Tutorial: Creating healing pools like in Xen Last edited 1 year ago2022-09-01 11:16:07 UTC

This tutorial will teach you how healing pools are made. To do this, you need at least Half-Life and some editor like Hammer or J.A.C.K.

First, we create a brush with the texture `!fluid3 `, and we add it the func_water property.
User posted image
After that, we go to Properties and make sure in Render Mode, Glow is selected
User posted image
Next, we create another brush, and give it the trigger_hurt property. It must be in the same area as the water
User posted image
We go to properties, and in Damage, we give it the value of a negative number (Bigger number=Faster healing speed)
User posted image
And that's about it! You can make other things like using an ambient_generic to give it a sound. The sound file used in Half-Life is "ambience/alien_beacon.wav"
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Commented 2 years ago2022-04-29 05:23:01 UTC Comment #104358
Good job on the tutorial.
Unfortunately, I think that this section "Render Mode, Glow its selected" needs to be changed to "Render Mode, Texture is selected. Then change the FX amount to 100".
As the console will spit out this error: Non-sprite set to glow!.

Other than that, nice job.

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