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Undertime by Ag3nt-X
Posted 17 years ago2006-05-14 10:41:12 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Ag3nt-X Ag3nt-X
17 years ago2006-05-14 10:41:12 UTC
17 years ago2006-05-14 10:41:12 UTC
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This is a small and difficult map/minimod, the mission is to destroy Slick's research center, he are researching xen aliens genetics and making they more dangerous (like the undertime boss) to use they for he's world domination plan.


Commented 17 years ago2006-05-14 17:28:20 UTC Comment #11852
Two words: grunt fest.

I see you said it's "a small and difficult map", but that doesn't mean it should be impossible to finish on medium difficulty. I actually couldn't complete it, it was too hard. For future reference, putting 10 grunts and a couple sentrys in a 512x512 box ISN'T a good idea, and it doesn't make it fun, just frusterating.

From what I saw though, the architecture was fairly average, and boxy, too. Nothing really special to see, except maybe in the beginning when you're in that rock-circle thing.

I couldn't make out any story in-game, other than what's in the barely comprehensible description, and it didn't really seem to relate to what was going on, other than that you're infiltrating some kind of base, and traveling through time portals or something.

I don't want to rate this map pack so low, but in the state it is now, I can't even get through it.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-15 14:00:20 UTC Comment #11868
Gameplay is dodgy and repetative, but what the heck?

Lots of nice stuff in the map, and I can tell you put some time into it.

Plus, I can say I've never seen anyone render monsters--the headcrabs-- to nealy invisble...what an excellent idea!!!

This map isn't the best imo, but I will look forward to seening new stuff from you, as I like your ambitious style :)
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-15 17:14:30 UTC Comment #11888
Well, with that review, I might just give it a try again. Maybe I'll just cheat my way through!
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-15 21:51:49 UTC Comment #11891
OK, well, I just cheated my way through, and actually found the end to be good.

I loved the nearly-invisible headcrab boss, and it really made up for all the repetetive grunt fights, but not quite enough for me to want to re-rate it. Nice text, too.

Still, it was fun, and showed signs of innovation. God job.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-16 15:02:11 UTC Comment #11904
Not bad, great stuff.The invisible headcrab was kinda hard.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-16 15:05:14 UTC Comment #11906
grunts got very boring after sometime...so try to use npcs wisely next time.
Commented 17 years ago2006-05-18 15:02:19 UTC Comment #11927
it was a grunt fest because the maps are too small, if reduce the number of grunts the player will win the game too faster.
Commented 16 years ago2007-05-19 18:47:51 UTC Comment #14949
Pretty good map, but just because u should lower the amount of grunts cause the game really does get on people nerves, and repeatative.

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