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Contrary to past Quake-engine games, Half-Life does not, by default, allow you to access the console from within the game. To activate the console, use the following method.
  1. Find the shortcut icon that loads up Half-Life. Right-click on it and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  2. The properties dialog for the shortcut will come up. The first available text box, marked Target, is what you'll want to edit.
The default value here will be the path and executable of Half-Life. Something like c:gameshalf-lifehl.exe for example. Change this to c:gameshalf-lifehl.exe -console (the path will be different for you, so just add the ' -console' to the end of what's already there). Note that there is a space between "...hl.exe" and "-console".

You can add any other parameters you'd like to use here as well. For instance, I have the folowing parameter list: -dev -console -toconsole -startwindowed -noipx -numericping which causes the game to start in developers mode, with the console activated, starting at the console rather then the menu, with windowed modes enabled, with tcp/ip disabled (for lan games), and with pings displayed as numbers rather than dots (for net games).
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