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ORIGINAL TITLE: z_malloc failed on allocation of xxx bytes ;;; or ;;; D_SCAlloc: bad cache size 0

Another insufficient memory or misallocated memory error. Possible causes are many, including too
little RAM & also by having a texture perpendicular to the face of the solid with WC.
In one case it was a script that shifted models one button. Possible solutions are:

1. For memory telling the HL main engine how much memory to use with HL -heapsize #(1024 x number of meg is popular #)
orHL -zone # in the shortcut.

2. For texture perpendicular go into WC/Hammer, then you can press alt + p, and select the problem if it is listed, and tell it to fix all of type; then try to compile again.

3. Or go thru the other errors on this page and try them as fixes. It CAN be frustrating! Sorry.


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