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func_water - Brush Entity

You guessed it.... Water! A water texture (one prefixed with '!') will act as water, but binding it to an entity gives added advantages. By the way, this entity looks a lot like func_door, because it's designed to be able to move (flooding etc.)




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Cheap water:

Water is always rendered no matter where you are. A cheaper alternative is to use NULL texture for the water brush, set wave height to 0, set its render mode to texture and fx amount to 0. This will prevent the water from rendering, but you'll still be able to swim in it.

Use a func_door on top of it, with NULL texture except on top where you put actual water texture. Set render mode to texture and fx amount to 100. Set the passable flag.

If you want to create rising water, set the same target name to both the water and the door and trigger them together. Don't forget to set delays to the same values.

If you have a large amount of water, scale your door water texture by two or three.

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