Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Created 4 months ago2020-01-14 18:34:23 UTC by kakashi7593 kakashi7593

Created 4 months ago2020-01-14 18:34:23 UTC by kakashi7593 kakashi7593

Posted 4 months ago2020-01-14 18:34:23 UTC Post #343613
As you can see from the video, these models won't light up, the bush and lamp posts.

Only light entity is above the lamp post and its light_spot and I pointed where it is at 0:10 in the video.
I also light up the models with flashlight so you can see they are indeed fine just for some reason light_spot is not lighting them up.

I am more than glad to look stupid just to solve this, hopefully final issue, as I am about to finish this map I worked on for months.
What could the solution be to have light_spot and have it illuminate the lamp post and bush ?

Oh btw I am using batch compiler
Models won't light up at all even though light spot is above them
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-14 21:19:24 UTC Post #343614
Which way is the light_spot pointing?
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-14 22:23:26 UTC Post #343615
To the floor
New thing lets skip that.

I figured it out, its because of sky texture. for some reason.
Heres the video where I replaced sky texture with some random one and now light works just fine.
no sky texture, just some random red blocks texture
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-15 01:15:18 UTC Post #343616
Yea, that has to do with SKY texture and light entities. Check out the bug note I wrote about in light_spot.
MrMystery MrMysteryBanned
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-16 22:44:19 UTC Post #343630
What would be the solution then ?
I am just trying to create somewhat realistic lighting.

My skybox is blue with moon as you can see in the first video.

I want to have sky emit some bluish dark.
Then I want to have these lamp posts shine down their own light and I want it to look realistic.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-17 09:52:46 UTC Post #343631
Compilers generate a few game variables sv_skyvec_x/y/z and sv_skycolor_r/g/b and models which are "in the skylight" use those variables, rather than the lightmap below them. This is so they could have more accurate shading. vluzacn made an entity for VHLT called info_sunlight, if you set it's Brightness to 0 0 0, then models won't use those variables and will be lit from the lightmap below them.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-17 22:28:26 UTC Post #343634
I figured out the root of this bug. See this map again :P
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6385
MrMystery MrMysteryBanned
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-18 21:39:59 UTC Post #343639
Hey sorry for not answering earlier, what Bruce said worked.
Also what MrMystery said also works, I just didn't bother to read the damn note and a solution :PP

Well its nice to know both work :D
Thanks a lot guys

Now onto the next issue
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