Advanced Brushwork Mini-Compos Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Created 16 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 10:30:46 UTC Post #192093
Elon, you have a serious "look at me, im so good, i own every other mapper" attitude sometimes.

Edit: What im saying is that remaking a HL1 level out of lego texture may not be as easy as you might think, demension wise.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 10:59:35 UTC Post #192094
Well sorry mister expert, but i sadly never played with lego.. Im making a map out of the textures muzz provided, which i might add are all blocks
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 10:59:50 UTC Post #192095
I said things here and there, you just didn't get it rowely, my idea was to make an object out of brushes that looked like it was made of legos.

like a lego building, or a lego star destroyer, or a castle, etc.

maybe we can do that another time, right now im doing fine with the remake a HL map out of legos while sticking too the advance brushwork ideas
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 11:43:24 UTC Post #192098
1 Day: 8 Hours: and change left in Lego HL compo

Hunter: SWEET! I was gonna do that room too, bitch! ^_^

M_Garg: Well I wish you could have clarified before the compo started. It really is my fault though, but I can assure you it shant happen again ;)

Muzz: If you're not entering this compo, would you mind judging it? If not, I will, or I'll find somebody to do it so I can enter too :) Btw, the textures look great ;)

To All: If your posting compo ideas, try hard to be specific about what your after, so we can get it rolling as soon as possible.

Speaking of which, let's hear some ideas for the next compo!

Random minicompo idea #5768:

-Build a unique/detailed, functioning elevator
-extra points for brushing acrobatics and elevator functionality
-custom textures a-ok
-3 days time limit
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 12:45:37 UTC Post #192100
Rowley: Sure, i can judge this. :)
-Build a unique/detailed, functioning elevator
-extra points for brushing acrobatics and elevator functionality
-custom textures a-ok
-3 days time limit
Lets do this one after the lego compo!
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 13:07:40 UTC Post #192101
ya, then later do a more advanced lego compo
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 13:09:16 UTC Post #192102
Nice compo, rowley, I might join.

Muzzle: Nah, sorry if I gave you that impression, I was just annoyed with his map. Lego not always have to be blocky and ugly, you can build pretty neat stuff with it. I mean no offence but, hunter, you can do much better, you just under estimate lego.
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 19:15:44 UTC Post #192131
Elon is right. I googled lego pieces and forgot all the different shapes like the triangle ones to make wings, and many, many other shapes!

I finally picked a section of Anomalous Materials to do in Lego...can you gess what part? Screens soon :)

M_Garg: For sure :)

Muzz: KK :) I hope you join the next one too!

Elon: TY :) I hope you join!
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 21:39:57 UTC Post #192134

We need to make a Source version of this thread soon. I want to compete so baddly!!!!!! :badass: :badass: :badass:
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 22:16:29 UTC Post #192138
Why not make one, Rotor?

Or, Drop the inferior Source Engine for the original! :badass:
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 22:22:22 UTC Post #192139

I vote for the elevator compo after this one. Let's not screw up the original rules ok?
Posted 16 years ago2006-07-31 22:26:41 UTC Post #192141

K, Elon, Muzz and VOX all say they're in, so The elevator compo will be start immediately after compo #5 ends--21 Hours: 40 Minutes, and change.

The rules will be the same as the above post, and you'll have 3 days. Official brief page wil be up tomorrow sometime.

I'll try to find somebody to judge so I can participate too! Maybe Alexb911 again, or someone else who's interested.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 00:02:24 UTC Post #192143

User posted image

Hopefully, one more update before the deadline.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 00:15:38 UTC Post #192144
I'm already working on the elevator compo because I only have two days starting tomorrow anyway.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 01:13:17 UTC Post #192146
THER, i got the thread up, so HA :badass:
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 08:42:02 UTC Post #192168
Kinda... useless.

Thats neat, Rowley, but you need to reallign some of the textures, like the yellow ones in front of the pic, with the buttons. In real life, thats not possible. I hope you know what im talking about. :)
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 10:38:39 UTC Post #192178
I already have a theme for my map! I'm going to use gunman's textures and quake2's skies. This will be great... maybe it will be able to enter a recreate an old game compo too... since it's inspired by Quake2's secret space base level.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 11:46:24 UTC Post #192190
There was a secret space base level? I thought that was the boss level.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 12:23:48 UTC Post #192197
There are two space base levels, one was the 'final showdown' and the other was 'comunication centre'. I wont spoil anything else... I know too much about the game. Although I would like to know if there are more then two secret levels. The two I know of are 'lost station' and 'comunication centre'.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-01 20:46:14 UTC Post #192231
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 00:41:51 UTC Post #192253
Rowleybob, something have come up, I'm going to use my original idea for a diffrent map... although that I might come up with another.


I have another idea now, and it's in xen. Xen's elevators!! :biggrin:

Edit #2:
I'm not sure if I'll make it to the dead line, my map takes a bit more time to create because of the xenish enviorment.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 10:41:11 UTC Post #192271
God damnit I have a completely sealed room and it says there is a leak. No brush in the entire fucking map has more than 6 sides. Pointfile points nowhere, and I see no void while flying through....If i don't find it I'm out guys this sucks.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 10:50:53 UTC Post #192272
Remember two other reasons for leaks:
Entity somewhere in the void.
Brush-based entity (usually a func_wall) acting as a limit with the void.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 11:16:13 UTC Post #192274
I know all the reasons for leaks. I had to remake the ceiling of my map to get rid of it, yet there were no structure errors. Odd. I just made it less complex, but the same shape remains.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 13:15:18 UTC Post #192279
I was going to do a xen vader!

I guess I'll have to make it a better elevator
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 13:19:51 UTC Post #192280
Use the big block method, check rust's tutorial.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 13:27:36 UTC Post #192281
My map will pwnzor all ur mapzorz
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 14:54:22 UTC Post #192285
Guess what this is! :glad:
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 15:41:40 UTC Post #192288
A diseased horse vagina?
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 16:52:20 UTC Post #192295
it needs to be textured better
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 17:00:35 UTC Post #192296
VOX wins
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 17:19:56 UTC Post #192298
2 Days: 2 Hours Left for #6. Get those entries in and feel free to discuss the next minicompo!

Mini #5 - Gayly, I was the only entrant, so I guess another gold for me...
User posted image
Elon/VOX: Yay you're actually entering :) Anybody else in this one too?

Huntee: Are you in this one? If not, would you be interested in judging?

VOX: Whenever I get an error nowadays, I log them. Maybe one of these concerning leaks can help you:

Leaks: Be careful when "func_walling" things to ease up on VIS, that your not creating new entites that can "see" into th void, and thus what you think is a "sealed wall" now becomes a big fat leak.

--Leaks2: An entity anywhere outside the map--void--will give you instantly a leak, and possibly if the path of a brush-based entity will travel oustide during it's movement. Not tested the latter.

--Leaks3: Grouping a blue brush rendered to invisible with a func_pushable causes a leak unexplicably...must check this out further.

--leaks4: Leaks can be caused by tons of things, totally unrelated to an actual leak anywhere, which sucks the big one.

--leaks5: Leaks may be caused by overlapping func_water brushes...requires more testing though.

The coordinates it gives you though sometimes gets you close to where the real problem is. Sometimes the x and y coords are totally off, and just the z coord is on the money.

The leak error usually lists a point or brush-based entity where the problem is, which is usually a lot more accurate a location where the problem is. :)
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 21:03:07 UTC Post #192317
im entering the elevator one, so pahhahahaha
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-02 23:37:21 UTC Post #192321
Lol I love how the problem is set on "light" so I can't locate anything. Light is everywhere. The pointfile just bounces around everyplace.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 03:42:17 UTC Post #192330
Use leakmarker then... much cleaner.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 13:25:24 UTC Post #192349
Yay M_Garg! If everyone subimts a map who said they were entering, not everyone will get a medal automatically--for a change lol! These people pretty much said they'd join:


VOX: If your map is extremely complex, it could be a bitch to find, and I'd recommend going to your last map backup.

Send me a link to your map if you want, and I'll take a look.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 14:22:08 UTC Post #192354
Darn, 23 hours left. Im not going to make it... Im not home atm...
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 14:52:43 UTC Post #192356
O_0 23 hours?

/me gets rushing
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 15:16:53 UTC Post #192357
Remove me from that list, I haven't got time to finish it in time. I'll submit it after the deadline.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-03 16:51:49 UTC Post #192361
hello, i shall be your judge. Any bribes must be given before 12:00pm GMT on the 4th August
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 12:36:31 UTC Post #192437
No you're not. Im the judge!

// pushes Hunter into bottemless pit. :P

Anywhoo... all minicompo 6 competitors: send me a PM if you want to have your Elevator map judged by me. You can post your map in the Vault.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 13:04:40 UTC Post #192441
I'm competing in this one! Took me an hour to make my elevator.. not extremley detailed or anything, but hey, here it is:

Not funcioning though, I just seen that now.. but I'm too lazy to fix it, so, knock off points if you want. :
Unbreakable UnbreakableWindows 7.9 Rating!
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 13:46:24 UTC Post #192446
That link doesn't seem to work...
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 13:51:02 UTC Post #192447
6 hours left in Mini#6

Compo6 Addendum: Any entries containing custom content must be in minimod format or have the complete directory structure enclosed, or it will be disqualified. I apologize, I forgot to add that to the rules!

Example: If you have custom sounds and textures, include the wadfile and the sound folder inside a folder called VALVE. This way, The Hunter only has to extract/copy your files once ;)

Muzz: Huntee is the JUdge. Me asked him yesterday ;)

Unbry: Doesn't work for me either.

mini#7: If I hear no ideas before the close of mini#6, I'll "initiate" one of my reserve ideas for the next compo.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 14:13:34 UTC Post #192449
I don't know if im going to finsh, 6 hours left?

im busy, but I wanna finish this, tough choice.
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 14:15:22 UTC Post #192450
hmm, works fine for me
I'll upload it to the vault then.
Unbreakable UnbreakableWindows 7.9 Rating!
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 14:24:36 UTC Post #192453
I don't know if im going to finsh, 6 hours left?
Does anybody look at the damn Brief page with the Countdown Timer!?

I post the link multiple times for each compo...what do I have to do to get people to actually look at it? :P

Unbreakie: Yay :)!
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 14:28:04 UTC Post #192454
I was contemplating if (now 5.5 hours) was enough to finish!
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 14:31:14 UTC Post #192455
holy.. You guys are putting alot of time into this one.. I don't get it.. we are supposed to make 1 Elevator, and thats it.. right?

An empty Trainstation area.
Unbreakable UnbreakableWindows 7.9 Rating!
Posted 16 years ago2006-08-04 17:25:55 UTC Post #192479
It was only a 3-day compo, so you're pretty limited what you can do. I'm only spending a couple hours on this one, but you could spend LOADS of time with complicated path_tracks and multiple floors if you wanted to.

M_Garg: Oh, sorry ;) YOU BETTER SUBMIT, BITCH :P
An empty Trainstation area.
Um, a little more-detailed explanation would be nice ;)

Unless I hear anything better, Mini #7 is going to be:


-Map a refrigerator
-Extra points for brushwork acrobatics and detail
-Custom textures/sounds allowed, but you must provide the FULL directory stucture, so judges need only copy/paste ONE folder to play your map.
-No models!
-3 days
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