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Posted 4 days ago2020-08-05 07:50:13 UTC
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Ohhhhh! That makes sense! Still excited about the extra ents to rig things up with though!
Posted 5 days ago2020-08-04 12:02:22 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344594
I'm really looking forward to all of the stealth additions (Rocks, AI distraction, etc), physics, map extensions, time cycle entities, Fmod and vehicles. as well as the func_novis (which is actually a thing in CZDS, Func_stealth).

Oh! and the tools, lockpicks and the such!
Posted 6 days ago2020-08-03 10:41:39 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344590
@Captain P It is! Thanks!
I Wonder if Hammer could even render that out.... 0_o
Here's a lil video of the B-line to exit Hub level!
Game crashed at the end due to wonky level change
*@Admer *
I am veeeery excited about the ADM tools. A lot of the features would suit what I'm making at the moment!
Cool thing about the mission 'map' area, It works almost identically (I think, from what I've seen) to the NewGameDialog.res file in HL.

Not gonna lie though, it is pretty whack to try and add a mission. I'm not sure if its a hard coded reference or if its just controlled by .RES files.
In my mod, I've disabled it for now. The main menu works like HL with training and what not.

Oh and yeah, only a small population has made maps or mods for it. the most significant one I can think of is Little Dong, one of the contributors to the .FGD file.
Just an update: The FGD is now in the archive! I might update it if/when I figure out what else is missing!
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-07-26 02:44:42 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344572
Big ol' WIP.
EDIT^ I'm not familiar with this kind of forum posting... The image is hyperlinked but not showing up in the post.

Fixed - Urby
Ohhhh, right into the FGD zip would be the perfect spot.

Looks like I gotta call Penguinboy!
Hello again!

I have a decently compiled .FGD (mind you, its not perfect, but it's all feature complete) and I personally use it to make my mods and such.
Its a derivative of the one on the Valve developer site combined with the superior version of the more up-to-date version of Dongs (who made some cool maps for the game). It also adds all the guns and other things such as cut content (that part is commented out though due to not having SDK access).

It would also help the Entity Wiki if we have more hands on the CS single player wild ride!
Thank you Admer! loooooong time lurker though! This site has been a wonderful resource for all of my woes!

Thanks for the fix too. I implemented the file and edited some stuff and it worked like a charm!
Hello all, I'm the new guy today!

Currently I'm modding CSCZ: Deleted Scenes and I'm up to changing the colors of the menu texts. (New game, Load game, etc...)

The clientscheme.res file isn't reflecting the changes, I'm not entirely sure if its possible to do so. It might possibly be hard coded (unfortunate, CSCZ: DS SDK when?).

So, any ideas?