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[From the compile process txt file]
Warning: === LEAK in hull 0 ===
Entity light @ (-256, 192, 192)
A LEAK is a hole in the map, where the inside of it is exposed to the
(unwanted) outside region. The entity listed in the error is just a helpful
indication of where the beginning of the leak pointfile starts, so the
beginning of the line can be quickly found and traced to until reaching the
outside. Unless this entity is accidentally on the outside of the map, it
probably should not be deleted. Some complex rotating objects entities need
their origins outside the map. To deal with these, just enclose the origin
brush with a solid world brush.

Leak pointfile generated

Warning: === LEAK in hull 1 ===
Entity light @ (-256, 192, 192)
Warning: === LEAK in hull 2 ===
Entity light @ (-256, 192, 192)
Warning: === LEAK in hull 3 ===
Entity light @ (-256, 192, 192)
0.04 seconds elapsed

The map has a hole in it or an entity outside the map. There is a leak from the world to the void, or black bit on the outside of your map. During compiling, VIS and RAD will not run. So your Map will be in FullBright, ie; totally light up without shadow.

After you compile and look at your map, exit and you should be back at Hammer/WorldCraft. There will be a text box there with Copy to Clip Board at the bottom. Have a look at this text file (recreated above)and see if the problem is an entity outside the world, or a LEAK. If it is an entity outside the world, then check to see if the entity listed in the compile file, is actually in your map. If it's outside the map the delete it or move it back into the map. If it is a LEAK (ie, not an entity based leak) then you need to check all your external brushes to see which ones don't match or mate up. The box that your Player is in has to be sealed and can't allow any paths to the Void.
There are heaps of ways to find leaks once they are reported, but if you construct your brushes carefully, and check your map before compiling it, you shouldn't suffer leaks.

Using the pointfile generated during compile is one way of finding LEAKs, but most people find it totally confusing in 2D view. You can run this by going to MAP on the tool bar and selecting load pointfile. The more complex you map, the more bizzare the pointfile trace.

Hammer 3.5 will let you see the pointfile generated by a leak in the 3D view, but even then, you need to find where the red line passes through a brush to get an idea of where the LEAK is.

LEAK's are common, just look at your map logically, try all the places you might have deleted brushes recently, and anywhere you might have moved something.

Try these sites:
for mor information.


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