ambient_generic Created 2 months ago2021-02-20 13:14:13 UTC by Aladad Aladad

Created 2 months ago2021-02-20 13:14:13 UTC by Aladad Aladad

Posted 2 months ago2021-02-20 13:14:13 UTC Post #345359
Greetings, can someone help me, I need to set the duration of the sound,I press the button, it plays for 10 seconds then turns off, until I press the button again. how to do it?
Posted 2 months ago2021-02-21 00:02:31 UTC Post #345360
Use a multi_manager to trigger your sound, and then trigger it again after a 10 second delay. Be sure you don't have 'Not Toggled' set on your ambient_generic (it's off by default - leave it off). See Tutorial: Multi manager for more info on using multi_managers.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 2 months ago2021-02-21 16:37:00 UTC Post #345361
Probably I wrote something not correct before. I just want to set a playback time of a looping alarm sound without turning it off manually. I.e, player press a button, alarm starts playing, it sounds for a ten seconds and then turns off.
Posted 2 months ago2021-02-21 20:37:02 UTC Post #345362
That's what Penguinboy meant. Your button should turn on the multi_manager. multi_manager can act like a timer to perform multiple tasks, first it turns on your ambient_generic immediately and then it turns it off after 10 seconds. If your ambient_generic is named "coolsound", then keyvalue pairs on your multimanager should look like this:

coolsound 0
coolsound#1 10

The #1 should appear by itself when you use a name more than once. Read the tutorial to learn more.
Posted 2 months ago2021-02-22 10:16:55 UTC Post #345363
Thank you, it finally works
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