feel like I am tied to the ground, like in a dream where you can't run without stumbling. If something is chasing me, I won't make it. This causes paranoia.
Also, the art style is different. Textures and lighting are realistic, it's uncanny. HL2 is eerie already, but remove the combat or everything that distracts you and all that's left is a corpse pretending to be alive.
I'm afraid to play The Stanley Parable because of this shit.
Posted 5 months ago2020-09-09 14:07:15 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344710
yep, I've sent you a message
Posted 5 months ago2020-09-09 08:39:42 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344707
The mod looks very interesting. It does have that Deus Ex vibe.
Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
I can help you with modelling, I have experience in dealing with similar tasks.
Posted 1 year ago2020-02-27 21:41:02 UTC
in Texlights, only for brushes? Post #343808
Posted 1 year ago2020-02-27 15:52:23 UTC
in Texlights, only for brushes? Post #343806
Forgot to tell that you need the latest version of the mdl compiler. It can be acquired from Sven Coop SDK.
Posted 1 year ago2020-02-27 03:00:17 UTC
in Texlights, only for brushes? Post #343803
You can try adding flag "fullbright" in the .qc like this:
$texrendermode texture.bmp fullbright
Xash supports fullbright models, as far as I know, so I think it should work.
Dunno about dynamic lights, though, it's all in the code.
Posted 1 year ago2019-11-26 19:38:53 UTC
in Guess who's coming to dinner... Post #343406
What was causing it?
Posted 1 year ago2019-11-06 09:53:42 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343319
Do they update source code as well?
Posted 1 year ago2019-07-17 09:27:34 UTC
in Competition 38: The Whole Splash Life (Mini) Post #342870
How many maps are allowed? Is it okay to make a series of two-three levels?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-29 01:02:05 UTC
in Brush distortions when using rotate Post #342361
I see. So the best way is vertex manipulation.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-28 21:03:38 UTC
in Brush distortions when using rotate Post #342354
Hi, I noticed that brushes look distorted after I rotate them.
Single brushes may change its width and height slightly, but it's tolerable.
Grouped brushes keep getting their vertices displaced.
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grouped brushgrouped brush
Is there a proper way to rotate without distortions?