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Entities are elements of a map that perform certain functions. While brushes make up the structure of a map, entities define all aspects of a map that make a map playable and interactive.

In User posted image GoldSrc, there are two different types of entities: point entities and brush entities. Brush entities are brushes that perform functions beyond being the static geometry of a level, such as doors and triggers. Point entities are used to manage all other game logic, including playing sounds, defining level starts/ends, placing enemies and models, spawning items, and much more.

Each User posted image GoldSrc and User posted image Source game has a different set of entities available to it. Specific entity information can be found in the respective game's entity guides, either official or third-party. TWHL hosts Entity Guides for some GoldSrc games like Half-Life and Counter-Strike, though not in any official or authoritative capacity.
For some reason, GoldSrc prohibits an entity having the same targetname value as its classname (e.g. you can't have a multisource entity be named multisource). You will see warnings about this in the various entity guide pages, but it applies to all entities, just to be clear.


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