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Since we have a tutorial on the light_environment entity, which is used to make sunlight in outdoor levels, I figured it would be helpful if we had a sky tutorial. So here it is. First I'm going to make a few assumptions. I'm assuming that you know how to ungroup and that you know how to place an entity and change it's properties.

Ok putting a sky in your level is pretty easy. Ungroup your room and then select the ceiling. Browse to the sky texture and apply it to the ceiling. The whole brush that is. Now click on Map and go to Map Properties. Go to the environment map (cl_skyname) attribute and then you type in the name of the sky. The list of possible entries can be found here. Now for lighting. Sky texture DO NOT emit their own light! You need to place a light_environment entity in order to create sunlight. If you need more help on the light_environment entity, then I suggest reading our Advanced Lighting Tutorial.
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