Rooms: Source! (co-op) Created 15 years ago2008-12-31 02:27:26 UTC by Strider Strider

Created 15 years ago2008-12-31 02:27:26 UTC by Strider Strider

Posted 13 years ago2011-01-16 20:34:43 UTC Post #289209
I'll revise the rules from the first page later today. Don't know if we need a dedicated page, the thread serves the same purpose.
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Posted 13 years ago2011-01-16 20:45:54 UTC Post #289210
Well, most people would go straight to the last page of the thread to post, rather than checking the first. A dedicated page could hold all the rules and regulations and also keep tab of who's involved, their progress, etc.
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Posted 13 years ago2011-01-16 21:17:04 UTC Post #289212
I'll repost 'em. The Goldsource Rooms didn't get a dedicated page, and it worked out fine.
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Posted 13 years ago2011-01-16 21:50:28 UTC Post #289221
Just realised this started over 2 years ago. :|

...but yeah, post up some fresh and full details and I'll start planning stuff out. :D
monster_urby monster_urbyGoldsourcerer
Posted 13 years ago2011-01-17 01:53:00 UTC Post #289237
Revised rules/notes:
  • Build a room, or two (or three!) if you like. It doesn't have to be a room, either, just as long as it is a confined space with an entry and an exit.
  • Custom materials and resources are fine, so long as you're willing to, or have permission to include them. If you want to use custom particle effects, we will have to use a custom particles manifest for the whole project.
  • Custom resources should be, if possible sorted into subfolders something like this: materials/rooms_username
  • Some kind of gameplay would be nice, it can be puzzles, combat, or whatever else you can think of.
  • There are no restraints for what type of sky or light_environment settings you use, I can always throw rooms into seperate maps.
  • Since all the older Source games have been ported to the OB engine, that's our base. Episode Two, to be exact.
  • If your room doesn't compile normally, I won't spend much time trying to fix it up! Make sure your entries work.
  • We'll be arranging the entries in no particular order. If you have more than one entry they might not be played right after each other.[/i]
Can anyone think of anything else?
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Posted 13 years ago2011-01-17 04:40:47 UTC Post #289240
I think everyone should build an entry and exit hall into their room, it'll smooth the process over. That is unless they want the player to be teleported in.
Maybe, each submitted map just needs an entry hallway? This way, the next entries' entrance will serve as the previous maps exit hallway?

If the map's being teleported to and from, then obviously a hallway wouldn't be needed.

Alternative to having the requirement of a connecting hallway, we could just have a standard themed/textured hallway that would connect every entry, thereby putting more focus on the rooms than anything else, though this may get a tad repetitive.. (you could spice up each of these hallways by having signs saying "room 6 this way" and change the music, lighting, etc..)

These are all just ideas. I'm game for whatever is decided! =)
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Posted 13 years ago2011-01-18 19:14:53 UTC Post #289300
I wish I had more time to map... by the time I get home from work, I'm buggered but then I stay up late to map making me buggered the next day for work.
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