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Posted 3 days ago2021-01-15 00:12:28 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345232
Wow, good work! I was just checking your explanation of the issue and when i updated the page the fix was already there. Compiled my SDK with the fixes made for the crowbar and the prediction sync issue of the weapons and it worked just fine.
Posted 3 days ago2021-01-14 22:45:41 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345228
I know i'm late but i've made a video showing the issue:
I'm currently working on a Half-Life project and i would like to ask if its ok if i get the fixed code for that issue and compile it with my SDK. I also want to congrats you guys for this fantastic work, it's nice to see that after all these years people is still giving this game the love it deserves.
Just as an aside, the crowbar fix is in SOHL - it's just 1 new line to add:
Nice! Thank you! I should try it out.
Amazing! Happy new year to everyone (better late than never)! The animations and the sequences are really good and it looks like something Valve or Gearbox woul've made. It would be really cool to see those animations on LD models.
Posted 4 days ago2021-01-14 00:55:22 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345216
This is really interesting stuff! Does this fix the fast crowbar gib bug and the double shot bug from the glock's secondary fire?
Posted 1 week ago2021-01-11 02:01:47 UTC
in Help with tank prefab brushwork Post #345201
Done! I used shear to make that part and it went pretty well. After all this is something that is intended to be used as an entity so there shouldn't be any problems. Thanks for the tips and explaination!
Posted 1 week ago2021-01-09 02:33:17 UTC
in Help with tank prefab brushwork Post #345183
I'm currently making recreations of most of Half-Life's prefabs and i was working with the vehicles when i stumbled across my worst nightmare: THE TANK MODEL. To be honest most of Half-Life's geometry is pretty messed up but i'm trying to fix that. The thing is that i'm having trouble making the "turret" area of the tank (i recreated a lot of prefabs but this has to be the most complicated to recreate since the geometry is pretty weird and i can't get good results without getting invalid solids) so i'm recurring to the most advanced and professional mappers out there to aid me with this issue. I'm gonna leave the file with the prefab in it so you can check it out.

Posted 1 month ago2020-11-19 01:28:24 UTC
in Review everything! [2nd edition] Post #344886

It's a community dedicated mostly to Half-Life modding but they also tend to mod other Valve games (Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead...). This community is full of talented and nice people that is always willing to give a hand to those who need it, they are really passionate for the work they do and show a lot of love for the games they like. I myself highly recommend to join this community if you are looking for help and useful tips so you can start modding yourself!

Team Fortress 2
I actually still have Mrpo's corridor and dormitories maps, but not the wad they need to run. (I think this was a combination of textures from Blue-Shift and Opposing Force)
Really? I remember those maps! Mrpo was my old account! Do you mind if i have a download of those? I would really appreciate that.
Posted 10 months ago2020-02-21 00:24:12 UTC
in Release and Debug, what's the difference? Post #343757
As the title says, what's the difference whitin the both?
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-19 01:12:00 UTC
in Change font color Post #342756
I fixed the problem by using this tool here.

It has a palette editor that makes it even easier since you only have to change the colour from there without having to extract any files.

Thanks for the help!
Posted 1 year ago2019-06-18 21:04:31 UTC
in Change font color Post #342755
It generates the "gfx.wad" but doesn't set the background of the texts transparent. Any ideas on how to fix?
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-18 17:13:48 UTC
in Change font color Post #342751
How do i change the color of the letters that are in the "fonts.wad"?
That's the "LOADING..." icon that appears when you go through a map changeThat's the "LOADING..." icon that appears when you go through a map change
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-28 21:10:59 UTC
in Texture skewing in map editor Post #342356
Wow! Thanks for the info! I've been using J.A.C.K for a long time and i didn't noticed that it had that function.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-27 22:55:13 UTC
in Texture skewing in map editor Post #342345
I'm trying to get my textures alligned properly when they are inclined, like in this tutorial ( but the method shown there is a bit complicated to follow, is there any other way to accomplish this?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-17 13:16:51 UTC
in Cleansuit scientist won't move Post #342281
Oh, i thought that scientists used talkmonster as a base for all their actions.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-17 13:10:54 UTC
in Model has too many sub files Post #342280
Done, edited the model and got rid of the unnecessary files. Thanks for the help everybody!
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-16 21:49:53 UTC
in Cleansuit scientist won't move Post #342267
Ok, i don't want to mess the original code because i'm pretty new at modifying half life's source code but just to make sure, does it need go at the end of the function?
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-15 23:48:32 UTC
in Cleansuit scientist won't move Post #342260
Put breakpoints in the CTalkMonster::FollowerUse method and see what it's doing, if anything.
I looked everywhere but i don't find that specific part.

I noted that he doesn't react to enemies, i put some soldiers in the map and he doesn't seem to be afraid of them.
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-13 22:49:24 UTC
in Cleansuit scientist won't move Post #342254
I'm adding the cleansuit scientist from opposing force to a mod (i'm giving a hand to someone) but he won't follow when i tell him to do so, however, he acts like a normal scientist if i don't do that.

Here's the code:
Posted 1 year ago2019-03-10 03:52:26 UTC
in Model has too many sub files Post #342205
As the titles says, is there any way to get rid of these?
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Posted 1 year ago2019-03-05 23:38:24 UTC
in More mods that never were... Post #342165

Uncommon Courage:

I decided to help the author mainly because i saw potential in it, wasn't something very serious but it helped me to get experience in mod making.

I don't really remember what the mod was about i think it was something related to a soldier or a security guard.

I made quite a lot of progress with this mod, i edited the main menu to fit the mod's style, made some maps, added some sounds, models and even added some NPCs.

What happened?:
I don't remember very well but at some point i decided to stop working on it, the thing i remember very well is that the author was very depressive and had suicidal tendences but i think he is better now because i saw some posts from him in Moddb.


A mod that i literally started out of boredom, it was supposed to be a "remake" of this mod from the same name (

You were an FBI agent that was sent to Black Mesa to check a communication issue with the facility but soon get trapped into the resonance cascade incident.

Same as the first mod, added sounds, models, textures, etcetera...

What happened?:
I simply lost interest in continuing with it.


This was supposed to be my first serious mod. From my side is dead but it isn't all lost with it because i gave the files to a modder i trust in Moddb so you might hear from this mod in a future.

You were an anonymous security guard that was supposed to be guarding the arrival of some materials to one of the various laboratories from Black Mesa but you get teleported to xen during the resonance cascade and then teleported again to the facility but to an unknown location, your objective is to escape.

I made a lot of progress with this one, i had a lot of planned maps, story elements, chapters, references, etcetera but unfortunately everything was left behind since i stopped working in it.

What happened?:
The lack of help (i was working on this mod alone), real life stuff, and the size of the project itself (it was supposed to be a BIG mod) made me give up and abandon the mod.
Posted 1 year ago2019-02-03 22:59:37 UTC
in mod icon Post #341950
It happened the same to me when i was making my mod, i think is a steam glitch or something. I'm gonna suggest a simple solution, just turn your icon upside down, the game will do the same when you load it and the icon should look fine.
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EDIT: Jesus, i just realised this thread is from two months ago, maybe this was unnecessary.
Posted 2 years ago2018-12-18 00:18:50 UTC
in Low definition helmet and kevlar vest Post #341464
Can someone with some modelling experience make a low definition version of the helmet and kevlar vest from blue shift?
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Posted 2 years ago2018-12-13 21:01:03 UTC
in Custom Entity Sprites Post #341447
Those are really nice!
Posted 2 years ago2018-11-11 01:54:40 UTC
in Using black mesa or half life 2? Post #341228
Hey there, so i'm learning modding for source because i think it's more user friendly than goldsrc, makes mapping easier and also because of the realism that gives. I was thinking of using black mesa as a base to make my mod mostly because takes place there but i don't know if this is convenient, the other option is start from zero using half life 2 as a base, modify/add some things and put some textures. Wich option is the best?
Posted 2 years ago2018-11-03 13:34:51 UTC
in Half Life skies without cliffs? Post #341147
This is the mod i was talking about:

It combines software mode with opengl!
Posted 2 years ago2018-11-03 04:00:09 UTC
in Half Life skies without cliffs? Post #341132
Thanks! I didn't know that texture existed!

I'm going to recycle this post, is there a way to use software render in opengl mode? I remember someone doing this, he had opengl but the render ingame was software. I like the look that offers, opengl has everything blurred and looks bad in my opinion.
Posted 2 years ago2018-10-30 14:23:54 UTC
in Half Life skies without cliffs? Post #341095
Does exist a tool that makes skyboxes for Half Life? I want them without the cliffs.
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-28 01:39:51 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #340959
I began mapping for my mod. The coding stuff tired me.
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-26 14:38:32 UTC
in (REQUEST) Voltigore from op4 Post #340956
That would very usefull!. Does it work as an standalone mod?
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-26 12:57:55 UTC
in (REQUEST) Voltigore from op4 Post #340953
I was thinking the same but then i realised about the next:
  • I don't own a copy of op4 on steam.
  • The hud color is green and i want it to be blue (like in bshift) but that would requiere an sdk in order to change but since op4 doesn't have one that wouldn't be possible.
  • The flashlight has the same issue from the hud.
I know using oppossing force is the easiest way to deal with the npcs issue but it's not an option for me.
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-25 23:39:39 UTC
in (REQUEST) Voltigore from op4 Post #340948
I want to add the voltigore as an enemy to my mod for variety and because it's my favourite enemy from op4 but i don't have a convincing code for it. I've got one from a guy called Demiurge, i think it was from a russian site, and tried to edit it a little bit but the results are, as i expected, very mediocre.
Does someone have a code for this that i can use? That would really come in handy.
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-20 22:10:49 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340926
Sorry for reviving this thread but i don't want to spam the forum with my posts. I've recently added otis (fat security guard from op4) to my mod, he behaves the same as barney but for some reason he won't say and do anything if the player attacks/kills a scientist or a fellow security guard. Why does this happen?
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-19 12:57:26 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340913
What i'm going to say does nothing to do with the topic of the post but can someone tell me why do sparks appear over npcs heads?
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-18 09:50:09 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340908
I want to make the black ops a different faction from the hgrunts just like in op4 with male and female assassins being allies and attacking the grunts but my problem is that the assassins attack each other is if they were enemies not allies. Sorry for my post, is a bit confusing
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-18 00:09:56 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340905
So i've added a new class to the game in order to make the assassins a different type from the hgrunts because i want to add the black ops from op4 but when i test it on game the assassins attack each other. Maybe i'm missing something, i don't know much about this, it's my first time using the hl1 sdk, can someone give me a hand?
Got it! Many thanks!
I've noticed that hgrunts have different voice pitches for most sentences but not for the pain and death sounds. So i want to add this just to give consistency. I know that it's possible when transforming this sounds into sentences but i'm stuck at this point.
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-07 16:00:42 UTC
in skill data issue Post #340811
I got it! Many thanks! I've missed that one
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-07 11:56:38 UTC
in skill data issue Post #340808
You mean skill.cfg?
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-06 23:08:24 UTC
in skill data issue Post #340804
So i'm trying to add a zombie barney into my mod but i'm having an issue with this because i'm having the next error: " 'zombiebarneyHealth' is not a member of 'skilldata_t' ", i find this really strange because i've alreday added the skill health into "game.cpp" and "gamerules.cpp" so this error shouldn't appear.
Can someone give me a hand with this?
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-04 21:38:58 UTC
in Restore HL1 moving camera from WON Post #340795
It worked very well! Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
Posted 2 years ago2018-09-04 16:20:41 UTC
in Restore HL1 moving camera from WON Post #340789
Hello, can someone give me a hand with this? I want to restore the "moving camera" effect that was present in the WON version of Half-Life, i saw many mods doing this. If you don't know what i'm talking about watch this video (link text), you will notice the camera slightly moving when the player does, that is what i want to re-implement.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-20 12:17:17 UTC
in (REQUEST) HL Blue Shift blue hud Post #339975
I tried reinstalling several times but the problem persists
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-20 04:34:34 UTC
in (REQUEST) HL Blue Shift blue hud Post #339971
Can someone give me a cl_dll that contains the blue hud for bshift? Mine for some reason it's still orange i tried to search it on the internet but there aren't files related to this issue.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-20 01:11:30 UTC
in How to make damage indicator sprites? Post #339970
Tested on software and it works perfectly fine! Gonna do a few tests to see if i can make it work on opengl. Many thanks for the explainations and help!
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-18 22:16:23 UTC
in How to make damage indicator sprites? Post #339953
Thanks! I made this:

link text

The sprites are the same size as the originals and are in the correct order but as soon as i test it on game the custom sprites don't appear, what i'm doing wrong?
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-17 20:25:28 UTC
in How to make damage indicator sprites? Post #339936
Something quick, how do i make the damage indicator sprites? i'm talking about those red things that show up when you recieve damage.

I tried several times but when i test them on game my custom sprites get replaced with the default ones.
Posted 2 years ago2018-06-14 01:22:13 UTC
in (REQUEST) Original HD pack Post #339911
Does someone here can give me a dl link for an original hd pack?
I just need the "models" folder. I was looking for one on the web but the only packs available are the sd packs and i don't think those would fit hl.

Posted 2 years ago2018-06-10 12:41:05 UTC
in (REQUEST) PS2 grunts Post #339864
Thanks for the suggestions! but im just looking for the ps2 models, i think the pc port of decay has this models.