Advanced Brushwork Mini-Compos Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 03:46:58 UTC Post #207266
Wewt. Second place!
Grats Daub and Srry for your top 3.
I really should've made my last door rotate out. Only thing was i caouldnt synch the rolling and i would've needed 2 doors to teleport in eachother's place. so i just kinda gave up and sent in a sliding one.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 04:04:21 UTC Post #207269
penguinboy: Good idea!

Rowleybob: I'm not sure I have any ideas for what the next compo would be, so I'll just let you do it. Besides, I've got too way much other stuff going on right now. :)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 07:22:18 UTC Post #207274
Next compo, next compo!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 13:41:29 UTC Post #207298
Mah 1st minicompo trophy! :glad:

Next compo!
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 20:14:49 UTC Post #207344
Compo #9 - Detailed Kitchen

Minicompo homepage Update (hopefully more website updates soon)

If you bitches would like a nice little basemap for this compo, I'd be happy to quicky construckt one :P

Have fun and good luck!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 21:23:06 UTC Post #207349
dammit, a detailing compo.......make another entity one :P
and stop using imagemaps!! oh god they are bad.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 21:40:20 UTC Post #207350
They're brushwork compos. You sure could use some fancy entity setups to make you detailed brushwork look nice though :)

And yes I know the site is bad. What do you think if I use bigger text/different colors? I notice certain colors look better than others, like white text on a blue background looks great, whilst white on green looks quite horrid for some reason.

When ZL finishes the layout, I'm sure me editing the content will ease me into learning HTML, and then, no more imagemaps!!1 :)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 21:46:04 UTC Post #207351
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 21:56:41 UTC Post #207352
How long does this one last? Until 5 entries again?
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 21:59:54 UTC Post #207353
you'll never get 5 entries for this.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 22:05:29 UTC Post #207354
Well, I hope you're wrong :) Do you think so even with the basemap?

If that's the general consensus, maybe we'll change it.

What would you like to see for a minicompo?
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 22:29:29 UTC Post #207355
map something to be blown up.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 22:57:53 UTC Post #207356
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-23 23:09:09 UTC Post #207357
Thanks!1 (fixed)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 04:34:39 UTC Post #207367
Using a base map for this compo would be a very bad idea. You're looking for creativity and complex brushwork, yes? A base map doesn't really allow that kind of creativity of complexity.

But then again I don't see a base map anywhere, I've only heard about one so I could just be talking out of my ass here.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 05:31:12 UTC Post #207369
Well I'm in.
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 05:50:48 UTC Post #207371
I'm not sure I'd do the kitchen minicompo, but I do like Penguinboy's idea! Blowing stuff up is always fun!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 09:23:54 UTC Post #207385
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 14:51:55 UTC Post #207409
lol i already have a base map for this one but might as well continue with it.

Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-24 17:57:09 UTC Post #207432
Well I'll take that as a "no" on the basemap. :)

Still if some people want it, I'll be happy to build one. Maybe we could make it an optional "map from base" minicompo? (or maybe not :))

So we have at least 2 people participating, so I guess this compo is a go!


Posted 15 years ago2006-12-25 17:05:36 UTC Post #207506
I really hope the base map isn't a must, cause I've spent the last 3 days on an entry from scratch.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-25 22:33:02 UTC Post #207532
espen if u need to i'll compile it for ya. i have more than enough computer power to handle it. send me a pm
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-25 22:37:06 UTC Post #207533
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 15:17:17 UTC Post #207575
Yessir. just send me a pm and an email.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 17:44:31 UTC Post #207586
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:03:27 UTC Post #207592
Cause sometimes the compile just won't work on my comp.
I have to agree with Orpheus. I doubt it's your computer. :unsure:

Either: You're not letting the compile finish, or you have some sort of error crushing your compile--like that complicated arch from your prefab map! ;)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:12:12 UTC Post #207594
Check your Hammer Options/Game configurations and Build programs. That should be an easy problem to fix ;)

If you can't figure it out, post a thread in the HL discussion Forum and we;ll get it figured out! :)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:21:24 UTC Post #207595
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:25:30 UTC Post #207597
As the great Habboi once said: "that's just how he is." :)

I'll admit I used to take your "style" of comments a bit prickly at first, but not anymore... well, for the most part. :P
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:40:34 UTC Post #207600
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:53:31 UTC Post #207602
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 18:58:06 UTC Post #207603
On the topic of compile failure:

The times I have had this problem is when I close hammer improperly (such as a forced shut-down) and it loads up the auto-save file, which I use to compile. Loading up the original save file solves the problem... for me at least :D
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-26 19:03:46 UTC Post #207604
Yeah too, if you abort the compile for whatever reason, make sure you go into the task manager and kill the VIS or RAD process, as it will continue running until you do :)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 02:31:33 UTC Post #207626
Well i dont really care either way. If i can help someone, i will.
Now... another question about the compo before i get toooo detailed with my kitchen..

What are your system specs (j/w) because i have a crapload of itsy tiny small stuf that has to be rendered.
I highy doubt this map will run properly on a machine more than 3 years old.

But. i could be wrong.

Orpheus, you'll get yer pm, and espen, you dont owe me anything.

oh and

i already finished my kitchen, now i have to meticulously detail it!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 07:17:54 UTC Post #207668
... That's NOT a 6 year old computer. 256 MB video card? Athlon XP 2500+? Hell, that'd be like the fastest consumer computer in the world if it was made in 2000.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 07:24:28 UTC Post #207671
Indeed you do. Seems like I saw this article once dated 2001 that told of the fastest computer on the market at the time, and it was only 1.1 GHz.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 07:49:51 UTC Post #207675
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 07:56:10 UTC Post #207676
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 10:40:53 UTC Post #207687
Espen, either you're not the smartest, or you're making shit up about your specs without having any idea what you're talking about.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 15:16:57 UTC Post #207705
WIP screenies, here and here.

Don't mind the misaligned texts and point lights, 'twas just a test compile.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 15:32:38 UTC Post #207707
looks great.

Is it 1:1 or a rats map or what?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 15:39:47 UTC Post #207709
Nah, normal scale.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-28 13:41:02 UTC Post #207796
That looks pretty B.A.
I'll get some screenies in when i get some better textures for my map.


Textures are a little better. Once again, im using mspaint for all of these lol.
User posted image

It's modeled after my actual kitchen. The marble countertops i generated using wally (so cool) and my microwave and oven are black but google gave me those and beggars cant be choosers.... so i'm using em
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-28 18:21:47 UTC Post #207811
Looks good.

Find a bigger fridge tex, the one you're using now is way too stretched.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-28 18:29:49 UTC Post #207812
Quite Bad ass Caboose and Tetsu0!!1

I tried to tell you guys to make you entries less-good for this compo--to make judging easier--, but apparentyly, you're not very good listeners! :D

Tetsu0: Quite nice textures, though I agree with Caboose about the fridge. You really did all those in MS Paint?!? :)

Caboose: Looks amazing--is that HL1? :P

I'm glad we're getting a good response from this compo. I have the next one lined up and I plan on facilitating it as well--I think you-all will like it :)

(If the winner of the current compo wants to facilitate the next compo and has a good idea, I'll consider holding my idea for compo #10 'till a later date.)

Keep up the good work!
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-29 00:07:53 UTC Post #207844
Yeah, those are all mspaint.
And im workin on the fridge. I have to finish my cabnetry first
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-30 17:57:44 UTC Post #207965
every one of them
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-31 13:16:54 UTC Post #208062
that wont work. :-D

Back to compo details.
I have a lot more work to do than originally expected. Im not tooo worried as there arent any entries yet, but im still kinda in a hurry to get this done.

(Btw the toaster works)
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-31 15:21:00 UTC Post #208067
ugh, actually. yes
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-31 22:38:28 UTC Post #208097
New update for my kitchen :-D
User posted image

MAX Wpolies SO FAR is about 1050.
Everyone can handle that right?
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
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