Advanced Brushwork Mini-Compos Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 06:44:03 UTC Post #211967
If you get a good portion of it done, feel free to submit it unfinished on the last day--or whatever day really. I hope you finish it, Dr. Viper! :)

Huntee: YOUR first minicomp too?! NO WAI!!1 :P :o [/sweet]

Deadline notes:
To reiterate the two ways a compo can end, It's over after february 14th, or when 5 entries are in.

So if I turn on my computer one day and there are 12 entries present, I'd officially close down the compo because at least 5 entries were in, but the other 7 would also be accepted too.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 06:49:05 UTC Post #211968
I want to enter, but i don't like cars.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 07:04:22 UTC Post #211971
I'm having fun with all the small detail stuff, and I'm gonna try to custom texture it, as well sounds and some interactivity. (What I'm able to finish is a whole 'nother thing. :) )

It really is a lot of fun. Even if you don't enter, you should build one sometime, just for the experience. :)
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 07:07:52 UTC Post #211972
If you really want pimpage, make the car move, using angular velocity on the wheels. But don't make the car turn corners. It screws up the wheels.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 18:54:34 UTC Post #212023
My Ford Explorer after 3 hours of work >>
If I finish it, I'll try to add some surroundings and ambience.

I also forgot I had this done a while ago, but oh well... >>
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 18:58:40 UTC Post #212024
Here's what I've done. I haven't even gotten mine out of Hammer yet.
Not that I can't get it out of Hammer, I just haven't done a test compile yet.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 19:37:06 UTC Post #212032
ho-ley detail.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 19:54:45 UTC Post #212035
Kasperg: Your first link no worky.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 20:42:05 UTC Post #212036
Are you sure? It works for me in Firefox...
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 20:44:26 UTC Post #212037
And in opera
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 22:04:51 UTC Post #212041
Nope, doesn't work in either for me.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 22:32:20 UTC Post #212043
Works for me.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 22:43:16 UTC Post #212044
Kasperg: That Jurassic mobile exites every part of my being... even my pee pee! :P Seriously, it is friggin sweet!!1 :o

Dr. Viper: Astonishingly detailed. I hope you finish! is it going to be 1:1?
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-09 23:00:13 UTC Post #212046
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 01:42:18 UTC Post #212058

One more update and that will be it: just have to add some small detail items and a try at custom textures.

Some bugs maybe some of you might have some insight on:

-I made the driverside door--2 func_rotating made "passable"--are buggy as heck. sometimes one opens and on stays shut.

-If you go inside and close the door, all is fine, but if you open it again it reverses direction!!

-the mm that triggers the 2 doors--one for the glass and one for the door itself--also triggers a dome light inside. Sometimes for no reason at all the light will not turn off or on, but most of the time it works--restarting the map seems to fix this, but it's kinda annoying.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 01:51:48 UTC Post #212059
Nice rims, Rowley :D That alone gives it a 5/5.
Edit: I'm up to 121 solids and 683 faces.
Edit Edit: This is the last update I'll be giving before releasing it.
The glass on the headlights will be transparent ingame with the headlights visible behind the glass.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 02:09:37 UTC Post #212062
Wow... You've got a long way to go, unless you're just planning on releasing the front bumper! :D
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 03:54:58 UTC Post #212064
Here's my '88 Camaro Iroc-Z so far
YES im entering
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 04:30:59 UTC Post #212067
reminds me of shit!

LOL just kidding!
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 04:46:25 UTC Post #212068
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 04:55:49 UTC Post #212069
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 05:26:31 UTC Post #212070
Lol. I just finished the rear bumper too. No screenies yet because the lack of textures kills it.
I'll have it rougly done tomorrow.

then its in to interior and a system!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 06:27:17 UTC Post #212073
WC, nice start, looks very clean, not much to optimize there, best would be to extrude the edges onward following the lines of the hood.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 06:30:23 UTC Post #212074
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 09:43:23 UTC Post #212083
> 4 days left! Use your time wisely! *cough Wcd *cough *cough :P

Yay Tetsu0! Looking superb so far... and those rims, jeez/wow! :o

I can't wait to see all the finished entires. Mine will probably be in sometime today.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 19:47:05 UTC Post #212132

detailing the inside is going to be much harder :(
I also need a RAD parameter to smooth the lighting of the exterior surface. Triangles are clearly visible when you get close...
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-10 19:54:34 UTC Post #212134
front grill looks good.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 02:41:29 UTC Post #212143
Wow, that's just so amazingly 1337, Kasperg. I love you now. :heart:

Still, I'd like to see a slightly bigger picture.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 02:46:04 UTC Post #212144
Kasperg what RAD settings do you use for optimal smoothing? I'm on 1 for smooth, 8 for chop, and 4 for texture chop and I can still see the triangles on mine fairly easily.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 03:12:44 UTC Post #212145
I thought it was impossible to completely smooth things out in Goldsrc. I suppose you could get fairly close, though.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 03:22:48 UTC Post #212146
yeah im pretty sure smooth shading is outta the picture. That does look pretty cool, kasp.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 08:08:57 UTC Post #212153
Here's a bigger pic. Errors are now more visible.
RAD settings don't seem to help at all, so I'll just have to try out different angles for the final lights in the map.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 18:45:35 UTC Post #212181
That last image isn't loading for me Kasperg. Your truck is looking great btw! :)

I've found at most of the rounded parts of my car--made up of masses of 4-sided spikes with everything NULLed except the visible faces--, look distinctly different from the rest of the car.

I'm going to try to make the map brighter and/or scale down the textures to see if it helps.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 18:49:17 UTC Post #212183
I clicked on it last night, and it worked then, but it's not now. Maybe it's just a problem with ImageShack. :
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 19:56:30 UTC Post #212188
When exactly does this competition end? I need to know the exact time of day because I'm afraid I'm going to need every minute I have. Will it end as soon as the clock hits midnight the 14th or will it end at the end of the day on the 14th?
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 20:08:08 UTC Post #212189
It will probably be the day following the 14th, because that's when I'll most likely get to turning my computer on. So probably 11am EST. (That is of course unless, between now and then 5 entries are sumitted lol :) )
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 20:17:34 UTC Post #212191
I just finished mine. How does the submitting procedure work? Do I upload it to the map vault?
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 20:23:04 UTC Post #212192
Here's how it works:
1. Compress your map and the map's source in a ip or rar folder.
2. Upload the folder to a server.
3. Don't post it here, as you will endanger my chances of getting mine in.
4. Don't tell anyone where to download the map.
5. Eat Cheetos.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 21:03:28 UTC Post #212197
LOL does anybody read the rules?! :)

Put it in the Map Vault and link to it in the minicompo thread (that's here :P). Woohoo can't wait to play it! :)

WCD: I really hope you finish your entry. If you don't, please submit if unfinished anyway! ;)
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 21:42:27 UTC Post #212199
Ok link!
I know some textures could use more work, but it'll stay like this.
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 21:56:15 UTC Post #212200

God that looks great! Textures and scale look flawless, and you have some fancy bruswork there most certainly! May I ask how you judged the scale?

I'll give a full review tomorrow or later tonight ;)!
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 22:08:31 UTC Post #212201
LOL, the scale is totally wrong, so I created a clip brush in the floor to make the player seem taller. It's a cheap method but it does its job ;)
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-11 22:29:20 UTC Post #212203
Whatever you have to do! :) The scale is wrong on mine too--not that you can get it perfect anyway. It's still too tall, but if I make the top of the car any smaller, you can't get into it.

I was thinking about putting sidewalks beside it to artifically lower the height, but your clip idea is much better :)

To scale mine, I resized until the wheel looked about the right size, and then based the size of everything else off that--the hood is 1.5 wheel widths, the chassis is raised above the ground 1/3 or one wheel diameter, etc. Even after all that, I still reduced the size of it a couple of times to make it all look right! :P

If I had this to start over again, I would make a simple boxy shape of the car's dimensions as best as I could judge and acertain an approximate length/width. Then I'd scale a custom texture of the car's profile to those dimensions, and just "cut out" the car to get the right shape. Too bad I didn't think of that before! :P

Anyway, enough of my ranting!
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 03:46:52 UTC Post #212212
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 04:22:32 UTC Post #212217
Wow i just realised that this thread has been going for ages...
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 04:23:52 UTC Post #212218
Um what's this compo 10 thingy? I'm really clue less...
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 10:37:41 UTC Post #212248
I just have to finish my interioir and im done!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 10:44:32 UTC Post #212249
Ill have a look at the maps when I get a chance, but I wont judge until 14th, incase you decide to edit something, as I done, but nobody noticed :P:D - didnt you wonder why the lemons in my fridge looked so flat? you could originally pull out that drawer

Jeeso, these cars are spectacular :P
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 17:39:34 UTC Post #212296
Posted 15 years ago2007-02-12 19:21:01 UTC Post #212315
Son of a bitch... my car is about a foot too wide and I can't change it at this point.
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